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  1. Accodring the bluehash, CDE asked for the ticket first. Then he/she made 2 attempts to say he/she wanted to give it away if asked. I asked. Then cde then determines that he/she can go and doesn't honor what I thought was an offer to give it to someone who asked for it. So I'm not sure why you'd make an offer 3 times to give it away and then say, oh, I'd go anyway. I wish this would have been decided by a 3rd party or you would not have made a offer to give it away, leaving me confused.
  2. so I get this, the other dude is able to attend and there is only 1 ticket from TI? if so, have fun, If not, let me know so I can plan.
  3. I'd like to go but the other person says they might not be able to or that they might come late. That is kind of not useful for me to be certain. If I go, how will I know if I will get the ticket? Do I need a secret phrase? Do I say "I'm getting the TI ticket"? Let me know. I'd have to leave by Thursday at 630am to arrive at the start. ----------------------------- Open Hardware Summit 2012 September 27, 2012 at 8:30 AM Eyebeam - 540 W 21st St - New York, NY 10011
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