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  1. Thanks a bunch. I guess I somehow missed your PayPal instructions in the first post... d'oh! Monies sent!
  2. I'd hold off a bit. cubeberg has mentioned on the other thread that the inductor may be the culprit. He's checking on solutions. Could you point me in the direction of that thread? I must be overlooking it somehow... I'd love to help diagnose if I can.
  3. I'm confused, are we supposed to not be assembling these because of overheating still?
  4. Shall we simply keep checking back here for updates on when we should send payment?
  5. New list: Bluehash ------------ 2 viperspd--------------1
  6. Bluehash ------------ 2 Rob ------------------ 2 Cubeberg------------ 5 SugarAddict--------- 5 GeekDoc------------- 2 NullColaShip---------3 [international] Ohagendorf----------2 [international] Corkypa--------------2 adrianF---------------2 speckone-------------2 newdendrite---------2 arashi----------------2 MakersWorkbench--2 TheFool--------------1 Mtlevine0------------2 mr_bandit-----------10 Geekyhawkes -------2 [international ] weezy................2 georg-----------------2 [international] viperspd--------------1
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