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    abecedarian reacted to artifus in Fritzing for LaunchPad   
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    abecedarian reacted to Automate in Powering Launchpad from external 3.3 or 5 volts   
    Noticed some good basic info here http://processors.wi...Power_Interface
    about powering the LaunchPad from a source other than the USB port.
    5 Volts is preferred but 3.3 will work also. Just don't connect both at the same time and set the power selector switch to not get power from a connected USB port.
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    abecedarian reacted to The_YongGrand in Very Basic HD44780 driver for Stellaris LaunchPad   
    Here's a very basic HD44780 driver for Stellaris Launchpad.
    Supports up to 20x4 LCD and a full PORTB register is used. Due to the nature of the GPIOPinWrite function which uses masking and whatnots, extra code on the driver will be written in the future to accomodate such functions.
    Uses two files: hd44780_lp.c and hd44780_lp.h
    An example is in the attachment. It's called "lab2" because I fooled around with the Stellaris Launchpad Workbook earlier.
    Note: Please refer to online tutorials on the HD44780 connections.
    Comments are greatly appreciated!

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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in LM3S8962 / LM3S2110 Engine Management System   
    RTOS is not necessary. If you handle interrupt priorities well, you should be good.
    Watchdog is used for sensing if a ,microcontroller has "hung". If the watchdog hardware does not get its interrupt serviced by the software, it can trigger a reset or implement safety protocols.
    If you are new to C, this project will be a handful. Try doing simple stuff like button interrupts/leds and then low level comm - rs232, spi and then CAN.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from oPossum in LM3S8962 / LM3S2110 Engine Management System   
    Here's the thread to document the research and development of a vehicle engine management system based on the LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit.
    Let me preface this by saying, as I am quite new to C programming and microcontrollers this is definitely diving into the deep end of the pool, though perhaps it would be more accurate to relate it to a trip to the depths of the Pacific Ocean.
    I will also say that I do not expect much feedback from the community with regards to this.
    What I mean is that unless you have this kit and are interested in doing the same thing, I do not expect many comments.
    But if you see any errors in the coding, PLEASE comment.
    The goals I have set for this are:
    Provide accurate fuel control over at least 2 banks of injectors, possibly more if the hardware is capable.
    Provide accurate ignition timing control over engine speeds ranging from a few hundred to over 10000 RPMs.
    Enable configuration of the system through the built-in display, over CAN and possibly Ethernet.
    Enable operational error reporting in-situ through the built-in display and CAN, and possibly external fault-LED's or similar.
    Utilize the main and device boards as efficiently as possible, separating tasks accordingly.
    Create open-source code free of restrictive licensing: I received the kit for free so this is my way of giving back in kind.
    Develop open-source hardware interfaces between the EKT boards and the sensors, injectors and ignition components.
    Come up with a catchy name. StellariSquirt immediately came to mind but is likely too similar to another products name to be used.

    I will use the next two posts to identify hardware and software considerations.
    Thank you.
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in fram for dummies book   
    1. FRAM rulez
    2. FRAM rulez
    3. FRAM rulez
    4. Oh yeah did we mention FRAM rulez?
    5. FRAM is next gen memory technology and more mature than its peer competitiors (PRAM, MRAM, etc)
    6. FRAM reads & writes at the same speed and only needs 1.5V to do it, unlike Flash which needs 10-14V (supplied by an internal charge pump that is part of the flash circuitry) and milliseconds to do its erase/write cycles
    7. FRAM rulez some more
    8. Oh yeah baby, FRAM rulez
    9. TI figured Low Power would be a good initial use-case of the tech and as such they decided to use the MSP430 MCU as the inaugural platform for practical FRAM use
    10. TI is trying to get access times down to 20ns, or 50MHz, with current technology
    11. Current FRAM tech (2T-2C) is rather conservative in terms of density, but they can switch it out to 1T-1C and double the density of available memory with current technology
    12. FRAM rulez some more?
    13. Imagine life without batteries!
    14. FRAM rulez like that
    15. FRAM contents get nuked in the presence of very high heat, e.g. soldering-levels of heat, so it should always be programmed in-circuit after soldering
    16. It's supposed to last for many trillions of read/write cycles, and keep in mind a read forces an erase (and therefore a subsequent re-write) just like with DRAM... that's all handled by the memory controller built in though
    17. FRAM rulez
    18. FRAM rulez
    19. TI partnered with Ramtron to produce the FRAM they use right now
    20. FRAM rulez some more
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    abecedarian reacted to gwdeveloper in Stellaris Launchpad OLED Booster Pack Driver   
    Driver and library for the OLED Booster Pack for use on the Stellaris Launchpad. It's a simple port from the USCI version I put together for the MSP430 Launchpad.
    This version does not include frame buffer support. Next version will have frame buffering for better control and animations. Button functions are not implemented but can be added to the buttons driver file. Maybe that will be in the next version too.

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    abecedarian reacted to gwdeveloper in Renesas Kits Free   
    If you've grabbed one or two of these Renesas kits, you'll want to get one of these... http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/technologies/development-tools/development-tool-hardware/Pages/3002283-RDK-ADDERBOARD.aspx?IM=0
    I've got a small amount of experience on this kit from the contest in 2010. It's a good piece of hardware. Definitely recommend using the GnuRX tools. FreeRTOS runs great on it and has a lot of support.
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    abecedarian reacted to cde in MSP430 EFI   
    He posted a while back:
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    abecedarian reacted to gwdeveloper in Stellaris Launchpad BoosterPack Wishlist   
    Ok, it's working with no issues. Let me clean it up and comment it properly. Sorry for the poor photo quality, it's late.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in Received 2 Stella's, NOW TO DESOLDER THE HEADERS!   
    Done replacing headers, very easy job.
    First, crush the plastic, then desolder each pin one by one.
    Stacking header pins are flat so they are coming out pretty easy and without any damage to pads.

