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    LariSan reacted to Jake in Analog Discovery   
    My analog discovery showed up today, it's pretty neat hopefully I'll get to stretch it's legs soon!
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    LariSan reacted to jpnorair in Analog Discovery   
    Several years ago I bought a PC logic analyzer from Intronix (http://www.pctestinstruments.com).  It is really quite good, but this Analog Discovery product looks much, much better.  Seems like a must-buy.
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    LariSan reacted to RobG in Analog Discovery   
    If you ever wanted to get logic analyzer, you should take a look at Digilent's Analog Discovery.
    Analog Discovery is a multifunction device developed by Digilent in cooperation with Analog Devices (AD is filled with chips from AD.)
    AD features analog and digital inputs and outputs, and can be used as an oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, virtual I/O, voltmeter, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, and even power supply. And the best part, it's affordable, especially for US students.
    I got my AD several days ago and let me tell you, AD is a true Swiss Army knife for geeks.
    To show you how useful AD can be, I used it to test new version of my audio analyzer BoosterPack.
    For my tests, I am using oscilloscope, logic analyzer, and waveform generator instruments (AD comes with software called WaveForms, which is a suite of virtual instruments.)
    Waveform generator provides 2 audio signals (via 3.5mm stereo jack) to BP's audio input. A simple tone or a sweep can be generated, so many options.
    Oscilloscope is connected via (optional) BNC Adapter Board and a probe to audio switch's output, so I can see which signal is fed to the EQ chip.
    Finally, logic analyzer is connected to LP's SPI output and displays sampled data.

    Analog Discovery's pinout

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    LariSan reacted to pimmel in Simple FPGA project using an MSP430   
    At my job, we had a training class on FPGAs; the project I choose to do was a take on a digital theremin, which ended up using a Launchpad with Energia. If you're suffering from insomnia, feel free to check out the build notes and links to code here: http://underwaterwhistler.blogspot.com/2013/04/fun-with-msp430-launchpad-and-digilent.html
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    LariSan reacted to ILAMtitan in 3D printed G2LP and 5529LP bumpers/cases   
    I'm very interested in getting the STLs.  We just got a 3D printer in the MSP430 lab!
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    LariSan reacted to macegr in 3D printed G2LP and 5529LP bumpers/cases   
    Haha, was playing with the 5529 case and suddenly realized I'd accidentally designed it to allow snapping the lid onto the bottom of the case, too.

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    LariSan reacted to bluehash in 43oh Secret Santa - 2013   
    Awesome G. Mace! Welcome.
    Your shades are awesome. @@LariSan was flaunting them at  last years San Mateo Maker Faire.
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    LariSan reacted to Kat in 43oh Secret Santa - 2013   
    Dear Secret Elf,
      Thanks you for the Beagle Board & Book ...

    I got a good chuckle out of the letter also

    Thank you very much

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    LariSan reacted to KatiePier in 43oh Secret Santa - 2013   
    Probably not - I think this is one of those where they cut them up out of recycled electronics. That, and it's encased in some sort of coating now so we'll never know
    Which actually gives a neat idea - someone should make one of these that lights an LED using the energy from the field if you put, for example, your phone near it by using the signal your Android phone sends out for NFC. Then you could encase it in plastic/glass/etc but you could have something on it light up if you put your phone near it, and no battery It would be like waving a magic wand (except you're waving your phone around)
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    LariSan got a reaction from vicvelcro in LaunchPad Proto Plate- from Ponoko   
    I had a few of these "protoplates" made-- I fell in love with the one from AdaFruit for the BeagleBone and really wanted one for the LaunchPad and had some made. 
    (I have to thank Bart, if he's on here, for really making my first Ponoko trial-run so smooth). 
        So here is where you can order the sheet.
    It's 14 total plates on the Plastic- Acrylic- Clear- 3mm- P3 sized sheet, which comes out to be about 3.50 for each plate- total about 46.50 (Bart had free shipping since he's a regular user at Ponoko). 

      I'm sure there is a more efficient way to arrange these to get more on the same sheet (there was a lot of extra plastic that wasn't used). This was a trail run for me. 
    It comes in a large sheet, where you only need to pull off your plate
      I left the backing on the plate--     Added the breadboard:    
    these breadboards from Mouser (I get them in packs of 10 so it comes out to be about 4.95 a piece)
      The hardest part was to figure out how to connect the LaunchPad to the sheet.  Even though it's nice that the rubber feet were already included... it turned out to be inconvenient. 
    The BeagleBone and the Arduinos have screws that allow you to use standoffs.  In this case after trying: hot glue, epoxy, these scrapbooking "zots" (super strong adhesive tapes in dot shape) and double stick tape and found out that all of them don't adhere to the rubber well.  What's worked is Crazy Glue.      Put it on the LaunchPad, set it down and let it dry...    then I peeled off the backing.        I'll get to test these in a workshop soon, but so far I like them, but plan on changing a few things.  I have about three extra that I wouldn't mind sending to anyone who wanted to see it.    It's hard to know which direction is up... I have two sleds and one is right handed and the other is left handed... I guess if I just removed the logo all together I could have it be either right or left handed      This is what I think my next one will look like, but I'm completely open for any suggestions!     Hope that's helpful, I've included the files to make the edits in my dropbox (it's in illustrator and the forum doesn't like the format for some reason). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6tho7jrplryvyhl/PJAJ22XqpQ
    Final- LaunchPad Proto-Sled v1.0- Bart.zip
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    LariSan got a reaction from t0mpr1c3 in Launchpad v1.4 build   
    Did you hand-solder those chips?
    That's impressive none the less. I haven't' done anything with my extra PCB's. (Was thinking to maybe make a geeky Christmas wreath). 
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    LariSan got a reaction from spirilis in Launchpad v1.4 build   
    Did you hand-solder those chips?
    That's impressive none the less. I haven't' done anything with my extra PCB's. (Was thinking to maybe make a geeky Christmas wreath). 
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    LariSan reacted to PedroDaGr8 in 40 Male->Female jumpers - $3.99   
    But of course!

