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  1. Thank You! I can confirm that it works well with Energia 0101E00011 and Tiva - Ubuntu 13.10 Setup: LCD.init(PE_0, PE_1, PE_2, PE_3, PE_4, PE_5); I had to disable the platform settings ---------------------------- #if defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) // StellarPad specific #include "Energia.h" #else #error Platform not supported #endif ----------------------- bkb
  2. Hi Calin! Thank You for your reply, I can confirm, that my setup SPI(0) works with SPI library of Energia 0101E00011 modified line 151 1. SPI.begin(9); -> replaced to SPI.begin(); 2. I've tested with SPI library from here -> SPI_all_ports_LM4F.zip and it works well too. The setup is based on http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slaa281b/slaa281b.pdf This is the shematic of the SD card connection. bkb
  3. Hi Calin, I want to test FatFs lib on TIVA, it works with ENERGIA 0101E0009 but it returns error compiling with Energia 0101E0011: UBUNTU 13.10 - energia 0101E0011- FatFsSpeedTest ---------------------------the error output ----------------------- /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp: In member function 'FRESULT FFS::begin(unsigned char, uint8_t, uint8_t)': /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp:151:13: error: no matching function for call to 'SPIClass::begin(int)' /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp:151:13: note: candidate is: In file included from /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.h:14:0, from /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/fatfs.cpp:13: /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/../SPI/SPI.h:42:8: note: void SPIClass::begin() /energia/energia-0101E0011/hardware/lm4f/libraries/FatFs/../SPI/SPI.h:42:8: note: candidate expects 0 arguments, 1 provided If anybody knows the solution for this issue, please help. Best wishes: bkb
  4. bkb

    Simple HD44780 Library without driverlib

    Maybe connection or lcd problem :-(
  5. Hi roadrunner84, thank you! In the TI's Launchpad User's guide on page 11 wrote that jumper connections TEST and RST of J3 must be opened. I've tr
  6. A have made an instructables about using Launchpad Spy-Bi-Wire to upload program to a MSP430F2012 from Energia. It works in the same way using mspdebug on Linux. http://www.instructables.com/id/Programming-MSP430-F2012-uC-with-Launchpad-SBW/ It's a tutorial for beginners how to solder wires for headers and a first step with F2012. I've also tried the SpyBiWire with mspdebug and it works perfectly on Linux Ubuntu 13.04.
  7. bkb

    Simple HD44780 Library without driverlib

    Hi, I've tested it and it works nice. Thank You!