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  1. @gwdeveloper Thanks a lot! I haven't had the chance to check that out, may be until the weekend . But I suppose it will work. Fortunately my friend got an extension for his deadline, so we can work on it this week end. Thank you both! Regards, Christian
  2. Hi Matthew I have read what has happened to you recently, but you know that saying right? "It's always darker before dawn". The code actually I copied and pasted it from the documentation, but I think the problem I have is due to the code composer I understand it's not possible to have both the core edition and the one for the DSP's so I will check that tonight after work. About your work feel free for asking for help, may be I can help with the documentation, or I don't know if there are any future plan to translate your documentation (you wouldn't believe how rare is that someone speaks
  3. Surfing the web I get to see a lot of cool projects and the authors, being so kind as usually are in the open-source community, upload their schematics and PCB files, but usually with extension *.brd o *.sch which despite the fact that KiCAD uses the same extensions the latter is not able to open. So my question is why is eagle being used for everyone? What are the advantages of using it? I just took a course where I learnt how to use KiCAD and I find it really professional, and free! Does anyone knows a way (if there is) to open the schematics/PCB files created in eagle in KiCAD?
  4. I hadn't checked the software resources part, I've got a perhaps silly question, what's a GEL file?. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, but that's the point I don't know where to find the source code for the out-of-the-box demo the C5535 has. I always wanted to play with DSP's and until this offer came up I could afford one . Regards, Christian
  6. Hi there! I'm helping a friend to build a line follower robot for a school project, and I convinced him to use a Launchpad, the issue is that neither of us have a lot of experience programming microcontrollers in C. He has just learnt assembler ( :shock: ) and when I was in college I used only PIC's (and in most cases using PICBasic Pro :oops: ). So I thought using EasyMSP would help us out (the project due next week) to speed things up. But I can't seem to make it work, where do I need to add the libraries in Code Composer Studio, last night I tried to add a folder and then check the box
  7. Hi every one! I was reading n1ksn's post "A brief state machine implementation tutorial"and I remembered that a while ago I came across with an application report from TI about Finite State Machines in the MSP430 and its implementation and also they attached a Microsoft Excel
  8. I also was asked to provide a justification (I'm in Mexico) I just provided my TI account in which I have a free email service provider and my justification was that "These parts are for evaluation purposes only" and was approved . That was Tuesday's night and I'm expecting my two G2553 for today! Regards, Christian
  9. I ended up buying it but I have no idea from where to start. In comparison to the Launchpad there isn't too much info aout there for DSP's. Did any of you buy it? If yes how did you start playing with this little guy? Regards, Christian
  10. Oh my I have just printed out his tutorial in order to read it on my (long 2 hour) way back home from work I just took a course of PCB design and manufacturing that cost me like $200.00 USD it was worth it, we used dry-film photoresist and the outcome was far better than any other PCB I made in the past . Have any of you used dry-film photoresist? Or photo-imaginable ink? Regards, Christian
  11. Hi everyone, I have worked with Microchip PIC's but was somehow lured to MSP430 because of the Launchpad (as so many of you I suppose) I'm helping a friend building a Line Follower robot, he wanted to use a PIC but I insist in using the LauchPad . The robot is due next week I hope we can get it done by this weekend since I don't have a lot of spare time. Anyway I just wanted to say Hi!
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