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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Dangerous Prototypes 7400 Winners - Kits Shipped.   
    Following up on last year, 43oh sponsored a few kits for the 2012 Dangerous Prototype's 7400 Open Logic Competition. I'd also like to thank people who donated some kits... including TI.
    Congratulations to all those who participated! The following entires got prizes from the 43oh, Stellarisiti and C2kCentral Community
    [All prizes have been shipped]
    EZ430-RF2500 and OLED Booster Pack (43oh forum)
    Name: Thomas Price
    Wiining entry: Animated LCD name tag (Third place)
    C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad- LAUNCHXL F28027 (C2kCentral forum)
    Name:Mike Lu
    Wiining entry: 4049 inductance meter (Second place)
    Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad (Stellarisiti forum)
    Name:Marco Cassinerio
    Wiining entry: 4-bit SAR analog to digital converter (Second place)
    EKT-LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation kit (Stellarisiti forum)
    Name:Thomas Price
    Wiining entry: Bug shaped robot(first place)
    EKT-LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation kit (Stellarisiti forum)
    Name:Udi Finkelstein
    Winning entry: A CPLD-based 8
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    abecedarian reacted to hova in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    Forgot to mention , I worked for walmart for a while. I made well over minimum wage , and had reasonable benefits. (single,not married or no childrens) . I also had enough to buy stock in the company , which when I left a couple years later had gone up quite a bit. I dont know how it is now , this was back in 99/00. I actually really liked working there. They had a lot of policy that I didnt agree with , but that was my personal battle with them.
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    abecedarian reacted to hova in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    This is all very interesting. I live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country , and I would be willing to wager , one of the highest number of citizens on assistance. I grew up in a moderate city , that was once booming. My father was a welder back in the "glory days" and banked a good bit of money. He was a country boy , youngest of 12 living in a one room house on the side of a hill (12 not including mother, father , grandparents , and local kids that had no one else). My mother has always had health issues , but worked 70hrs/wk when I was younger. I have been instilled with the attitude that second hand is just fine as long as I can fix it or make it work until I can afford better.
    What I see a lot of , is people using the system. Several grown men I work with , have kids only for the tax break , and assistance. They treat thier kids like dogs , and use the money they make on thier own selfish whims. I actually get flak for consulting my wife on any purchase over 10$. The area of town I grew up in was a minority sector , and I saw a metric crapton of people on welfare/foodstamps/SSI , etc. A good percentage of the assistance families drove brand new vehicles , wore the nicest clothes , and a lot of time , sold drugs on top of getting the government to pay for housing/food/cash assistance. I am not talking about race , as there were many white/hispanic/native american families doing the same ; so dont think I am lumping one group into this category. I have also seen a lot of SSI fraud. People getting disability for the reason "I dont work well with others ; social problems" , my back hurts , I cant work , and even things like "i cant read , so i cant work" .
    The only thing that steels my hope , is that my wife is a nurse. She is a great trachea/ventilation nurse , and has taken care of quadrapalegics , and everything up to underdeveloped infants. One gentleman she took care of , was a manager at a local KFC , and was robbed one night while leaving. He gave the crooks the money , and they shot him a few times , leaving him to die. They didnt know he was the father of two special needs children , and his wife had copd and esophogeal(sp) cancer. He was paralized from the neck down , and had to rely on others to do even the most basic of tasks for him , where he had only recently been the rock of the family. Instead of giving up and taking the easy road , he has tried repeatedly to get jobs at places like wal-mart being a greeter , or things that he could do like that. While he requires 24hr skilled nursing , he could not get hired anywhere because of discrimination. I understand he may not be the most productive worker , but if a man who cant even feed himself is trying to get a job ,then there is no reason that anyone should be unemployed.
    I dont want to rant , but I have seen my share of abuse of the system , and until we put a stop to it , its only going to continue to get worse. My theory is this: There are vacant/abandonded homes all across the country , and there are people who would do anything to have a home . There are also people who are on assistance that dont have any skills or any motivation. If you want assistance , you either help out at a shelter (or something along these lines) , or you help to rebuild the abandoned homes . If you help rebuild a home , you could have a chance to be given the home (again , just an idea) . This would instill pride in the recipients , which in turn would keep a lot of this from continuing.
    I dont have all the answers , but drug testing recipients is step 1 in my opinion. If you're on welfare/assistance , I sure as hell dont want to pay my taxes , that end up in your pocket , while you sit at home and drink/smoke/get high. Even if you're not using the gov't money for smokes or booze , any personal money shouldnt go to that either. This also touches on the helth subject of assistance recipients. I work 60+ hours a week , with no affordable healthcare , while people who do nothing get free medical care. That really bugs me.
    good discussion so far , I like the civilized tone we keep here.
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    abecedarian reacted to mbeals in Making SPI work   
    Well I fixed it. I believe the big issue was using signed ints where I should have been using unsigned ints, which was screwing up the bit shifts when I would shift over by a full byte.
    In case anyone wants to use this device in the future, here is a working set of functions for it. There is more functionality left in the chip, but this covers the main register access and sweep functions.

