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  1. I need one iductor too... Did the paypal payment allready! Thanks!!!
  2. I have only used the MSP430G2211 and MSP430G2231, but want to move on to the 20 pin versions like the MSP430G2452 for more interesting projects. I have been accumulating way too many parts and components, now need to switch back to building stuff again!
  3. Hello all! Looking forward to some cool microcontroller projects! I have been playing with the MSP-430 since it was released but have not ventured much past blinking LEDS. Have dabbled with: -POV -Running stepper motors -3X3 LED Matrix
  4. Bluehash ------------ 2 viperspd--------------1 cubeberg-------------2 Mtlevine0------------2 Georg----------------2[international] GeekDoc-------------2 Adrian----------------2 DSFLORES------------1 Limit is !30!
  5. Interested in one or 2 if you guys get more parts...
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