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  1. Hi, I am using Linux and I've installed arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain and lm4flash. Now, I also extrated the stellarisware at ~/stellaris/ Now, when i run the examples givin in the stellarisware like blinky.bin using lm4flash, it works fine. But when i create my own programs (from the stellaris workshop files), how do i compile them and create a .bin file? I mean i need to commands to do them. I tried the commands from recursivelabs: http://recursive-labs.com/blog/2012/10/28/stellaris-launchpad-gnu-linux-getting-started/ When i run those commands, i get errors as follows: [anish@thi
  2. ^^ I assume that like installing arduino and using the avr-gcc seperately? Thats a good idea. you mean install energia and mspgcc comes as a dependency right? Good, i give it a try. Since enegia is ardinoish, i dont like it.
  3. Hi, One day, I got verymuch fond of electronics that I bought a arduino board, 2 MSP430 launchpad (gifted one) and a stellaris launchpad boards. Now, I started working with arduino and that really very easy.(I have previous experience of working with PIC micro). Then after some time of usage, I felt like I am reliying on arduino for everything, it made me lazy ( a noob). Finally, I switched to MSP430 programming.(Made the SWITCH :grin:) and I liked playing with the evaluation board etc. etc..(CCS + MSP430) and finally, I started using this so called LINUX. I switched from my PC to laptop
  4. Nice knowing you bluehash!. I too made my own programmer for the 16f84a - the JDM programmer(cant afford the official one :mrgreen: .Many thanks to Mr.JDM) which uses the serial port for programming. Now I am acquitting my self with the msp :thumbup: Its great that you are touring to India. I am very much damn sure you ll find some of the world's chip-crazy fellas here Welcome.
  5. Hello friends, I am Anish from TN, India. I started microcontrollers as a hobby and my first controller was a PIC - PIC16F84A. After that, I tried some AT89C series and Atmega series from atmel and a couple of PIC series(8 bit ones) When I came across the TI launchpad, i was very much amazed by the power of control it provides. :clap: Hope I would some day come with a great product using this MSP Regards.
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