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  1. The sketch worked fine after I worked out what I had done wrong. I originally used pin 1.7 (as I assumed that was pin 8), and when there was no output I tried each other pin. The problem was that I didn't press reset between each change of pin - I just assumed the tone sequence would repeat. Once I actually read the sketch properly, and realised I had used the wrong pin, everything worked just as it should. Thanks for the guide link - I did find that, but misunderstood the pin layouts until it was pointed out earlier in this thread.
  2. I decided to look through some of the other files and found tone.cpp which seemed to imply that it should work. I tried using pin 2.0 as suggested and it worked straight away! Many thanks - I'll start looking more closely at the docs in future!
  3. That's great - thank you. I hadn't looked at the Wiki properly and hadn't noticed that page. Pin 8 does indeed go to 2.0 once I had checked the .h file, so at least I'm starting to get somewhere. I'll carry on trying some of the other example sketches to get some more familiarity with the board.
  4. I should probably add that the sketch stated pin 8 should be used - presumably an Arduino pin number - and I simply guessed the equivalent on the MSP430.
  5. The speaker is a small (2" diameter) 8 ohm speaker which will crackle even with an almost completely dead 1.5V battery, so I don't think it's a power problem (though I will try a LED later on). The launchpad is a MSP430G2553 (I haven't made any jumper changes etc. from when I unpacked it). The sketch compiled and was uploaded without any errors, and the blink sketch works perfectly, so I assume I've got at least the basics right.
  6. Hi Please forgive me if I'm doing something stupid, but I have recently purchased a MSP430 launchpad and am starting to set it up to learn more about it. My first step was to install the Energia IDE, and I successfully ran the blinking LED sketch as suggested in the instructions. I then decided to start working through some of the other code examples, and loaded the 'Melody' sketch as what I thought would be a simple exercise. However - nothing works. I'm really unclear on the pin assignments and tried what I thought were the correct pins (p1.7 and GND), but nothing happened. I then tried
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