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  1. Joby Taffey

    MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies

    Yes, just the 7 per jar sync with each other - which is a bit of a cheat. There's no inter-jar communications :-)
  2. Joby Taffey

    MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies

    MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies A classic project, re-told on the MSP430 Launchpad's MSP430G2221. Glass jars of LED fireflies which synchronize over time. A piezo transducer in the lid detects tapping and randomizes the pattern. MSP430G2221, 7 LEDs, 2 resistors and a piezo transducer. Cheap and simple. http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/12/23/finished-fireflies/ Eagle CAD design files: http://wp.hodgepig.org/wp-uploads/2010/ ... agletar.gz Source code: http://wp.hodgepig.org/wp-uploads/2010/12/fireflies.c (mspgcc)
  3. MSP430G2221 jar-of-fireflies A classic project, re-told on the MSP430 Launchpad's MSP430G2221. http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/12/23/finished-fireflies/ (I've just finished this project and published the details, but it was already mentioned on 43oh back when I started it http://www.43oh.com/2010/10/msp430_firefly_throwies/ So, perhaps it's ineligible for the competition - no problem). Forum page here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=287#p2230)
  4. Joby Taffey

    Launchpad TV output

    I made a version of pong for the AVR ATMega168@16MHz a while ago (http://blog.hodgepig.org/2009/08/17/510/). I wonder how far you could push video generation on the value line MSP430s... Throwaway "greetings card" type video messages? TI claim $0.49 in 1ku for the chips.
  5. Joby Taffey

    Launchpad TV output

    Great work. Make pong! Is this NTSC or PAL? What resolution are you running at? Is the video generation in the foreground loop, or running under interrupt?
  6. Joby Taffey

    Minimal CC111x OS

    The Chronos watch is based on a CC430 - an MSP430/radio microcontroller. The pack also contains a CC1111 based USB dongle - an 8051/radio/usb microcontroller. I've written a minimal operating system for the CC111x, which should be capable of running on this device (without USB support). It's available here: http://code.google.com/p/pinkos/ (note - to get at the serial console, you'll have to do some fiddly soldering) It should be possible to use the GirlTech IM-Me handset and dongle units to communicate with the Chronos watch, the IM-Me units both contain the CC1110 chip. If you don't know what an IM-Me is - this will explain everything.
  7. Joby Taffey

    MSP430G2xxx Tea Timer

    @gatesphere A relevant tale: http://www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/hack/ktoast.html :-)
  8. Joby Taffey


    Is there an RSS feed available for the forums?
  9. Joby Taffey

    Joby Taffey made Hack-A-Day!

    @Doc The IM-me is dirt cheap. For
  10. Joby Taffey


    Thanks. Mysql died - again. That's what I get for running on a cheap virtual server.
  11. Joby Taffey


    Hi, I've reflashed the IM-Me using GoodFET. It's pretty easy. I'm using Linux, but it may also be possible from Windows. I have a GoodFET31. It wasn't too hard to assemble, but if you haven't tried surface mount soldering before then you might want to read up on it first (use plenty of flux and get a fine tipped iron). Travis Goodspeed will send you a PCB for $5 (or nothing if you're a student). The IM-Me chip is a CC1110, which is an 8051 based microcontroller. SDCC does support this, but MSPGCC is for MSP430 only. The GoodFET supports MSP430 JTAG, but I haven't tried it out yet. For goodfet questions #goodfet on irc.freenode.org is a good place. It's pretty quiet, but if you leave your message in the channel someone will usually respond eventually.
  12. Joby Taffey

    Joby Taffey made Hack-A-Day!

    Thanks guys.
  13. Joby Taffey

    Help needed with RS232 comms

    Bill, I've built a couple of projects which parse serial input (based on NJC's code). They should be easy to adapt: http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/09/09/573/ http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/09/10/575/ It's the RFID reader is SPI, then my SPI Explorer should get you most of the way there.
  14. Joby Taffey


    I've only tried in-system-programming with my target board powered from the Launchpad. My reset pin is tied high with a 10K and no cap. I'm using mspdebug, but I doubt that it'd make a difference.
  15. Joby Taffey

    List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

    I've posted a list of useful MSP430/Launchpad resources to my blog: http://blog.hodgepig.org/2010/10/07/lau ... resources/