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    abecedarian reacted to tfcroft4 in How accurate is Millis()?   
    This has been discussed before for example: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/6213-ds3231-rtc-library-for-5529/?p=68658
    Not sure if the RTC counter can be accessed sub second.
    In my case I am planning to use the DS3232 SQW interupt as it has 2 to 3 ppm accuracy and I have used this before on other MCUs. The RTC crystal is self compensating so nothing to worry about there.
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    abecedarian reacted to chicken in Have feedback for TI? Please share here.   
    @@abecedarian No worries, the MSP430 USB peripherals and libraries handle that nicely. You can query the USB status (connected, suspended, enumerating etc.).
    The main request is, that TI offers more MSP430/432's with USB peripheral. I think right now USB is only available in the MSP430F55xx family. It seems that with all the IOT hype, some manufacturers assume that USB is becoming obsolete.
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    abecedarian reacted to tripwire in Bitshift problem   
    This is down to the subtleties of integral promotions in C. The standard says this for the bitwise shift operators:
    "The integral promotions are performed on each of the operands.  The type of the result is that of the promoted left operand.  If the value of the right operand is negative or is greater than or equal to the width in bits of the promoted left operand, the behavior is undefined."
    Integral promotion can "widen" a type as far as unsigned int, which is 16 bits on MSP430. The RHS of the shift is 16, so that means undefined behaviour; in this case that seems to mean (100 << 16) == 100.
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Have feedback for TI? Please share here.   
    Hello All,
    Here is some feedback. Apologies on the late reply.
    There was approximately an hour to field our questions/requests.
    On a few questions that were not asked, I have an open channel with them.

    - This was my primary focus. I am aware most of you don't care much about it, but there are alot of users coming in from the Arduino world to the TI family.
    A couple of others in the room and myself were concerned about the future of Energia and its support. We were assured that more was being done and we'll know
    more in some time.

    Higher RAM chips on the value line
    - Let them know that higher RAM on the chips shipped with the Launchpad is invaluable. It keeps us from implementing the cooler stuff.

    USB on MSP on the lower end devices
    - Let them know about it. They are aware about the lack of this feature. From my view, low power and USB do not go hand in hand... it may be a challenge.
    EDIT: Just wanted to confirm... that it is my view that USB and low power may be a challenge... not TI's.. They may already have something in the works. I don't know.

    MSP432 DMA
    - Feedback given. They will take this back to the chip architechts.

    - This is becoming mainstream in a lot of their devices and is quite popular. I left this discussion off.

    TI EStore International Shipping
    I was not able to get to the person incharge of the Store. But they do know of the issue. I'll push this again.

    Energy Trace requests
    - The team would like a list. I'd suggest someone start with a list in the forum and build up on it.

    CCS bugs
    - A list would be good. I'll have someone from TI look at it and post it in their CCS forums.

    MSP software
    - More improvements

    - Something new/revamped.
    Other comments. They were interested in how we used the TI site, the forums and social media. They were looking for feedback on their datasheets, block diagrams,examples and newsletters. There was also a chat with the calculator group and the TI-Innovator system.