    /* CS -> P2.0 SCK -> P1.5 SDI -> P1.7 SDO -> P1.6 */ const unsigned int WIPER0 = 0x00; const unsigned int WIPER0_default = 0x02; const unsigned int WIPER1 = 0x01; const unsigned int WIPER1_default = 0x03; const unsigned int TCON = 0x04; const unsigned int STATUS = 0x05; const unsigned int DATA0 = 0x06; const unsigned int DATA1 = 0x07; const unsigned int DATA2 = 0x08; const unsigned int DATA3 = 0x09; const unsigned int DATA4 = 0x0A; const unsigned int DATA5 = 0x0B; const unsigned int DATA6 = 0x0C; const unsigned int DATA7 = 0x0D; const unsigned int DATA8 = 0x0E; const unsigned int DATA9 = 0x0F; //Command bits const byte READ = 0b11; const byte WRITE = 0b00; const byte UP = 0b01; const byte DOWN = 0b10; const byte chipSelectPin = 8; // the sensor communicates using SPI, so include the library: #include <SPI.h> #include <TimerSerial.h> TimerSerial TS; void setup() { //Setup the software UART TS.begin(9600); //Enable the CS pin as an output pinMode(chipSelectPin, OUTPUT); // start the SPI library: SPI.begin(); delay(100); } void loop() { } /*========= Write to device register and read result ======================*/ unsigned int pushCommand(unsigned int Register, unsigned int command, unsigned int value) { unsigned int COMMAND_MOSI; unsigned int COMMAND_MISO; unsigned int DATA_MOSI; unsigned int DATA_MISO; unsigned int packet; //Format full 2 bit packet into one int to handle overlap from 10 bit data packet = (Register << 12) | (command << 10) | value; //Chop packet into command and data bits COMMAND_MOSI = (packet & 0xFF00) >> 8; DATA_MOSI = (packet & 0xFF); //Enable chip select, write two bits, read two bits, then disable CS digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW); COMMAND_MISO = SPI.transfer(COMMAND_MOSI); //Send command byte DATA_MISO = SPI.transfer(DATA_MOSI); //Send the data byte digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); //reassemble and return the returned bytes return (COMMAND_MISO << 8) | DATA_MISO; } /*========= Read value in a register ==========================*/ unsigned int readRegister(unsigned int Register){ return pushCommand(Register,READ,0); } /*======== Write to a register ============================*/ unsigned int writeRegister(unsigned int Register, unsigned int value){ return pushCommand(Register,WRITE,value); } /*======== Step a register n steps up in order ====================*/ //The device supports sequential writing, so we can sweep the wiper up or down //at the clock frequency byte stepUP(unsigned int Register, unsigned int steps){ byte COMMAND_MOSI = (Register << 4) | (UP << 2); //Format command byte byte COMMAND_MISO = 1; //Preset "success" to 1 //Cycle CS, write and read to/from Bus digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW); for(int i=0; i<steps; i++){ COMMAND_MISO &= (SPI.transfer(COMMAND_MOSI) & 2) >> 1; //Issue the step command 'steps' times } digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); return COMMAND_MISO; } /*============ Step a register n steps down in order ====================*/ byte stepDOWN(unsigned int Register, int steps){ byte COMMAND_MOSI = (Register << 4) | (DOWN << 2); byte COMMAND_MISO = 1; digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW); for(int i=0; i<steps; i++){ COMMAND_MISO &= (SPI.transfer(COMMAND_MOSI) & 2) >> 1; } digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); return COMMAND_MISO; }
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    abecedarian got a reaction from igor in Need a challenge question that a visitor may know, to keep off spam   
    Since a "standard" 14mm bolt uses a 21mm wrench...
    ... and a "standard" 16mm bolt needs a 24mm wrench...
    (I say standard because manufacturers can specify a wrench / versus bolt size for custom things....)
    And they don't make 15mm bolts....
    ... a 15mm bolt would need a 22.5 mm wrench, which they don't make.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from Nytblade in Total "food stamp" recipients exceed population of 24 states combined   
    Please note- this is a "record", meaning never before in history have this many people been on food stamps. Mind you, this is the 4th year of the current administration and we're up for 4 more.
    Say what you will about the economy getting better and the housing market being up; historically relevant numbers of people on the welfare dole is not good no matter which way you slice it... and may even be a sign of impending doom.
    How can the economy and housing go up if ~1/6 of the population are receiving public assistance?
    Sorry- had to vent for a moment.
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    abecedarian reacted to Martytoof in More back-to-basics project. Breadboarding a bare Stellaris (or other) chip.   
    Haha, well I could have used a Stellaris M3 class chip which are in good availability, but to be 100% honest the lack of a Stellaris prototype board (still on order, exp. ship December) led me to pick up the NXP chips since I could buy an LPCXpresso 1768 board which will be delivered on Monday. As much as I crow about vendor independence, while I'm starting out I'd prefer to keep both my prototype board AND my project board on the same chip.
    So in this case, yeah I think TI sort of lost my "business" by delaying the Stellaris LP so long. But it's not a big deal. I'll go back to investigating Stellaris chips once I have a prototype board in my hands.
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Sticky for "latest" Energia release?   
    Good idea. Rei Vilo or Energia will have to make a post and I'll have it stickied.
    I have to fix Rick up as the mod though, so he can do it.
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    abecedarian reacted to cubeberg in MSP430 Sewable - any interest?   
    Ok - here's the main board. It's not routed yet, but the parts are all there. All LEDs have solder jumpers (even the power LED) that are off by default in case you're looking for really low-power, or need to use the pins for something else. I'm going to try to squeeze in some LED boards on the corners and make sure to beef up the traces for the power connections.
    I included a JST connector, but it's going to take a separate board to support a LiPo. It would need to be a buck-boost - there's a LilyPad board that would probably work. The power switch would allow a threaded connection to the + and - from a sewn-in supply like a coin cell or LiPo board, or a a direct JST connection.
    I've attached the Eagle schematic and board for anyone who's interested.

