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    Basic Serial Program Printing Inconsistent Data

    Hi - as a newbie myself, I tried your code. As RR84 suggested buffer sizes, I experimented, as total 400 bytes (in+out each 200) seemed a lot for the 512 byte RAM on the 2553. And I don't know what Energia needs for its own buffers in addition to that 400. I noticed that the original code crashed after 10 lines in, and at about 21 characters per line, that gets over the 200 byte limit of the output buffer - and where is THAT in memory? So, I changed the INPUT buffer length to 20, down from 200. And it works. I don't think the code is busting the buffer due to concatenation, though. It could be just too little RAM in the chip for the compilation and Enegia doesn't let us know about it. Just my own guess. >> So, here is your code, it delivers all 180 samples to the serial port. And it stops cycling after each 180 if your type STOP. I put in some debug lines to check out things. I found out that \n checking is actuially checking foir LINEFEED (ctrl-J), not CR as I guessed. I like the serial event command but have no idea where you found out about it ! ************************************************************************************************************ /* ** Simple program designed to simulate pushing 180 degrees of 10 meter scan times ** for testing of VB.NET GUI ** */ String inputString = ""; boolean run = false; String outString = ""; int i = 0; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); inputString.reserve(20); //DEBUG <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! outString.reserve(200); } void loop() { if (run) { for (i = 0; i < 179; i++) //Print 10 meter ping times for each scan angle { outString += i; outString += String("$932944#932944#932944#"); //Test data to simulate 10 meter distance Serial.println(outString); outString = ""; delay (50); // debug, slow it down ******************************** } } } void serialEvent() { while (Serial.available()) { char inChar = (char)Serial.read(); Serial.print(inChar); // echo DEBUG ************************************************** if (inChar == '\n' && inputString == "START") { run = true; Serial.println("run flag true"); // *************************************** inputString = ""; } else if (inChar == '\n' && inputString == "STOP") { run = false; Serial.println("run flag flase"); // ************************************* inputString = ""; } else if (inChar == '\n') { Serial.println("Please use valid command: START | STOP"); inputString = ""; } else { inputString += inChar; Serial.print("\t"); //DEBUG ************************ Serial.println(inputString); // echo up till now DEBUG ************************ } } }
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    "LaunchPad- Why Male Headers?" - video moved

    holy cow !!! in that youtube video, she says there have been 250,000 launchpads shipped !!! 250 K. ! this is at 25 seconds into this fairly recent release. no breakdown on that volume, of course (is it : 430 / stellaris / booster packs / etcetera) but she claims 'lot's have gone to educational institutions' I'd be curious how many times Energia has been downloaded.............
  3. veryalive

    TI's memory of choice

    Hi - I was following this thread. In the spirit of innovation (which is why many of us are here) and since nobody mentioned it yet -- has anyone checked Everspin MRAM out of Chandler AZ? Looks like another magnetic storage in various handy pinouts / sizes / speeds. Has anyone gotten their hands on this technology yet? Sampled it? I'm sure pricing is fluid and high as it is new.
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    Hi from the Netherlands

    ----- en groeten uit de hoef (!) ---
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    Dumping MSP430G's memory content

    Hi - here's a tool I mentioned in another thread... Hope you find it to be relevant.... Posted 14 January 2013 - 12:21 PM yavinbase, on 14 Jan 2013 - 06:44, said: Has anyone considered reading the contents of the EEPROMs included within the standard launchpad and programming their own EEPROM with the same contents? This seems to me like a workable solution. yavin Hi Yavin, I am trying this approach myself - copying the application in Flash (I do not call it EEPROM) of the 2553 on the Launchpad into my PC, then into a target 2553 via Spy By Wire (SBW). I found a free tool at: http://www.elprotron...m/download.html - then scroll to the bottom of the page. It is called FET-Pro430 Lite Software. The user interface is pretty easy. I in fact used this tool to copy / save / reprogam the firmware initially delivered with the 430 LP. Hope this is of use to you. O
  6. veryalive

    Flashing Firmware on a DIY MSP Launchpad

    Hi Yavin, I am trying this approach myself - copying the application in Flash (I do not call it EEPROM) of the 2553 on the Launchpad into my PC, then into a target 2553 via Spy By Wire (SBW). I found a free tool at: http://www.elprotronic.com/download.html - then scroll to the bottom of the page. It is called FET-Pro430 Lite Software. The user interface is pretty easy. I in fact used this tool to copy / save / reprogam the firmware initially delivered with the 430 LP. Hope this is of use to you. O
  7. veryalive

