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  1. Got my PCBs in the mail. Thanks for the caps Rob really appreciate you including those!
  2. abecedarian ----- 2 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS Tribes ---------- 2 modules ----- 2 boards ----- Germany Johan489----------2 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS t0mpr1c3----------0 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS Luke--------------2 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS legailutin--------0 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS Mtlevine0---------2 modules ----- 2 boards ----- CONUS
  3. Received my order a few days ago. I'm looking forward to messing around with these once I finish up my finals. Thanks for putting this group buy together Rob!
  4. I've played around for an hour or so in Eagle before. I haven't heard of DipTrace before. It looks like there is a limited freeware version of DipTrace available (very limited budget, so free is a requirement). This board is about as simple as it gets so the crappy autorouting shouldn't be too big of an issue?
  5. Got mine up and running a few days ago, figured I'd show it off here. When I first powered it on the tube displayed gibberish and the display driver was over heating. I found I had soldered the right angle headers on the wrong side of the tube PCB.. After fixing my mistake the clock works fine :thumbup:
  6. Member Name ------| Quantity | US only spirilis ---------| 50pcs AND 2m --- | GeekDoc ----------| 4m AND 2 boards| Philipp ----------| 2m | Intnl. | Rockets4Kids -----| 25pcs AND 8m | SugarAddict ------| 4m of 60/m | Mtlevine0---------| 1m of 60/m AND 50pcs AND 3 boards
  7. I have several of these case fans installed on my PC. Each fan uses four standard 5mm LEDs like the one pictured here. I'd like to replace each LED with an RGB LED controlled by a ws2801 ic. I plan to design a small PCB which would include the ws2801 controller along with a 5mm RGB LED. I would probably just control the whole thing with a Launchpad and use the USB to UART connect for communication with a visual basic or python app on the PC side. The board I'm planning would almost identical the Sparkfun ws2801 breakout, the only differences being the dimensions and LED type. This will
  8. bluehash ------ 1 ----- [PAID] pbirkel --------- 2+ ---- [PAID] cubeberg ------ 2 ----- [PAID] Mtlevine0 ----- 2+
  9. Member Name------| Quantity | US only RobG------------ | 50pcs AND 2m GeekDoc----------| 50pcs AND 1m Rickta59---------| 1m <----------------------------------- REVISED oPossum----------| 35pcs Bluehash---------| 100pcs[50 for Store] SugarAddict------| 100pcs Cube-------------| 10-20pcs Touch------------| 25pcs Luke-------------| ? Bobnova----------| 1m Mtlevine---------| 25pcs AND 2m <------------------------- REVISED Revised my order from "50pcs OR 1m" to "25pcs AND 2m". Also revised Rickta59's order from "50pcs" to "1m" as he stated in his post above. -Matt
  10. I would be in for ordering 50 individuals, or a single strip if your still accepting orders.
  11. What GeekDoc said is fair. I didnt expect any kind of warranty with this kind of thing, stuff happens. I wouldn't mind just buying the parts myself directly from the distributor.
  12. Bluehash ------------ 2 viperspd--------------1 cubeberg-------------2 Mtlevine0------------2
  13. Bluehash ------------ 2 Rob ------------------ 2 Cubeberg------------ 5 SugarAddict--------- 5 GeekDoc------------- 2 NullColaShip---------3 [international] Ohagendorf----------2 [international] Corkypa--------------2 adrianF---------------2 speckone-------------2 newdendrite---------2 arashi----------------2 MakersWorkbench--2 TheFool--------------1 Mtlevine0------------2
  14. So have you tried the mod username? I've been looking into the mod, currently I'm debating if I should just spend the extra $50 for the 1102e. The two scopes actually have identical hardware, basically you just tell the 1052e that it is a 1102e through USB or RS232 and that enables the 100mHz bandwidth. Rigol has been trying to combat this with firmware upgrades on newly sold models but it doesn't seem like they have had much success (link to the EEVBlog forum discussion).
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