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    Welcome everyone to the MpyProjects community forum. Please use
    this forum for all questions or comments. The MpyProjeects website
    is at http://www.mpyprojects.com
    Mpy programs are written using the Mpy language which is a very small
    subset of the Python Language. The MpyEditor development tool is used
    to create the program and also to compile and flash the MSP430
    microcontroller on a Launchpad board.
    The Mpy language is intended to be very simple and kid friendly.
    The whole purpose behind MpyProjects is to make electronics and
    programming easy, fun, and less intimidating.
    MpyProjects is still in its very early stages and I expect it will
    be another 6 months before we will be able make it stable and have
    all the features and documentation in place. So please be patient.
    The more help we get the faster it will come. So if anyone is interested
    in helping please let us know by posting to the forum.
    The initial version of the MpyEditor is up and running and we want
    people to use it and let us know how you get on. We have already
    used it to create a number of simple projects which we recently
    showed off at the Bay Area Makerfaire.
    The MpyEditor is available from the MpyProjects download page here.
    So far only the Windows version is available.
    cheers and good luck
    - mpymike
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