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  1. Thanks everyone for the great responses. jsolarski - That is just about what my thought process was on the matter. It was good to have confirmation that I was thinking along a working path. I managed to get the code to work. I tried the different suggestions posted. Using (P1IES & BIT3) != 0 always returned as true and using P1ES just threw errors. I am guessing it is because I missed something and that these techniques would work with more nimble fingers at the keyboard. My solution was to create a variable to indicate when the button was pressed, and a variable to indica
  2. Thanks gordon! I think that is what I am looking for, I'll give that a try and see how it works. I am basically trying to have one LED light if the button has been held for a certain period (3 sec) and the other to be lit if the button has been released before that time. Kind of like the mode button common to digital watches; if you press the button it shows the date, but if you hold the button, it allows you to edit the time. j.a.n.
  3. Hello All, I have been playing with my new launch pad trying to figure things out. I am currently attempting to use a single button for multiple purposes. For instance, if the button is held for 3 sec the red led is lit, but if the button is pressed and released before 3 sec, the green one is lit. I thought that this would be a simple exercise, but I haven't been able to quite get it to work. I know that I can toggle the interrupt edge using P1IES ^= BUTTON (Where BUTTON = BIT3), but what I don't know is how to determine if the edge is high or low. I have been looking through code and
  4. I recently received my launchpad in the mail, and wanted to say hello to everyone.
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