    If you have an issue with TI's tools, the best place to put them is in their E2E forums. If it is a long list/request list post it here.
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    abecedarian reacted to Fmilburn in Have feedback for TI? Please share here.   
    Hi @@bluehash,
    Was there any feedback from TI on the suggestions and comments here that you can share?
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    abecedarian reacted to chicken in How is Energia MT organized?   
    Mhhh, there are some interesting things starting to show in the Energia GitHub repositories:
    Including the Wiring source code for MSP432:
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    abecedarian reacted to cubeberg in TI ccs cloud energia compatability   
    You'd need to import an Energia sketch to get the Serial.print functionality (raw CCS is going to be more complicated than Energia for serial printing because it's lower level).  There is a Serial Terminal in CCS cloud though - I don't think the same keyboard shortcut works though.
    Look at step 6 here - https://www.hackster.io/9183/msp432-iot-workshop-with-ccs-cloud-f88262 
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    abecedarian reacted to Fred in 4 x 6 cm Projects   
    I'd say the main (perhaps only) reason for making your own PCBs is if you enjoy it. Whilst in theory I could make a board in a couple of hours, it would take me 2 weeks to find those spare hours!
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    abecedarian reacted to trevsfire in error on inclusion of SPI library, help needed   
    there's so cool stuff in here, might come in handy.
    thanks again for all the help.
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    abecedarian reacted to greeeg in Programming a game based on coordinates   
    Sounds like they have 2 "units".
    And they communicate their position via a separate parallel buses. 3 bits in, 3 bits out. The position is stored like you suggest in one of 16 places that is transmitted via this bus to the other unit.
    @@tony777 I see you need to use assembly language. It's really not that different from C in most regards. Start by working on individual functions, lcd_init, lcd_write, user_pushbutton_wait.
    Write each function separately with a way to test each one. Example of the push button, when the button is pushed toggle pin with a LED connected, etc.
    You'll have to work out what functions you'll need for the game. What each function needs to accomplish, and how the functions will be connected together.
    This is how I'd approach the problem.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from greeeg in Programming a game based on coordinates   
    One display, two buttons... hmmm.... How does one player do something without the other seeing it?
    Coordinates could be easy enough. Rather than thinking about a 4x4 grid, think 16 places.
    So, one button could select which one of those 16 spaces is where their "ship" resides, and the other button would be "enter". Obviously, limit movement of the ship to only one space away from where it was previously. Then the user would select which of the other spaces they think the opponent is in and again, press "enter".
    I might carry it a bit further, in as much as if one moves their ship into a space the other user targeted during the last turn, game over.
    So more like mines than missiles.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from Fmilburn in would Window 10 installation affect my sketch work developed using Energia 11?   
    I would say "no", it shouldn't affect anything.
    Energia on Windows is basically, just that.
    Where you may have problems is with drivers for the LP, but I've yet to see anything I haven't been able to easily rectify... save for if I'm moving from 32bit Windows to 64bit.
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    abecedarian reacted to Fmilburn in would Window 10 installation affect my sketch work developed using Energia 11?   
    Hi @@retiredee72
    There are too many variables to answer that with assurance. If you do a search on 43oh you will find a few posts from people who had problems with the transition to Windows 10 (and frquently the solution). Personally I found Energia to work better with Windows 10 and have had no problem with CCS.
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    abecedarian reacted to yyrkoon in What is "our" time worth ?   
    D'oh ! heh wtf the older I get the more senile i seem to become  . . .thats funny though.
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    abecedarian reacted to Rickta59 in What is "our" time worth ?   
    I mean the use of deployed vs employed
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in TI Store Happy Geek Pride Day! Celebrate with discounted shipping.   
    Almost way too overpowered, and the dev environment is a bit unconventionally restrictive - you have to use HALCoGen to generate projects and CCS for the coding/building/debugging.  Not too bad for folks already comfy with the CCS toolchain et al, but it's still quite esoteric.  Probably 99% of hobbyist projects have no need for the power too... although there's a "Jan Cumps" on twitter from Belgium who's adopted the Hercules as his pet MCU of choice for giggles.
    This is all mostly due to its "safety critical" nature, which shapes everything about how TI supports it.  TI's own TI-RTOS (aka SYS/BIOS aka DSP/BIOS) doesn't even support it, they include project generation for FreeRTOS for those who want an RTOS on the chip.  FreeRTOS does have safety critical "support" via their SafeRTOS variant.
    OTOH the fact they have an all-in-one project generation tool that supports all the peripherals including the fascinating custom-VLIW instruction set "HET" timer is a bit envy-worthy; most TI MCUs just don't have such an "all in one" configurator.
    Anyway I recommend you roll with it regardless!  There's probably a lot of cool stuff you can do with those with the right motivation.
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    abecedarian reacted to grodius in TI Store Happy Geek Pride Day! Celebrate with discounted shipping.   
    I bought two of the Hercules RM57L launchpads. I wonder why these aren't popular? At 330 mhz they could almost emulate an MSP430 and they look pretty classy.
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    abecedarian reacted to Fmilburn in Resetting a MSP430 from within Energia   
    Thanks for the feedback.
    No, I have never had reason to consider doing this before and it is the result of a specific issue.   The example may be misleading.   A reset would be initiated in the project only if an error situation is detected.  Although now that I think about it, giving it a kick in the seat of the pants every once in a while just to let it know who is boss might be good
    Agreed.  The problem is of an intermittent and infrequent nature and I haven't been able to trap it and determine the cause.  In fact, and I should have mentioned this in the first post, it has not reoccurred since this idea occurred to me.
    I thought it an interesting approach though and did a quick search of 43oh and didn't see it anywhere else, although I could have overlooked it, and thought it worth posting.
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in G2553 and i2c slave   
    This is all totally off topic from the OP but who cares...
    A common idiom I find myself doing to test serial access or whatever is:
    void loop() { static unsigned long i = 0; Serial.print("Number: "); Serial.println(i++); delay(250); }
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    abecedarian got a reaction from spirilis in G2553 and i2c slave   
    Not what I would've expected but I see now it works.

    void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: pinMode(RED_LED, OUTPUT); } void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: static int u = 1; digitalWrite(RED_LED, u); delay(500); u = !u; }Does, in fact, blink the LED.
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in G2553 and i2c slave   
    No.  Because the "static" keyword is there, this only happens once, at the very beginning of program start.  This is what makes the "static" keyword special in the context of a function (in addition to the fact that it informs the compiler to allocate the variable outside the function's ephemeral stack space).
    Note that in the global context, i.e. outside of a function, "static" means something totally different.  Yay C!
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in G2553 and i2c slave   
    That will work, actually.  The "static" keyword when used inside a function tells the compiler to persist its value across subsequent executions of the function.  The variable then actually gets allocated within the bss/global space, rather than the function's stack (where it would get re-initialized every execution of loop()).  In this usage, the assignment is done only the first time the function runs (and/or might actually be done during the C init runtime phase, before main() runs, i.e. before the function ever does run).
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    abecedarian reacted to zeke in The Marquee Clock   
    Hi Everybody!
    Woo hoo! I am excited tonight. 
    I got my pcb's back from the fab house last week.

    Tonight, I took the opportunity to assemble one of the clock ring boards.

    Here are two videos of the earlier pattern tests running on the new ring board.
    Marquee Clock PCB Test #1 Marquee Clock PCB Test #2 Pretty cool, eh?
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    abecedarian reacted to yosh in Can't Connect to Fingerprint Scanner- MSP430G2553 w/ LP project   
    Maybe just post the sketch that _you_ are actually using on the G2553 ... so we can see which pins you use etc.
    Why do you power the finger print scanner with 5v ? I would worry a little bit about this (regarding the logic levels) ...
    Maybe add a photo or a wiring scheme ... do G2553 and scanner have the same GND?
    So ... a lot of questions
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