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  1. geoper2

    PWM + UART

    Ok thanks i will search for the one you said and others and i will try to get a sample
  2. Hey thanks for the links very useful
  3. Wow really nice it looks good, how do you solder the smt components, by hand or you use oven?
  4. Oh man i cant on 23rd because i have a flight the next day but i hope you can record it and then i can see it from there thanks for the idea though really nice !
  5. geoper2

    PWM + UART

    I am running the UART implementation code, the one that NJC posted, for receiving commands from a very simple GUI that i made with C++ .Net. My problem-question now is that i want to have PWM on 2 exits. Is this possible now that timerA is used for the UART, maybe i can do it with software? Thanks in advance for any answer
  6. geoper2

    CCS terminal

    Ok thanks for the answers i dont really use it either because i have the realterm but i was just curious
  7. geoper2

    CCS terminal

    Hello guys i am trying the UART on the launchpad and i used the last example in the workshop. I can see the characters in the Realterm but in the terminal of CCS it doesnt come up correctly, is there a way to change the type to ascii ? Thanks in advance.
  8. lol i need to try this its evil :twisted: thanks for sharing
  9. Hello everyone, I am from Greece and currently an exchange student in Finland. I recently got involved with the MSP430 after i was introduced to the launchpad and other development kits in the lab. I have only some experience with PIC microcontrollers so i am trying to figure out the 2231 for the moment with some projects. I would also like to thank everyone here for the help that they provide small of big its the community that counts . So this is my first post :mrgreen:
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