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  1. Yeah, turns out that oscillator accuracy coupled with bad code was the problem.
  2. Good idea about the chip version and errata sheets. I will check this tomorrow. I already checked the jumpers and connections and can rule out that this is the problem. Strange thing is that all the simple things like blinking a LED, simple UART to the PC, simple SPI etc. Work with both launchpads. Only if I want to communicate with the Bluetooth chip things go wrong on one board and work great on the other...
  3. I'm working on a project using the MSP430FR4133 launchpad an have encountered something strange. I use the launchpad to talk to a nrf8001 ble module and I have some code for this up and running fine. However, I tried the same code with the same ble module using the same CCS for programming and just changing the launchpad with an identical model, and the code does not run anymore. Swapping the launchpads again, everything is fine again. Any ideas on differences between two identical boards that can cause such a behaviour?
  4. Hi, Finally also build my clock - pictures will follow later. Had some larger inductors at home, so no problem with overheating. It's running for over an hour now wo problems. I have a couple of other issues though with bad solder joints that I have to sort out. One thing I noticed is that the max6921 is very sensitive to accidental touching of the blank pin - it blanks out (obvious) but it does not recover afterwards easily. I did not have a look at the code how this pin is handled,maybe there is something to avoid this. One additional thing: is the button on the lp used in any wa
  5. Bluehash ------------ 2 viperspd--------------1 cubeberg-------------2 Mtlevine0------------2 Georg----------------2[international]
  6. Bluehash ------------ 2 Rob ------------------ 2 Cubeberg------------ 5 SugarAddict--------- 5 GeekDoc------------- 2 NullColaShip---------3 [international] Ohagendorf----------2 [international] Corkypa--------------2 adrianF---------------2 speckone-------------2 newdendrite---------2 arashi----------------2 MakersWorkbench--2 TheFool--------------1 Mtlevine0------------2 mr_bandit-----------10 Geekyhawkes -------2 [international ] weezy................2 georg-----------------2 [international]
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