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  1. This board is designed specifically for the LaunchPad series of development platforms. We thought it was the best way to go because of the availability of the MSP430 LaunchPad. As far as I know, you can't develop code with Energia for the EZ430-RF2500. Also, because of the wide variety of wireless solutions, we wanted to keep that open (for now). We ran into a situation where the 2.4GHz radio would not work in the environment we needed it to. So we had to go and find another solution. This leaves it open for the user.
  2. We'll be posting a few examples on our website. We want the user to be able to monitor the battery voltage and build upon that. With our current design, we didn't want to disturb too much on the Launchpad board to keep it open. The main focus of the board is to provide power and keep the battery charged. There is also an "Examples" section under the File Menu in Energia. We think that is the best place to get started with Energia.
  3. 1. Since we launched yesterday, we did not have to qualify for the new hardware restrictions. We did see the blog post this morning and will have to meet these requirements for any other project. 2. With the advent of Energia and the low cost of the TI MSP430 Launchpad, we're hoping that interest picks up. Thanks for your questions. We really hope that people take notice of what this could do for wireless sensor networks.
  4. Hi Everyone! I've seen interest in an energy harvesting booster pack for the MSP430 LaunchPad. Given the MSP430's great power saving abilities I thought I would move on this. I wanted to let the group know that I've started a Kickstarter campaign make this a reality. I have a prototype that has been tested and is ready to go. If we get funded, we'll be able to get all the parts in quantity and give the board a much more reasonable cost. Feel free to search Kickstarter for our board "Energy Harvesting Booster Pack" which is among the many interesting technology items also looking for f
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