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    LariSan got a reaction from jsolarski in [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack   
    I got it to light up!After a while and some CCS "No Emulator Found" errors the clock is running + and not over heating (thank you bluehash and GeekDoc for the inductors).Now, I get to go and fix my faulty soldering work on the tube pins that didn't connect (missing segments) and I'm ready to go.

    Photo Nov 13, 5 23 37 PM by laraswanland, on Flickr
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    LariSan got a reaction from bluehash in Launchpad v1.4 PCBs FREE with Every Order   
    I'd love to see if anyone comes up with something to do with these. It felt like a shame that they were just going to get scrapped... maybe 1 part hopeful and 1 part joking... here are some inspirational ideas ;-)
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    LariSan reacted to bluehash in Launchpad v1.4 PCBs FREE with Every Order   
    I have some very good news.
    TI had a left over v1.4 PCBs before they bumped to v1.5. I have quite a stack of them and can make great standalone Launchpads or as a souvenir. I feel this is a great way to give back to the community.
    Many thanks to LariSan for this. I'd like to personally thank her for her thoughtfulness. This would just be discarded if not for her.
    You can thank her on her twitter handle at @MCUniversiTI
    You can get one for free by placing an order at The 43oh Store. However minimum($2.84) shipping still applies. You are free to order just the PCBs.


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    LariSan reacted to cubeberg in [S]IV-18 VFD Clock Booster Pack   
    I'm going to look through the instructions in a bit, I believe there might be a couple of things missing (I think I need extra detail on the 5v connection). There are some extra details about the current functionality that I need to add as well. I've got the GIT code using the temp sensor, but it's a bit unstable occassionally - it's good 90% of the time, but I get readings over 100 degrees F a couple times a minute. Probably interrupts messing with the assembly code.
    One tip I've found so far - add a 2 pin female header to the "buzzer" connection instead of just soldering the wires directly to the board. You can swap it out with an LED for debugging/testing or use it to run/trigger something else.
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    LariSan reacted to bluehash in [Group Buy-9] [C] [S] Replacement Parts for GB#7   
    LariSan's and AdrianF's units are covered for. I'll PM you shortly. 2 sets each.
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    LariSan reacted to tonesenna in RocketFuel boosterpack   
    So, here's a quick update.
    The shunt monitor was dropped because the dynamic range wasn't good enough to cover the range of possible discharge current.
    I made a search for an LDO with very low Iq and UVLO to avoid relying on the battery's own protection circuit and stay on the safe side.
    I couldn't find a suitable part, so I decided to add a voltage supervisor.
    In terms of low power operation I expect the rocketfuel to behave quite well:
    LDO's Iq is 8uA@150mA and 0.5uA@0mA
    Supervisor Iq is 0.5uA @ Vbat=5V
    BQ2057 BAT pin leakage is 1uA typical
    Summing all up, the battery drain with no load is expected to be around 2uA, which seems pretty good to me.
    I'm also changing the design to use these batteries (eiher 400mAh or 850mAh)
    http://www.tinkersoup.de/product_info.p ... 1576b2246a
    Where can I get the pinout for the connector? Is it standard? I can't find the information anywhere.
    Once I update the design I'll post pics here.
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