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  1. Nice project. I see you reimplemented your own math functions (sqrt, sin, cos, ...). Any reason not to use the libc ones ? Aren't they available for the g2553 ? or do they take too much space ?
  2. My entry for the POTM is the screaming tea timer I posted a few days ago.http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1788 It uses a MSP430G2553 to make a raving rabbids inspired tea timer that screams when the countdown reaches 0. Features: * ~2s scream output by PWM * 4xLR44 batteries * 2 input buttons * 1 line SPLC780D character display * baking time from 1s to 3 hours * 4 neodynium magnets to make it stick on the fridge All comments welcome.
  3. Nice project, thanks ! Any idea the power consumption of the 120db alarm ?
  4. Thanks bluehash, everything is made by hand indeed, the case was not the easiest part. Especially I did not care how to fix the board to the case in the first place and it happened to be much more complicated than expected. Lesson learned :-).
  5. This is my first project with a MSP430. It uses a MSP430G2553 to make a tea timer (or cake timer or whatever that needs baking timer...) in form a a raving rabbit that screams when the countdown reaches 0. The sound is output using PWM and stored inside the internal flash. It is 8kHz/8 bit and lasts for a bit less than 2 seconds to keep some space for the program code. The display is a 1 line LCD character display. The timer is powered by 4 x LR44 batteries so that the board can fit inside a small form factor. The time is set using 2 buttons and the countdown starts as soon
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