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  1. Wow that is some great info. I really appreciate that. I love the idea of polymer clay too! But to just get started, I'm going to check out this adapter for now. http://www.proto-advantage.com/store/pr ... OgodkAkAZQ One other question. If I want to use an LCD display, what is a good one to play with that can display something like "888.88 W" and a backlight ability? Does it have to have a controller or whatever it is called built into it?
  2. thank you mbeals and cde! I am going to order a launchpad kit just so I can have it and become familiar. Most of the examples and help here is based around it, and in the end, I want to be able to take the programmed chip (MCU) and use it standalone so the dev kit shoudn't matter. The reason I was drawn toward the afe series was I had wanted to build a cheap energy monitor for inside of an outlet. I want to have some type of wireless communication for switching on and off and a tiny LCD screen to display usage. while googling, I came across the TI Smart Energy Meter, which in the di
  3. Hello everyone, Ok, I've taken my first baby steps into programming the MSP430 I have an it seems to have been successful. Thank you all for the assistance you have given, and the great links and books that I am still chewing my way through. Specifically the MSP430 Programming Basics one. To give a little background on my setup, I have an MSP430AFE253 sitting in a MSP-TS430PW24, the P1.0 LED blinking merrily, with the MSP-FET430UIF plugged into the JTAG and Code Composer Studio v5 on my Windows 7 computer. Phew! Is anyone else using this equipment? lol Oh and yes, I know the PW24
  4. Welcome to the 4-3-Oooooh! Hope you find it as useful as I am!
  5. Greetings Phoenix! You are further than I am. Good luck with your projects. which MSP430 are you using?
  6. Greetings to you Curtis! What electronics experience do you have? What equipment are you using?
  7. Oh No! I should have known I could have done the programming with the launchpad. I tried to read everything I could, and I just didn't seem to find that definitive guide that said it could be done so I was suckered into the expensive route. Anyway, obviously alot more reading to do! Thank you for the warm welcome and gentle nudge in the right direction. Maybe I can send it back and get the launchpad instead. lol
  8. Hi Everyone, My name is Mike and I'm new to Microcontrollers. A few months ago I was talking to a coworker that is enrolled at a local college for electronics about circuits and bread boards and stuff. Almost immediately, ideas started popping in my head and I couldn't wait to get started with programming some myself. I initially was looking at the Arduino and PICAXE brands, but eventually came across the TI Smart meter documentation and thought how cool would that be to build something similar. So I decided to take the plunge and I bought the MSP-TS430PW24 and associated MSP-FET430UIF
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