    We need more posts!

    hi bluehash, (NOTE to Cor ook) Am I the only one ?? ... : I'm finding it difficult to get up to speed on Stellaris. I have LP. CCS learning is ongoing, so I've tried Energia 9 only to run into what could be intsallation probs. So, I spend more time on the 43oh. Perhaps some experienced folks could help to get some simple 'tools training' on Stellaris LP for us noobs? The power of Stellaris is oh so tantalizing !
  8. veryalive

    Code for 14hc164 shift register

    hi, what is your IDE / compiler / tool / development environment for your code that you wrote ? nice, clear code you wrote, btw. i see that your hardware is LP with 2553 and using P1.0 and P1.4 to drive the 4 74hc164's.
  9. veryalive

    Code for 14hc164 shift register

    hi ! - I'm pretty new to this environment too, but I have a background in hardware and other microcontrollerts. The 74hc164 does not have a 2nd latch as does the '595. So you only need to send it clock and the 8 data bits - this means two output witres from the 430 Launchpad. Although the ouput pins of the 164 will change while data is being shifted out, it happens so quickly that you would never see it in the case where you are driving LEDs. Here is a page that has a project which could be done in Energia : http://www.instructables.com/id/The-74HC164-Shift-Register-and-your-Arduino/ I am using Energia version 8. There is an instruction as follows: shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, bitOrder, value) ... this sends clock and data to the 164 ... and this is used in the arduino axample in the link. have fun!
  10. veryalive

    Mistake on pin mapping ?

    Yes, I wondered about the pin mapping for Launchpad 2553 (20 pin chip) and 2452 (14 pin chip). I am busy with an SPI interface to LP2553, so I checked the datasheets since this is of interest to me .... I would have thought SPI CS/SS would be P1.4 and I'm glad someone else discovered this. Thanks B@tto. The data sheet assigns this STE signal to P1.4; this means physical pin 6 in both 20 & 14 pin devices. This would make sense: - consistent SPI 4 wire mode pinning in both 14 and 20 pin devices. - consistent use of STE as a master output -or- slave input (see slau144i, 430x2xx user guide - table 16.1 on page 450) the above functions are defined by hardware in the chip, so likely cannot change even by software definitions. So (Rei), I'm wondering too about P2.0 definitions but I really don't have the knowledge to dig further. But according to B@tto, the SS / CS / STE signal does come from physical pin 6 or P1.4. cheers to all.
  11. veryalive

    hi from the netherlands

    thank you for the warm welcome, guys ! tcheuss philipp ! aan corB en roadrunner84 - ik woon tussen A'veen en Utrecht. zin in een koffie met elkaar ? anderen in de buurt ? gr..
  12. veryalive

    hi from the netherlands

    hello all, about 2 weeks ago, i received the launchpad boards i ordered - wow, what a great impression ! although i'm still getting up to speed on ccs v5 (read: 'struggling'); i got energia going very quickly - servos, lcd, adc, blinking led, ir / remote control, etc - all working very well. i love building stuff and am planning some little standalone projects like: - capacitance meter (pulse width type) - inductance / capacitance meter (using the frequency shift method F=1 / 2pi (sqrt LC) (anybody know how to use 430's timer as a gated counter while in energia????? or comparator / other IO ????) - ham radio stuff - synthesizer control via spi, swr calculation + the usuals - etcetera etcetera I'd like to meet with local 430 / stellaris / ccs v5 users in the netherlands - for learning & projects ! a big thanks to 'bluehash', the forum moderator bye for now !
  13. veryalive

    hello from holland

    Hello to the forum !! I'm posting from The Netherlands. I'm really turned on by the Launchpads and have 430 + ARM (latter should be delivered by end October). I'm busy with CCS and Energia for 430. I heard of possible Energia for Stellaris, nice for quick stuff. My background is more hardware/firmware; work with larger machines x86. But my roots and passion are smaller machines (HC11, 12, 08, 805x, etcetera). I am also a radio amateur and build stuff. A teaser: anyone want to build some basic but practical low-cost experimenter tools around LP? Thinking of small logic analyzer, small o'scope (like spmu025a), L/C meter, signal generators, etcetera?
  14. Ordered two LPs 5 Oct and delivery is expected end Oct. Getting up to speed on 430 LPs / CCS / Energia / loaders etc. Really impressive stuff and... accessible ! @Rei - salut - I heard on 43oh that they are busy with Energia port for Stellaris LP - fingers crossed.