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  1. BTW, feedback on the first protoplates that I got made from some of the teachers I sent it to. - It's nice to have a hole in the plate, so if someone wants to hang the board up on peg-board or in a lab "check out" session. For now binder clips work. (wish I had a picture to show). -another request for a "bento box" style , which sometime I'll sit down and think through it. - be able to use other LaunchPads with it (which I really like @@Fred 's solution) Untitled by laraswanland, on Flickr 10 of these ready to go for a intro to LaunchPad workshop.
  2. @@Fred the black board really does look slick. I didn't even consider using colours, I might play around with it. I love the 43oh logo you designed. Is there any way that I could borrow that?
  3. Dave, I'd love to order a few and try them out. Plus, I'm always a fan of purple boards :-) Thank you for sharing it, your website looks like it's going to be pretty amazing.
  4. @@Fred, that is simply amazing and looks so good! I absolutely LOVE the idea of the 43oh logo and would jump on it to get one myself! The corners look really sharp and I like them a lot better than the crazy glue that I am working with. (side note I am very envious of you having your own laser cutter!) @@ILAMtitan... you may need to order more Acrylic glue :-)
  5. Not sure if this counts, but I've played with a few ideas myself (since I have to pack up and go to trade shows a lot). the first-- I like to use photo-holders (like the kind you can get at scrapbook stores): [/url] This one is from container store Showing them in my backpack. I've also tried storing them in acrylic containers like this, but I found that it doesn't travel well (thin acrylic shatters) [/url] Also, this is what I have in my office to store the boosterpacks. I used these office containers for paper with little clear trays. [/url]
  6. okay, for standoffs, or little rubber feet? That may be a lot easier and cheaper than gluing four feet on every one of them!
  7. I have a couple of extra I can send if someone wants to try it. Since I haven't tested it yet, I'm not sure what people prefer. e.g. do people like being able to pick which side they want to mount the LaunchPad (right or left) The plus side of it, both sizes fit in the giant box.
  8. Now the post is fixed, it should show that :-) I actually had to try several things, turns out Crazy Glue works the best. Second best is the industrial strength foam squares, but you have to rip off the rubber feet. [/url]
  9. >Blue Hash: What happened to your keyboard...what laptop is that? LOL, it's the non-Work Laptop I do about 95% of my work on. My macbook. The keyboard is a cover that embarrassingly I have to keep on the laptop because I spend too much time with my laptop doing every day things (e.g. eating). and it's easier to remove the cover, rinse it off and then put it back than cleaning out the computer :-) Thanks for fixing the post.
  10. Odd, it looks like most of my post is missing... let me try and fix it.
  11. I had a few of these "protoplates" made-- I fell in love with the one from AdaFruit for the BeagleBone and really wanted one for the LaunchPad and had some made. (I have to thank Bart, if he's on here, for really making my first Ponoko trial-run so smooth). So here is where you can order the sheet. It's 14 total plates on the Plastic- Acrylic- Clear- 3mm- P3 sized sheet, which comes out to be about 3.50 for each plate- total about 46.50 (Bart had free shipping since he's a regular user at Ponoko). I'm sure there is a more efficient way to arrange these to get more on th
  12. Hey FJ, when you are ready to order more LaunchPads, drop us a note at univ@ti.com Our program coordinator who is on the other side of that e-mail should be able to help you out. Even better that you already are talking to Nuria. She should be able to offer you the same. If you run into any issues, post your questions here-- the entire team is subscribed to posts here and is very responsive-- on the University forums http://e2e.ti.com/group/universityprogram/educators/f/default.aspx
  13. I'm a little afraid that I'll step into a big pile here, but I wanted to offer a couple of nuggets *please keep in mind that I usually only deal with University Partners, so I come from a slightly unique perspective. The LaunchPad has pretty much changed TI's place in the Microcontroller market and especially in Education. For me, I've been able to open up a lot of educational doors with the price point and what the kit could offer. However, the past year I've been watching it slow down a bit as the "4.30" on it's own isn't as compelling. The requests started to come in that I find ways
  14. I'm so happy that it got to you (I got a little nervous that the shipper didn't get it out on time). It's one of the books I'll never get rid of and it looked like you were starting to go beyond just programming and into designing boards :-) I hope you enjoy it!
  15. I love the Serenity! Just one more to go right? :-)
  16. Yes, thank you JWoodrell, it's lovely! I found the rest of her online store and might order some other pieces now :-)
  17. now my question is, who should I thank :-)?
  18. Thank you to my Secret Santa :-) http://www.flickr.com/photos/laraswanland/8342549077/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/laraswanland/8342549077/'>secret santa by http://www.flickr.com/people/laraswanland/'>laraswanland, on Flickr After finally getting off my butt to go to the post office, this lovely package was waiting for me. Even better... it's slightly LaunchPad coloured :-)
  19. Mine will be arriving direct from the place I bought it at, hope it gets there reasonably on time :-)
  20. I'm in, I can do International if needed.
  21. Thanks for sharing this story. This is really awesome.
  22. Not sure if this helps at all, but I really like how littlebits is using the GIT format for their hardware documentation. https://github.com/littlebitselectronics/eagle-files/tree/master/INPUT besides the hardware revisions, we could add a "user" guide and the code? Each boosterpack to have a folder? Plus, we would have a wiki as a part of the system. I'd be willing to help write user guides.
  23. This is one that I would see as great inspiration (schematics below). I really like the whole SparkFun E-Textiles page :https://www.sparkfun.com/categories/204
  24. I think having 12 ish pads is nice :-) I am so excited about something like this! There are some washable electronics right now! http://thefutureofthings.com/news/33/stretchable-and-washable-electronic-devices.html
  25. I am sad that the store will need to close, but understand completely if its taking a lot of time. I've always been curious about Amazon store fronts if they would manage the shipping. You have been so amazing managing the store all of this time. I know it's very much appreciated!
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