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  1. @@AkshayaJain hope you like it, had to make some guesses based on your elfster wish list Getting back in the office after a long break, I also received my SS gift today. Haven't played this game before, but very interesting from what I've read. Can't wait to try it out! Thank you Secret Santa!
  2. And of course, Rei Vilo with his always-awesome review of the board. http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/educational-boosterpack-mk-ii.html MSPWare is also available on the cloud as well if you want instant access to any code or documentation: Documentation: http://dev.ti.com/tirex/#/?link=MSPWare%2FDevelopment%20Tools%2FBOOSTXL-EDUMKII MSP432 Examples: http://dev.ti.com/tirex/#/?link=MSPWare%2FDevelopment%20Tools%2FMSP-EXP432P401R%2FBoosterPack%20Examples Energia Examples: http://dev.ti.com/tirex/#/?link=Energia%2FDevelopment%20Tools%2FMSP-EXP432P401R%2F09.EducationalBP_MK
  3. Glad to hear! Out of curiosity, have you looked at the device header file? In there, not only CMSIS but also MSP-style definitions (e.g. #define TACCR0 0xHEX_VALUE) are available. Which one would you rather use for direct hardware access?
  4. This is the attitude I like the most and highly encourage .
  5. Nicely done! Even though there were only two suspects, my bet was on @@ILAMtitan at least 80% of the time.
  6. Came in the office one day and saw this: Hmm, this looks awfully familiar. Is it possible that I got the same Santa as last year again? Is it what I think it is? Of course it is! Come on guys, not the book again ? It's a pretty cool book but you can only read it so many times. Well anyhow two days later the real gift came in the office. Very work-appropriate! Can't wait to share this with co-workers & especially bosses. Also very fortunate that it was not ordered during Thanksgiving this year. Thanks Santa! Btw: I refuse to read the amazon gift receipt, so my secret
  7. Hey Sven, TI Resource Explorer offers a few collections of Resources for different MCUs, for MSP430 this collection is called MSPWare. Good news is that the UI is all web-based and actually the stand-alone MSPWare also offers the same TI Resource Explorer UI without the need of CCS. You can download the stand-alone version here, then open the following path in your browser: file:///C:/ti/msp430/MSP430ware_1_70_00_28/~TIRex/index.html [Replace the version number with the one you have]. The C2000 guys also have something similar called ControlSUITE. ~D^2
  8. @@bluehash, the executable is over the forum's upload file size limit (2MB). Can you post it up here if I send it to you offline? LaunchPadFirmwareUpdater2.1.change_to_exe.zip
  9. It's been a couple of years since I touched that page, so I don't remember exactly which version of the updater was on that page. While I'm still tracking down the history of the deleted page, here's a local version from my computer that y'all can try out. Unfortunately Windows only.
  10. Have you tried using CCSv6? http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Category:Code_Composer_Studio_v6#What.27s_new_in_CCSv6 This new version of CCS adds support for GCC compiler for MSP430 projects. Once downloaded from the App Store, you can create a new MSP430 GCC project, develop, compile, and debug using either GCC or CCS MSP430 compiler.
  11. Courtesy of @@ILAMtitan running the new 3-D printer in our lab. The case turns out pretty good. As you can see, we're already thinking about extending this to enclose LP + a BoosterPack. The one shown here is an NFC one, maybe a display one as well. Let's wait for @@ILAMtitan to work his 3-D design magic.
  12. D^2

    Christmas PCB

    Manually for now, still working on the automatic export. The thing is, there are tons of config options for any given project, and you don't want/need to touch most of them and leave them as default. Those options don't have to be specified in the manual XML, but it might be tricky for the automated method to intelligently exclude them. As you can see, for this project, the .projectspec file is super short, it doesn't have too many crazy options/include/preprocessor, so it was very easy by hand. Larger projects might be a different story .
  13. D^2

