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  1. Hi everyone. I've been working on a battery powered boosterpack, hence the "RocketFuel" name. The features are pretty standard: Li-Ion charger: BQ2057 LDO regulator: TPS78233 (150mA Iq=500nA VDO=130mV) Current shunt monitor: INA219 Before starting prototyping this board I have a couple doubts for which I'd like to have some feedback: 1- Is is usefull to have the possibility of mounting a Lithium primary cell (Eg: Lithium Thyonil Chloride - 3.6V) for "standby" applications that require extremely low idle currents and also low battery self-discharge? The PCB allows one to use
  2. kubuntu has the msp toolchain packages and related utilities in the repositories. The package versions are fairly recent. When my launchpad arrived I followed this guide: http://mitchtech.net/cross-compiling-fo ... launchpad/ It worked quite well for me except the gdb part, which didn't work for me, even following the steps provided. My solution was to completely remove the native GDB (I wasn't using it anyway) and then I managed to install msp-gdb. In a couple of minutes I got the launchpad up and running. As for next steps, I'd recommend an IDE of your choice. I like kdevelo
  3. This is great News! Did it need any special procedures to get done? regards, --to
  4. Does this mean I'll have to wait at least 24 hours in order to post a link to an outside webpage? :? best regards, --to
  5. Hello everyone. I recently came across this community and, as I'm a big fan of the MSP430 microcontroller, I decided to join as well. I have some experience working with this kind of device but I also hope I can learn more and contribute with whatever I can. Cheers, --to
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