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  1. @@energia I'm still seeing this on several pages... However, when I refresh the page, I am able to get past the error & get to the desired page... Specifically, I am seeing it here: http://energia.nu/guide/import-energia-sketch-to-ccsv6/ Adrian
  2. Hi all Here's a quick project tutorial that I posted up on hackster.io --> https://www.hackster.io/adrianf/internet-button-ti-launchpad-ifttt-463300 It's a simple "internet-connected button" that triggers an event on IFTTT (If this, then that)'s Maker Channel. They offer a simple RESTful API that we can POST to using an internet-connected LaunchPad. In this tutorial, I used the MSP432 LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack, but any internet-connected LaunchPad would work just fine! In this tutorial, I am simply triggering a push notification to my phone, however this tutorial can b
  3. Hi 43oh-ers! Just wanted to let you all know that we've been working with NKC Electronics to bring the LaunchPad to amazon! Check it out here: TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430F5529LP with breadboard and wires bundle TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2 with breadboard and wires bundle Now you all have more options for getting hardware! Thanks Adrian
  4. I haven't tried it yet, but I suppose the existing Energia IR library should work with this hardware as well by leveraging a generic PWM pin VS using the specific IR features of the FR2xx/FR4xx devices. Adrian
  5. Great questions, Igor The Grove BoosterPack leverages the following pins for the various connectors. We did our best to align with the 40 pin BoosterPack pin out. Note that we are heavily leveraging the analog & digital pins that are at the "inside-20" pins (the 2 inner-most connectors of the BoosterPack plug). To enable these connections on a 20 pin LaunchPad (i.e. MSP-EXP430G2 or MSP-EXP430FR5969), you will have to use jumper wires to make the appropriate connections. In regards to the CC3200 analog channels, the BoosterPack does not do any scaling. For most of our WiFi dem
  6. Hey all Just wanted to announce the availability of the Grove Base BoosterPack from Seeed Studio! Here's a quick blog post that introduces the BoosterPack In short, this BoosterPack enables the LaunchPad kits to gain access to Seeed Studio's HUGE list of Grove modules. I believe they have over 130 different modules today, ranging from ultrasonic, moisture, temperature, gas, relays, displays & more. While these modules can interface with any of the TI LaunchPads, they pair especially well with cloud-connected LaunchPad kits such as the CC3200 for IoT applications/intelligent sensor
  7. Good question. So far, I would have handled that locally on the LaunchPad, but I believe Temboo offers a few cloud-side things (i.e. filtering XML/JSON outputs from REST calls) before it is finally pushed back to the LaunchPad.
  8. So cool! An easy "fix" to side-step Twitter's prevention of duplicate tweets could be to add a timestamp. The "append row" API for google spreadsheets is also a really cool & practical Temboo "choreo". Perfect for datalogging apps! Adrian
  9. Hi all! Here's a quick video I put together to demonstrate the LaunchPad + CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack working with Temboo and one of the services that Temboo supports. Pretty slick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NStq1KB4FS8 In short, the service that I'm using is Nexmo. They provide a few REST APIs that our LaunchPad can interface with for triggering voice calls. In addition, Nexmo can also return back to the LaunchPad any user input on the keypad of the phone. In this example, I trigger a phone call when my LaunchPad detects water with a moisture sensor. Through the Temboo site
  10. Yup - Energia all the way! However, you can always import into CCS.... but yes, it leverages the Energia abstraction & libraries.
  11. Temboo support on LaunchPad is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while! The Energia team & the TI LaunchPad team have been working closely with Temboo to bring this user experience to the low-cost LaunchPad family of kits! Through the Temboo website, you can GENERATE (!!!) Energia sketches for interacting with hundreds of web services, which you can ultimately flash to your cloud-connected LaunchPad. Temboo currently supports the CC3200 WiFi LaunchPad as well as the CC3100 BoosterPack when paired with an Energia-supported LaunchPad (i.e. MSP430F5529 LaunchPad, TM4C123 LaunchPad,
  12. Super cool! Can't wait to see someone stack the CC110L SubGHz RF BoosterPack on top of it to enable it to be wireless-ly controlled! Nice work guys!
  13. Hi LilyHack There is another example sketch in the SimpleLinkWiFi folder called "CC3000FirwareUpdate". Go ahead and flash this example into your LaunchPad while the CC3000 WiFi BoosterPack is plugged in. This sketch will update the firmware of the CC3000 WiFi BoosterPack. Once the sketch if flashed & the red & green LEDs of the F5529 LaunchPad start toggling, that means the firmware has successfully updated! Now that the CC3000 WiFi BoosterPack is updated to the latest firmware, go ahead and try the Simple Web Server example again. Hopefully that fixes the issue! Good luck!
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