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  1. Thank You! I can confirm that it works well with Energia 0101E00011 and Tiva - Ubuntu 13.10 Setup: LCD.init(PE_0, PE_1, PE_2, PE_3, PE_4, PE_5); I had to disable the platform settings ---------------------------- #if defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) // StellarPad specific #include "Energia.h" #else #error Platform not supported #endif ----------------------- bkb
  2. Hi Calin! Thank You for your reply, I can confirm, that my setup SPI(0) works with SPI library of Energia 0101E00011 modified line 151 1. SPI.begin(9); -> replaced to SPI.begin(); 2. I've tested with SPI library from here -> SPI_all_ports_LM4F.zip and it works well too. The setup is based on http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa281b/slaa281b.pdf This is the shematic of the SD card connection. bkb
  3. Hi Calin, I want to test FatFs lib on TIVA, it works with ENERGIA 0101E0009 but it returns error compiling with Energia 0101E0011: UBUNTU 13.10 - energia 0101E0011- FatFsSpeedTest ---------------------------the error output ----------------------- /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp: In member function 'FRESULT FFS::begin(unsigned char, uint8_t, uint8_t)': /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp:151:13: error: no matching function for call to 'SPIClass::begin(int)' /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.c
  4. Hi roadrunner84, thank you! In the TI's Launchpad User's guide on page 11 wrote that jumper connections TEST and RST of J3 must be opened. I've tr
  5. A have made an instructables about using Launchpad Spy-Bi-Wire to upload program to a MSP430F2012 from Energia. It works in the same way using mspdebug on Linux. http://www.instructables.com/id/Programming-MSP430-F2012-uC-with-Launchpad-SBW/ It's a tutorial for beginners how to solder wires for headers and a first step with F2012. I've also tried the SpyBiWire with mspdebug and it works perfectly on Linux Ubuntu 13.04.
  6. Hi, I've tested it and it works nice. Thank You!
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