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    abecedarian reacted to simpleavr in Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)   
    i am attaching this lmc.c file mainly for the benefit of oPossum and whoever is interested in studying this ui boost layout.
    so consider it kind of a preview. before i finish the rest of the project and do proper write-up.
    this one file features
    . lmc machine, w/ 2 examples.
    . led multiplexing
    . button handling.
    i had cleanup the code. tested built under cygwin mspgcc and is less than 4k deployed.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from Rickta59 in ATX2CHARGER - switch your ATX into a car battery charger with MSP430 [UPDATED]   
    Some information about charging lead-acid batteries, particularly deep cycle: http://www.pacificpowerbatteries.com/aboutbatts/Deep%20Cycle%20Battery%20FAQ/dcfaq6.html (sorry for the link- don't want to leech)
    You're definitely going to want current limiting - a self-resetting thermal breaker could suffice; and reverse voltage protection- I've seen trained mechanics hook up chargers and other things backwards.
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    abecedarian reacted to jsolarski in Post a pic of your home work bench, get a ..   
    I have a blade CP ,
    I love it and it flew very well until the battery pack Died on me....(working on building another battery)
    Its also fun to hack, I used it as a base for another contest....got it to a nice hover and then land (30 sec flight time) with only a gyro and accelerometer (analog)...I finaly gave up full flight due to weight restrictions.....multi proto boards are not good for weight managment.
    In my experience with the blade CP, It does take some time to adjust and get it working correctly. It took me about a year to get a good hover and fly around comfortably.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from jsolarski in Acrylic dragon   
    I have some other dragons sitting on shelves, waiting for me to convince the wife I need to play.
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    abecedarian reacted to Philipp in LED Animations / Effects   
    You might want to try this one:

    EDIT: forgot to mention that he made the arduino source available at http://pastebin.com/Z3S2bNjt
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    abecedarian reacted to hova in Paradiso UI Boost (and win one)   
    This is awesome. I was just looking at the LMC wiki the other night , and wondered what exactly it would be implemented with... You think you could pm or post the source?
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in I'm having a really bad Friday, but..   
    Thanks all.
    Not sure what simpleAVR was trying to say.. but I'll give this one to Abe.
    Abe.. PM me your address.
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    abecedarian reacted to Philipp in How many 'lego-natives' on this forum?   
    I have an idea for an booster which can connect to two lego motors and two or maybe more lego sensors. Details on this are still in the very early design stage.
    I'm not talking about the newer lego Mindstorms NXT motors with integrated encoders and i2c, i'm talking about the 'old' stuff from the first lego mindstorms or lego train generation:

