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    Barcooler reacted to DeepBlueSky in MSP430G2553 + SSD1306 OLED (I2C) + 5x8, 11x16, 16x24 and 24x36 fonts   
    Edit 09.12.2016: I added Arial_16x24.h and Arial_24x40 (really a 24x36, but I had to keep a multiple of 8), digits only, created with GLCD Font Creator (I had to edit the result slightly manually). See images below. So I can confirm that adding any further fonts created with GLCD Font Creator works (I run it on Linux on wine BTW) and is only limited by how much fits into the

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    Barcooler reacted to bluehash in MSP430 analog clock   
    Came across this while browsing.
    MSP430 Analog Gauge Clock

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    Barcooler reacted to RobG in [ ENDED ] Nov-Dec 2011 - 43oh Project of the Month Contest   
    Here is my entry to the PotM: Universal Panel Meter.
    The MCU is MSP430G2xx3 and the display is Nokia 5110.
    Here are the specs:
    Number of channels: 2
    Reference: internal or external (space for optional Maxim's, Linear's, and TI's Vrefs.)
    Input protection.
    Optional shunt resistor.
    Host connection: SPI & UART (optional RS232.)
    Optional resistor divider and multi-turn pot.
    Two general use outputs/inputs.
    Two switches.
    Board size: 45mm x 45mm (50mm with 2 optional switches and 2 LEDs,) matches 5110 footprint.
    Little background. My original panel meter was designed to fit behind 4 digit 0.56" LED display. Then I figured it will be better to use 16x2 LCD which will let me display more information. Now, after playing around with 5110, I decided that this display is the perfect choice for me since nothing beats nice GUI.

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    Barcooler reacted to username in NRF24L / Launchpad Example CCS   
    Hey spirilis, your library looked good although I tried your code in CCSv5 and I was getting some odd ISR errors. Might have been doing something wrong or using the wrong device. 
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    Barcooler reacted to username in NRF24L / Launchpad Example CCS   
    Couldn't find a simple msp430 CCS example of the NRF24L 2.4ghz so I wrote one. Requires 2 msp430g2553 launchpads and 2 NRF24L modules. Press button on 1 launchpad to toggle LED on other launchpad. Note example code assumes you know C language.
    *Note:  Driver referenced from Brad S, supreme overlord of all C
    Preview of main (download for full driver set):
    //Author: Nathan Zimmerman //Date: 3/2/14 // Driver referenced from Brad S, supreme overlord of all C //Launchpad CCS example of NRF24L Driver. Use P1.3 Button to toggle LED on other launchpad. Hence requires 2 NRF modules & 2 launchpads //Note example uses a fixed packet length of 5. //GPIO Pinouts //P2.0 = IRQ //P2.1 = CSN //P2.2 = CE //P1.5 SCLK //P1.6 MISO //P1.7 MOSI //P1.3 Button Launchpad Rev 1.5 //P1.0 Red LED Launchpad Rev 1.5 #include "msp430g2553.h" #include "stdint.h" #include "Drivers/rtc.h" #include "Drivers/clock.h" #include "Drivers/usi.h" #include "Drivers/External/NRF24L.h" #include "Drivers/External/LAUNCHPAD_IO.h" const uint8_t txMessage[PAYLOAD_WIDTH]= "Hello"; void main(void) {     uint8_t rxbuffer[PAYLOAD_WIDTH] = {0,0,0,0,0};     volatile uint8_t statusData = 0;     disableWDT();     setupCoreClock(CLK_16_MHZ);     setupRLED();     RLED_OFF;     setupButton();     SERIAL_CLASSES spiHandle = { SPI, SMCLK_16MHZ_SPI_CLK_4MHZ, MODULE_B}; // NRF cannot run at max baud 16mhz     initUSI(&spiHandle);     initNRF24L();     statusData = getNrfStatus();     if(statusData != 0x0E)     {         while(1); // NRF failed to init, check pinout or device     }     while(1)     {         if(recievedRfData())         {             getRfBuffer(rxbuffer);             if(rxbuffer[0]=='H') // newb check for "Hello" Message             {                 RLED_TOGGLE;             }         }         if(buttonPressed)         {             transmitTxData((uint8_t *)txMessage);             _delay_cycles(16000000); // newb button debounce         }         handleRxData();         handleTxData();     } }   NRF_Example_NateZ.zip
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