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  1. i'm reading this and i need a state machine for my project... so please continue
  2. i made the same question some time ago http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1128
  3. I don't think it would be possible to display characters on the calculator I found. It is has 7 segment per digit not 14. I think it has a TN LCD display. It looks like the last one shown on this page ( the 2600D model ) http://www.rskey.org/~mwsebastian/reviews/dollar_leworld.htm The picture shows the insides of the calculator and you can see the 26 pins that connect to the LCD display from the IC. The display has 8 digits with decimal points and the letter M (Memory?). I haven't figured out the pinouts yet. I did find this app note which discusses how to interface to a TN display
  4. nice thing the built-in LCD controller... but does it control only 7segments displays or also char displays?
  5. mmm that's good... but if i wanna write some words on the calc... there are not letters in the keys ...
  6. mmm... i mean scentific calcs with characters display, whay i wanna do is a "mod" of the calc, so i need to interface a micro with the calc display, i don't wanna use the display externally
  7. ok.. i have a mad idea have you never think to use a LCD display of a calculator? like sharp or casio scientific calcs... have them a display controller or it's all inside the same micro??
  8. they are nice... but... why you added an external power? why didn't you use the launchpad's power?
  9. first test 1s on - 5 sec off... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hq0220jtjg
  10. ok... now it works... the problem was in the init of the LF clock... i think... and it counts good! thank you for support guys! i hope it's ok the init... if there are some errors please tell me /******************************************************************************/ /* SMOKE CONTROL 1 */ /* */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Lorenzo Fattori - LF Entertainment */ /* Alpha1: Luglio 2011
  11. thank you! maybe is something like this the missing in my program... BCSCTL1 &= ~XTS; // External source is LF BCSCTL3 &= ~(LFXT1S0 + LFXT1S1); // Watch crystal mode BCSCTL3 |= XCAP0 + XCAP1; // ~12.5 pf cap on the watch crystal as recommended and timer doesn't work...
  12. tnx guys... i tried to do something... and this is the result... but doesn't work now i midnight, i go in shower and in my bed.. if you find the mistake you are so nice... if not.. i will re-look tomorrow /******************************************************************************/ /* SMOKE CONTROL 1 */ /* */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* LF Entertainment */ /* Alpha1: Luglio 2011
  13. ok.. i'm going mad... i read the user guide, some books, examples... but i think i'm so stupid and i can't learn how... i wanna start my program, do my things, enable timer with interrup and go in LPM, after 5 secs wake up, change a port, going LPM after 1 sec wake up, change port, going LPM in a while loop... i read timer has trilions of configurations... but i can't learn how i can star timer and counting n seconds... have you got some examples or guides? Thank you!
  14. i don't know if you know....if you use code composer studio, it has terminal inside it! they use it in the serial comunication example in launchpad videos...
  15. that's the simplest way... if it will brake... i will change the relay simple, cheap and quick is better to connect the LP to the base of the transistor or instead of the RF module?
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