    Before beginning to work on this I just want to ask you guys, if you or your kids still do have some of this older Lego Technics stuff and if you're somehow interested in making these lovely motors work with Stellaris and msp430 launchpads.
    Possible applications are basically endless, everyone who had the joy to play with Lego Technic some time ago knows what i'm talking about.
    So, what do you think? ;-)
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    abecedarian reacted to GeekDoc in LED Animations / Effects   
    Gotcha beat by 8 years, AND grew up with a "television industry" family. I know how you feel. ;-)
    Loving all the patterns! Thanks for the code! I'm going to have to try these out when I get my RGB strip!
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in LED Animations / Effects   
    Shrinking & growing light chaser example.
    30 LED strip hooked up to nanoPad controller

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    abecedarian reacted to oPossum in LED Animations / Effects   
    By your command.

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    abecedarian reacted to mtlevine0 in RGB LED PC Case Fan   
    I have several of these case fans installed on my PC. Each fan uses four standard 5mm LEDs like the one pictured here.
    I'd like to replace each LED with an RGB LED controlled by a ws2801 ic. I plan to design a small PCB which would include the ws2801 controller along with a 5mm RGB LED. I would probably just control the whole thing with a Launchpad and use the USB to UART connect for communication with a visual basic or python app on the PC side.
    The board I'm planning would almost identical the Sparkfun ws2801 breakout, the only differences being the dimensions and LED type. This will be the first PCB I've ever designed so I'm hoping the 43oh community will be able to help me with some advice and hopefully double checking my work.
    The PC side app would allow for the user to select any color or animation. Another mode I'd like to implement would be a visual temperature monitor that would fade the LEDs from blue to red based on ambient or CPU temp.

    Phase One:
    Design PCB: Would you guys recommend I use Eagle PCB for this? Any tutorials you would recommend? I'll be doing this over the next few weeks or so depending on my class work load.
    Order PCB: I'm going to need 8 to 12 identical boards (depending on price breaks) for two to three fans. Whats the recommended budget PCB house around here, Itead/Dorkbot?

    Phase Two:
    Write embedded application: I'm thinking a MSP430g2553 should be fine, It's overkill really.
    Write PC side application: A GUI that runs in the background and hangs out on the task bar would be awesome for this. This will be another learning curve for me.

    That's all for now, let me know what you guys think.
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    abecedarian reacted to energia in Digital or analog Write multiple pins in one command ?   
    You could if you would use pin 9 instead of 6. We will have to get into the nitty gritty details of port registers though. The idea is that the pins you want to control at the same time are on the same port. In this case P2. Assuming that you do a pinMode(xxx, OUTPUT) on all your pins in setup then you can do the following to set all pins at once.
    First let's figure out which port bits are associated with the pins. If you use pin 8, 9, 10 and 12 then:

    8 = P2.0 = bit 0 = 1 < 0 9 = P2.1 = bit 1 = 1 < 1 10 = P2.2 = bit 2 = 1 < 2 12 = P2.4 = bit 4 = 1 < 4
    To set all bits at once you would do:

    P2OUT |= (1 < 0) | (1 < 1) | (1 < 2) | (1 < 4);
    to clear all bits at once you would do:

    P2OUT &= ~((1 < 0) | (1 < 1) | (1 < 2) | (1 < 4));
    In your loop() it would look something like this.

    loop() { /* Turn all LED's on */ P2OUT |= (1 < 0) | (1 < 1) | (1 < 2) | (1 < 4); delay(500); /* Turn all LED's off */ P2OUT &= ~((1 < 0) | (1 < 1) | (1 < 2) | (1 < 4)); delay(500); }
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Restoring a BK Precision 1740 60V 4A DC Bench Supply   
    I found a BK precision power supply in a trash can and am hoping to get it up and running, probably a new front face plate. It says broken on it, but seems to be working. It dos hum a bit loud for my taste... but 60V 4A!
    Model No: BK Precision 1740
    Specs: 0-60V 4A, CC capability.
    Some pics of the outside and inside.

    Big Sinks:


    Big ass cap, 100 V

    Waiting for it to discharge:

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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Charcoal Grill / Smoker Monitor   
    Jeez, awesome! Add it to the POTM.
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    abecedarian reacted to jsolarski in Acrylic dragon   
    I just watched the video, looks very nice.
    I love the how fast it cycles, and how the dragon lights up. Cant wait to see your finished piece.
    Very Cool and Great work!!
    As for the code, that was one of my first msp430 projects I took on, and I used an antiquated version of mspgcc that was not compatible with CCS or IAR or even the newer mspgcc. But it does show a simple way to create SW PWM.
    I am very happy that it is being reused
    Keep up the good work.
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