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  1. @spirillis


    You are amazing. 

    I have been so overwhelmed with getting things going for this huge education show we are doing in Atlanta, when I came in and saw your package on my desk. 

    I opened it and immediately loved the FTDI breakout board :smile:, but what I REALLY REALLY REALLY love (I can't stress that enough here) is the adapter board you made! Not sure if I'm just late to finding out about it until that moment it came out of the envelope, but you have made my ENTIRE week. I don't have time yet to write the blog post I need to about LaunchPad + Beaglebone in Education, but your "BoosterPack Cape Adapter" fits perfectly!


    I was so psyched that I actually rescheduled a in person meeting to be on the phone so I could solder the headers on and try it out :smile:


    Anyways, THANK you for sending me a few samples and when I get back from ASEE, I hope to have the post out on the e2e blog roll so you can see how your board fits in with all of the other University tools!


    And yes, I will be sharing them around the office!



    Untitled by laraswanland, on Flickr


    (rest of the photos: 

  2. Wish it was. TI does not produce the BeagleBoard.... Beagleboard.org does.


    Actually this painfully true, you'd think it would be easy to get a hold of one of these for myself because we work at TI, but I'm in line to get mine from Adafruit. 


    What's really exciting about this version (besides all of the upgrades and the price) is that they have a very simplified software interface that uses the same energia commands inside a web-server IDE (plug in the board and get it started). Anything to get more people into hardware design is a win in my book!

  3. @spirilis  request :smile:

    here are the photos from our Texas Based- Beagle Bone Black launch. 

    We went to CircuitCo (the people who are helping with the BYOBoosterpack contest) where BeagleBoard's birthplace is. 


    There should be better blogs coming out later. (most took on my iphone)



    I'm interested to see if we can run the software that comes on the BB Black on the original one (I have 3 if anyone wants to try it out). 


    hope that helps 

  4. Is that something new  LariSan ? I've never seen it before, and now am very curious about the contents. I did notice you mentioning it in another post however . . . odd having problems quoting your post lol. 


    Actually, it's not new, but it's hidden inside of the TI University Program under teaching materials. We work with a few professors who are using the platforms to create course material for other professors to use as they wish. 

    Although it's a large download and it reminds me of those old CD-ROM's (memory lane: like encyclopedia-encarta), there's some good getting started information in there. 

  5. I don't know of any easy way to do it, but I would think that you would have to pretty much re-design the board to change the frequency. 


    This is a really good app note on moving from frequency to frequency on the same antenna. This brings back a bit of nightmare flashbacks to my e-mag courses, but if you're into RF (or think you want to be) this may help : http://www.ti.com/lit/an/swra161b/swra161b.pdf 

    Where I found the above App Note

  6. @@Rickta59 do you mean freenodeirc?

    Not sure if I've used that, but I'll look at it!




    >Is this what you're asking ?

    No, not really, I'd actually prefer to be able to link to those particular YouTube channels, not so much start an independent location. The thing I'm looking for is more of a consolidation. Almost like a "pinterest" for teaching material if it's a book, blog, YouTube Channel, DataSheet etc. 


    I'm thinking maybe to use the University site Teaching Material more/better. Issue is that we don't do textbooks yet or people's blogs,  but maybe it's time to start. That way when someone finds material, they can just start a new thread.  And to have a sticky post at the top of the forum as a consolidation edit. 


    I love the internet, but there is so many places to post information, which makes it hard to keep track of what's out there and what's missing. 


    @Spirillis I love that blog link, thank you for sharing that! I really wish that I could find a better way to collect all of these amazing blogs, especially that they are so helpful. 


    Thanks for the inputs. I'm going to sit around and think a little more about how to save information. 

  7. So, the past year and a half I've been really focusing on getting more learning materials out for people to learn microcontrollers. We have an entire page of textbooks : http://ti.com/textbooks 

    and of course the free Teaching ROM's and our CNX.org channels and well as more coming down the pipeline. 


    e.g. Dan Harres from BitStream Technology made this MSP430 Robots book (came out end of March). 


    Issue is that I'm not sure where/how to publicize the information-- and I'm not sure it's getting out. 

    Also, I really want to collect reviews on the material so we can improve the next editions-- or just hear what people thought about the book or exercises. 


    I loved Matt (@CashDollar on Twitter)'s post on reviewing both the Davies Book and the Barrett and Pack Book. http://www.43oh.com/2012/08/book-review-microcontroller-programming-and-interfacing-texas-instruments-msp430-cashdollar-automation/


    but outside of a few posts here and there in the General and Off Topic Forums -- I haven't found a place where people could post material and others could comment on it. 



    So my question:

    Where would you generally go to find new information to learn something?

    Do you guys know of anything that maybe I should take a look at/ places I should go to?




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