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    fluffy got a reaction from bluehash in TI Webinar very supportive of Energia   
    Just listened to a Texas Instruments Webinar on the LaunchPad product line.  They were very complementary towards Energia, touted the release of Energia for the Stellaris/ARM LaunchPad and even demo'ed Energia with the new "Educational" Booster Pack. 
    Basically, they seemed to position Energia as an easy entry point for the LaunchPad environment, and although they often made reference to CCS as their "professional" IDE, between the demo and the questions, much of the software focus seemed on Energia.
    They also spoke highly of 43oh in general.
    All in all, I'd say this is a very positive development and I was rather amazed that TI was so positive about third party software and the 'Net community in general.
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    fluffy got a reaction from Rickta59 in Programming Hangs on Linux   
    The binary version works just fine on my (non-VM) Ubuntu system. Alternated between co piling and uploading Blink and AnalogInputSerialOutput, and it worked great. This used to hose up on the earlier version, per all the weirdness in the thread above.
    Thanks very much.
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    fluffy got a reaction from pine in Serial and Serial Monitor on Windows   
    I've also experienced the serial port becoming unavailable (or unusable) after using the Serial Monitor option in Energia on Window 7. Selecting another COM port and then re-selecting the "real" one seems to work so far in my limited experimentation. In other words, your board might be say, COM8, so switch to COM1, then back to COM8 and that may clear things up for the next run.
    Hope this helps.
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