    Christmas PCB

    Hey @@cubeberg, I've added a project configuration into your code. Starting with CCSv5.3, we have introduced a new and more elegant way of defining a project for easier import/export. This feature is called projectspec. By adding a .projectspec into your code folder, you can specify the names, files to copy over, compiler settings such as optimization or --gcc extension in this specific case. Users no longer have to include the other confusing .project or .debug files/folders anymore. All you need to fully replicate the project is: 1. Your code files. 2. The .projectspec file [optional]
  14. @@roadrunner84 absolutely!!!! Stay tuned for this
  15. So I came in the morning to see this delivered on my desk. No notes other than the '43oh' marking on the package. I didn't have a banana handy, so the new Educational BoosterPack MK II was used for scale. Thorough examination of the package indicates that the item is most likely a book. Oh no, do I actually have to read this Christmas? Still somewhat confused by the vague description the package and being very suspicious, I compare the unwrapped package to the "Getting Started with MSP430 LaunchPad" book, and guess what, identical dimensions. Well...surely nobody would gift me my own boo
  16. Great thread! By the way, have you checked out the ULP Advisor wiki? It might be a good starting point for beginners. The wiki references a software tool that comes with CCS/IAR/gcc, but the wiki by itself is a knowledge portal that covers the fundamental low power software techniques on MSP430. The SW tool just helps you automatically check for non low-power practice in the code.
  17. Have you thought about extending the enclosure to cover a BoosterPack as well? As an example, together with a wireless/Wi-Fi BoosterPack, you can turn this into a wireless sensor box for secure deployment, well protected against harsh conditions such as curious kids, touchy visitors, or random crawling critters.
  18. It's always 1MHz at start up. It's convenient because it's the same across devices, and you don't have to do anything to make it work. The code examples are usually pretty simple, showing you how to use one module at a time. It's probably worth checking out the driver library for these 'core' modules if you want to understand how to properly change the vcore & the clock settings. Or you can take a look at the Energia implementation in wiring.c (in the new version 000010). I'm posting the code here since energia hasn't rolled in the new update into the main Energia repository yet.
  19. V-Chip (a company from China) has already made a 433MHz version of the CC1200 BoosterPack. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Category:Sub-1GHz#CC1120_433MHz_Booster_Pack_by_V-Chip I have one kit. It works, even comes with SMA connectors, but I haven't done much with it yet.
  20. You can always get the TI's official CC430 Target Board: https://estore.ti.com/EM430F6137RF900-CC430-Wireless-Development-Tool-P1601.aspx It's got all the pins brought out to headers for prototyping. Or if you sign up in another giveaway thread, you can get one of the mostly-functional MSP-EXPCC430RFx CC430 Experimenter Kit. This one only has a few pins left available since most pins are being used with on-board components (LCD/sensors/etc.).
  21. By the way, here's the link to the MSP430 DriverLib if you'd like to download: http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSP430ware/latest/exports/driverlib_1_40_01_00.zip
  22. Hi dmitrygr, first thought is the JTAG is most likely not locked. Your code does not appear to touch the critical memory addresses in the BSL region that locks JTAG (a.k.a. blows the electronic fuse). Nonetheless, if the following suggestions don't work out, can you strip down your project to only have main() & the offending functions and then share your output file? I have CC430 boards with JTAG & BSL access (which means I can recover/find out if JTAG is truly locked). Anyhow, two quick ideas: 1. Try to ramp VCore up one step at the time. I'd be curious to see if the device also b
  23. I'm very surprised you didn't name it the LaunchPad Gender Bender.
  24. Actually the Chronos watch itself is identical in the 868MHz and 915MHz versions. So if you're only interested in using the watch you can simply reprogram the firmware to your desired frequency band. The USB dongle is actually not too bad either, though you'll have to do a bit of soldering. The hardware design (schematic & layout) is again identical in both the 868 & 915MHz versions. You can actually check the BOMs here: http://www. ti.com/lit/pdf/slau292 . The only difference is the antenna length, which is done with the 0Ohm (R7) resistor that extends the wavelength when moving f
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