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  1. Here is what the printouts look like with various print modes active: Here is what my little breakout boards look like. (This one is the I2C PFC8574 version): And here is my shift register board and value line launchpad. The ribbon cable leads to the printer's parallel port: EDIT: I removed this text, as I figured out how to upload. --- I cannot figure out how to upload pictures here. I see posts that say don't link it in, but I can't figure out how the media thing works. Edit: Maybe it's the attach thingy I just noticed below. ---
  2. I don't have any pictures right now, but I will take a few and post them here. This library is quite simple, and could be adapted to other parallel printers quite easily.
  3. Hi, I have created a library to work with parallel thermal printers. This is specifically for those receipt printers that use the ESC/POS protocol. I have used the printers in a fortune teller machine I built with a LaunchPad. I wrote an I2C library and a Shift Register Library for Arduino, but I can only get the shift register version to work with Energia and LaunchPad. I have tested the Shift Register version of the library with LaunchPad and the 2553 chip. The library is at my Github: https://github.com/mixographer/430-Thermal-Printer-I2C You will want to use the _SR versio
  4. Thanks for all the input on this. Yes, the MAX232 was working under the usb power, but I wanted to get the LaunchPad off my computer, so I (under)powered it with 2 1.5 alkalines. I didn't want to power it with 3x1.5 because I didn't understand where the VREG was connected. I'll try to get a low power 232 chip somewhere. Thanks Jimmy
  5. Thanks for the comment. I think you are right. I'll run it off a usb wall wart with the emulation side connected for now. I was hoping to get it off the launchpad. But since I'm trying to get the whole project off the ground for Halloween, I'll just go with the power supply. Thanks.
  6. Thanks SeuPay, I am powering the board off 2 AA (Alkalines) for ~3.0v. Those are going into the VCC and GND on the headers at J1 and J2. The board with the MAX232 is powered from the Launchpad from J6 VCC and GND. maybe J6 is pushing 5v when I'm on USB? Thanks for all the help on this.
  7. I'll take a look at the MAX232 datasheet. The MAX232 is in the circuit and works when I am using the 'emulation side' though, so I figured it works at 3.3v.
  8. I just wanted to see if it was printing, without printing it over and over and over 8-). I plug it in, see if it prints and then unplug it. I'm more concerned with getting an ftdi that's not surface mount, or a breakout that doesn't come with a USB connector. Maybe I should go software serial and use the MAX 232 I already have made?
  9. Thanks for that. Forgive my ignorance, but so I'll need the ftdi chip to go from usb to TTL-level, then I'll go to the MAX232 to get my RS-232 level? Will I need to invert the TTL-level signal? Thanks. Jimmy
  10. First off, let me say thanks for Energia. I love it. I am having great fun with the Launchpad and Energia. I'm working on a project that uses the Hardware UART to communicate with a POS printer. Everything works great while I am connected via USB through the 'emulation' side. I have my RXD and TXD connected as shown in the wiki so they look a little like this =||| with the RX and TX perpendicular to the other three RST, TST and VCC. So far so good. I send data to the printer (via a max232) and it comes out on the paper. Maybe this is simple, and I'm just missing a key detail. If
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