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  1. thanks BlueHash. With the V5 version there is no problem any more. Bye.
  2. Hi, I'm using the version. I have found how to install updates in the (help-->Software update...) but nothing works. Then I'm loading the new V5 version.
  3. Hi, I trie to use the MSP430G2553 on the ccs. The problem is, when I want to create a project I can't choose this component on the list. (project settings --> Device variant). This component and others are not available. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Thank you for these informations. What do you think about UNI-T. This model especialy: http://cgi.ebay.fr/Oscilloscope-de-nume ... 2563ac4357 Or this model of atten http://cgi.ebay.fr/ATTEN-ADS1102CAL-100 ... 23112ea1ee I found them well for the price.
  5. aymeric

    I2C on msp430G

    Thank you. I will read it.
  6. aymeric

    I2C on msp430G

    Thank you for these informations. Do you have some codes to transmite a byte to a msp4302452 from a msp4302452? One is a master and the other a slave. I need to transmite and recieve a byte in the both directions. Thanks.
  7. aymeric

    I2C on msp430G

    Hi, I want to use I2C to communic with 2 msp430G. (2252,2452 or 2553). For that I need some functions. One function to initialize the bus, One function to transmit a byte and another to receive a byte. Maybe some one have a idea ? Thank you.
  8. Does any one have a DSO Nano ? I wanted to know if the DSO Nano is a good oscilloscope ? I need a oscilloscope for simples operations and i don't want to spend much money. May be this oscilloscope is enough ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I don't know the protoype of the fonction __delay_cycles (?). May be you have to enter an int. And then you cause a overflow with 100000. It's just a idea. Good luck
  10. Hello, I wanted to know how can I select the device msp430G2553 on CCS when I creat a new project. I think there is a update for these new microcontrolers but I don't know where and how. Is there someone who has a idea ? Thank you
  11. Thank you very much I am trying these both solutions and it works very well.
  12. I use Code composer Studio.
  13. hello. I want to progam a msp430G2231 with two interrupts. With one interrupt no problem but if i want to use 2 interrupts how can i define that this interrupt is for this pin and the other for a this pin(and the same for a timer interrupt) . When I initialise the interrupt I never choosed the name of the interrupt fonction coressponding, I can choose no matter what name. Then how can I use 2 various interrupts in a same program ? Thank you.
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