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  1. You should change the ports/pins number... Probably they are different with respect to my MSP
  2. Hi guys! I found the VT100'codes in order to blink the cursor: #define CURSOR_OFF "\33[?25l" #define CURSOR_ON "\33[?25h" Thanks to http://powwow.gforge.inria.fr/doxygen/d0/ddf/_v_t100_8_h.html! You can see also http://hackipedia.org/Protocols/Terminal,%20DEC%20VT100/html/VT100%20Escape%20Codes.html ASAP I will post my update code! Now I am very busy! Bye!
  3. Thank you for the response! I'll think about that...
  4. HI! following the spirilis's I wrote the following code, and now, the UART's ISR is as little as possible! In fact the ISR's aim is simply to wake up the MCU. In order to solve the problem relating the "boot" I decided to use the switch as a power button, it seems a good idea... Now the output is the following: The updated code is: #include "io430.h" #include #include //__________MACRO__________ //RED led on P1.0 #define LED_RED BIT0 #define LED_RED_ON (P1OUT |= BIT0) #define LED_RED_OFF (P1OUT &=!BIT0) #define LED_RED_TOGGLE (P1OUT ^= BIT0) //GREEN
  5. Don't worry, actually my problem isn't how to print a string (and in oder to keep the code simple a printf() function isn't necessary) but how to print a message as soon as the serial communication begins. Up to now the message is sent by the UART, but if I don't open quickly a Putty session, I won't see it. Instead if I put a delay of 5 sec, for instance, I have the time to start Putty and see the message! It is not probably such a big deal, but for now is OK. The next step is to implement an help function that is called back by typing, for instance, the word "help". Probably I will
  6. I have just tried to print an underscore and a backspace using a while loop and it works! I don't know very well the timer's interrupts, so I don't know how to implement it in order to avoid problems on the UART's interrupts... I think the blinking cursor will be the last function which I implement. Now I'm studying your code, but there are so many functions and I am quite confused! About the welcome message issue, I have put a delay before the print function and now it works, but I'd prefer to receive a welcome as soon as Putty is started...
  7. My new thread starts here http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3366!
  8. Hi guys, I have started to work on my little project, a simple shell to control the MSP430; as I am a beginner I would like to share my little progresses and at the same time seek for an help to solve the problems on my path. #include "io430.h" #include #include //__________MACRO__________ //RED led on P1.0 #define LED_RED BIT0 #define LED_RED_ON (P1OUT |= BIT0) #define LED_RED_OFF (P1OUT &=!BIT0) #define LED_RED_TOGGLE (P1OUT ^= BIT0) //GREEN led su P1.1 #define LED_GREEN BIT1 #define LED_GREEN_ON (P1OUT |= BIT1) #define LED_GREEN_OFF (P1OUT &= !BIT1) #
  9. I have just seen the posts! There is a lot of useful information! I'll start studying! Thanks! EDIT: dacoffey, I will be your Padawan!
  10. Yes sir... I would like to create a (basic) shell in order to control some functions of the MSP430 using the terminal... why?
  11. Thank you for welcoming me!
  12. Hi guys! I am a Mechatronic Engineering student and I started working on MSP430 thanks to an Embedded Systems course. Right now I am developing a small project based on the UART communication. As I am a beginner I am having some troubles in understanding the UART and I hope that this forum could help me!
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