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    abecedarian reacted to acabello in Received 2 Stella's, NOW TO DESOLDER THE HEADERS!   
    Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad Debug How To
    Use the following steps to use the ICDI to program and debug an off-board device.
    Remove the power jumper located just below the green power present indicator LED. This guarantees that the on board LM4F120H5QR is not corrupted by the debug signals. It also prevents the LM4F120H5QR from interfering with the debug signals.
    Connect the JTAG signals to your target processor.
    Connect a common ground reference between the two systems.
    Optionally connect the RXD and TXD pins to connect your target UART to the ICDI virtual serial port.

    Your ICDI is now ready to perform JTAG operations on the off board target processor.
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    abecedarian reacted to Fred in Renesas Kits Free   
    Whilst that looks like a nice board - especially for free - the last thing I need is another processor architecture to learn. I'll stick with MSP430, STM8 and ARM for now.
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Pong on the Stellaris DK-LM3S9B96   
    Johannes shows pong being played on the DK-LM3S9B96 kit. Code below video. His website.

    Code attached.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from bluehash in Renesas Kits Free   
    I didn't realize UPS also had the "by Noon" option on this shipment... and it arrived before noon.
    After extricating it from the shipping box-


    ... and on the desk:

    There is a mention in the User Guide that JP7 is connected by default. I don't know if you can see it in the photos, but JP7 is just above the unpopulated connector pads.... Anyhow, the Guide says it's connected by default, as in there should be a jumper there, but mine came without any jumpers installed, nor any in a separate baggie... not a single one. That "jumper", when installed routes sound to the on-board speaker, and when not to the 1/8" jack.
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    abecedarian reacted to GeekDoc in ELVIS Display Controller   
    Works just fine. The test points near the USB jack are perfect for supplying 5V. You just end up using only the voltage regulator on the programming side, but you're still powering the other circuitry on the programming side (drawing more current). This is not a problem for this project, as it's AC-powered and the extra draw is not significant compared to the power required to run the relays.
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    abecedarian reacted to Rickta59 in CCS V5.2 Linux and Stellaris Launchpad .. interesting find   
    I came across this post on the e2e.ti.com forums:
    It talks about another TI eval board that seems to have the same USB PID/VID as the Stellaris launchpad.
    (1cbe:00fd Luminary Micro Inc.)
    So hoping for the best, I created a file named:
    and stuffed this into it:

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <connection id="Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" class="31040"> <connectionType Type="LM_ICDI"/> <property Type="hiddenfield" Value="No" id="dataFileRequired"/> </connection>
    (/opt/ti) is my installation directory, you might have to change the location if you installed someplace else.
    I followed the hints in that e2e post and ended up with a working CCS V5.2 under ubuntu 11.04. I restarted CCS as root and saw that there was a new connection type "Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" in the General section of the project properties. I had to install and monkey around with the libraries mentioned in the post. Once it stopped complaining about missing libraries, I imported the workbook labs and was able to compile, download and debug on linux. Yay! I probably should add a udev entry so I can run as a regular user.
    I'm still very interested in a command line openocd interface to the stellaris launchpad. Until that appears, at least I don't have to run windows or a virtual machine to get a working linux development environment for my Stellaris Launchpad.

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    abecedarian reacted to igor in [CLOSED]Tell us your Stellaris Launchpad idea and win a free LM3S8962 OLED Kit   
    I got mine. Thanks.
    Will post progress.
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    abecedarian reacted to cubeberg in I've a motorcycle I want to build a "custom" dashboard for.   
    Yes - I'd suggest a crystal for more accurate timing. You may find this page helpful in soldering the crystal.
    You won't need to do anything to the board as far as capacitors are concerned. The included crystal is for 12.5pF capacitors - make sure you're using the right setting in code (XCAP_3) and you should be fine.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430F5510 USB Development Board   
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    abecedarian reacted to GeekDoc in I've a motorcycle I want to build a "custom" dashboard for.   
    Could the problem be the power from the hub? If your other gear wasn't powered via USB, the data would be fine. I've had lots of trouble with USB hubs (even the wall-powered ones) not supplying proper power.
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    abecedarian reacted to oPossum in I've a motorcycle I want to build a "custom" dashboard for.   
    The application UART on the MSP430 launchpad works at 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600.
    Be aware that switching bit rates doesn't always work on the first try. You may have to close/open to port a few times to get a new bit rate to stick.
    Testing done to determine this
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    abecedarian got a reaction from Iceman85 in Hello from VA!   
    ... a few people looked at your post but no one said "HI"?
    .... So, HI!
    you know, what with me being a noob too.
    For what it's worth, I'm in about the same boat as you, and have recieved a fair welcome.
    I'm sure you will to.
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    abecedarian reacted to hvontres in Quadcopter on the cheap!   
    I think trying to get 4 Motors to stay in sync and to have the right throttle response might be a bit tough.... On the other hand, using a nitro-methane engine and a brushless motor as a Generator to drive 4 brushless motors might just be possible..... Not that I have ever considered such a crazy idea.....
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    abecedarian got a reaction from hvontres in Quadcopter on the cheap!   
    You people are distracting me!
    I'm supposed to be learning these microcontrollers, and thinking about using the kit for my motorcycle... and here you are posting this?
    Now I'm wondering how nitro-methane powered engines (used on small-medium sized model planes and hi-perf helos) would do with servo controlled throttles, accelerometers, GPS and such?
    And why hasn't any done one of these ducted fan planes:

    ... or ...

    And for good measure: a turbine powered RC helo:
    Is it possible to make a CAN controlled, fuel burning, quad copter?
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