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  1. when i was fooling around with this device, my solution was to use mspdebug rf2500 --fet-force-id msp430f2252 That device has the same parametrics as the afe254ipwr, and mspdebug works like a charm with it. If you're using uniarch (or one of the proprietary toolchains) there should be a specific header with the map for that device. Cheers! EDIT: the device string "msp430g2553" (as ive just reread in my original post!) should work as well.
  2. Bluehash, Also for the Lazy, this chip has 16k flash and 512 bytes of RAM. I don't have any plans for it now. It's just nice to have it broken out and working
  3. So, today, i got my 0.65mm SOIC Schmartboard in the mail, and i'd like to share the result. The chip i've got is a msp430afe253ipwr, a very nice little chip with a lot of great features. I'm very proud to announce i've gotten it working with the Launchpad. The Schmartboard is a SOIC to DIP adapter available (cheaply!) from a few distributors. http://www.schmartboard.com/index.asp?page=products_smttodip&id=449 A few notes about using the Schmartboard: I pulled this off using a very cheap 7$ department store soldering iron. That said, the lack of a good tip, good wattage, and
  4. My first forum post, i'd like to help out anyone trying to use the USCI module for hardware UART. First, some background: I'm running the Launchpad with a msp430g2553. This chip is very full featured, comes in PDIP-20 compatible with the Launchpad, and if you're lucky, TI will send you a sample. See the datasheet: http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/msp430g2553.html I'm running uniarch msp430-gcc-4.5.2, which is the awesome alpha release. For a nice how-to-compile link, try: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/mspgcc/index.php?title=Devel:UniarchGit This worked well for
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