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    LariSan reacted to t0mpr1c3 in Launchpad v1.4 build   
    Here's a couple of LP v1.4's that I built from the legacy PCBs kindly donated by @@LariSan. Soldering the LEDs was a bit tricky as the 0402 pads are closely spaced and I only had 0805 components. In fact the soldering generally wouldn't win any awards, but even so I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Thanks BluHash for distributing these through the 43oh store!

    The DIY Launchpads are middle and right. Yeah, the short ones with the orange tactile switches and green green LEDs.
    Blog post: http://smokedprojects.blogspot.com/2013/12/homemade-msp430-launchpads.html
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    LariSan reacted to bluehash in 43oh Secret Santa - 2013   
    Secret Santa drawings for 2013 is complete. Make sure you remember to send your gifts!
    Once you receive your gift , please post it here. 
    43oh Secret Santa - 2012 for those who want some ideas.
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    LariSan reacted to cubeberg in 40 Male->Female jumpers - $3.99   
    Found these at one of my favorite stores for small parts: http://www.taydaelectronics.com/premium-jumper-wires-female-male-200mm-pack-of-40.html.  Tried to find some one eBay a while back and couldn't find a good source.
    Great for breadboarding with the LP.  Thought @@LariSan might be interested in using them for classes - 20 would be enough for a student.

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    LariSan reacted to spirilis in US Air Force Academy Embedded (Launchpad) Class ECE382 for free   
    Wow! Wonder what they were using before. That's gotta be awesome for TI.
    Sent from my Galaxy Note II with Tapatalk 4
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    LariSan reacted to spirilis in New MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad Released   
    Also noticed, linked from the product's wiki page, SLAU533 is the user's guide for the tool:  http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau533/slau533.pdf
    Section 3 has detailed flowcharts and analysis of how the demo apps work; it's practically a primer on USB!
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    LariSan reacted to jpnorair in New MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad Released   
    If anyone is planning a CC1200 (or CC11xx) booster pack for this, let me know. I'll support it. I've already done considerable work with the EXP-5529 board + CC110x, and I'll happily port to 5529-LP. It would give me an excuse also to hire an intern to finally finish the RTOS-managed, threadable Energia fork I've had on my todo list for a while.
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    LariSan reacted to rampadc in New MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad Released   
    Did you guys notice TI's selling their new MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad board? I found an old announcement back in 2012 on 43oh main page that TI's working on it but haven't seen any on it being sold. I just found out today and apparently it's sold out. :-(
    TI also changed the descriptor tool by making the interface a bit prettier but they removed the definition USB_MCLK_FREQ which will break all the code in their last USB API so now there's a new USB API 4.0 that requires CCS 5.5 to be installed, though there are workarounds so it will work with existing CCS. 
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    LariSan reacted to JWoodrell in Atlanta? Come Hang with us?   
    I could have come out this weekend, but I work on monday and tuesday, getting off at 5PM and a 4 hour drive there and back just wouldn't work.
    I would have liked to go hang out though.
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    LariSan got a reaction from bluehash in Atlanta? Come Hang with us?   
    I know it's super last minute, but @@adrianF, Dung and I are in Atlanta for the ASEE conference... and if anyone is in the area (e.g. @@JWoodrell , you came to mind) , we would love to take you for a drink! 
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    LariSan got a reaction from yyrkoon in New $45 Beaglebone   
    You are amazing. 
    I have been so overwhelmed with getting things going for this huge education show we are doing in Atlanta, when I came in and saw your package on my desk. 
    I opened it and immediately loved the FTDI breakout board , but what I REALLY REALLY REALLY love (I can't stress that enough here) is the adapter board you made! Not sure if I'm just late to finding out about it until that moment it came out of the envelope, but you have made my ENTIRE week. I don't have time yet to write the blog post I need to about LaunchPad + Beaglebone in Education, but your "BoosterPack Cape Adapter" fits perfectly!
    I was so psyched that I actually rescheduled a in person meeting to be on the phone so I could solder the headers on and try it out
    Anyways, THANK you for sending me a few samples and when I get back from ASEE, I hope to have the post out on the e2e blog roll so you can see how your board fits in with all of the other University tools!
    And yes, I will be sharing them around the office!

    Untitled by laraswanland, on Flickr
    (rest of the photos: 
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    LariSan reacted to spirilis in New $45 Beaglebone   
    I am happy you liked them :grin:  FYI I have a shipment of both FTDI boards and BBB LP capes headed to bluehash so if he has time they should be available in the 43oh store next week or soon anyway...
    Detailed thread on the BeagleBone Black LaunchPad cape here on @@bluehash 's new site BeagleFu.com: http://forum.beaglefu.com/topic/49-beaglebone-launchpad-cape/
    (It should work on the BBW just fine but I haven't actually tried it yet)
    I also have an example of the GPS Boosterpack actually working (devicetree overlay functional, able to read the UART @ 9600) in this post -- http://forum.beaglefu.com/topic/95-expose-remaining-beaglebone-uarts/?p=297
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    LariSan reacted to bluehash in New $45 Beaglebone   
    haha! sweet! I was wondering what @@LariSan was trying to say when the first tweet went out( what is similar between the BBB and LP). Then the Cape picture was posted. Good stuff!
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