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    abecedarian reacted to xxx1 in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    Have a happy and beautiful Thanksgiving to everyone 
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    Happy thanksgiving! As usual my MSP430 grill monitor is hard at work reporting a pair of thermocouple temps as I watch the turkey's breast slowly rise to its target. Grill dome steady around 250F (121C) with a charge of charcoal + pecan wood chunks.
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    abecedarian reacted to roadrunner84 in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    In the Netherlands we do not celebrate thanksgiving, but in 8 days we'll celebrate Sinterklaas (which roughly translates to Saint Nicolas).
    Sinterklaas is not the same character as Santaclaus, but the similarities are so apparent that there must have been some mingling between cultures.
    We eat tiny gigercookies called pepernoten (translates to pepper nuts, although they are neither peppered, nor nuts).
    Kids are given presents in their shoes (not socks), by Sinterklaas' helpers called Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes) who enter the house through the chimney.
    Sinterklaas on his white steed Amerigo, accompanied by two Zwarte Pieten. He ships his presents by steamboat from Spain by the way.

    A Zwarte Piet holding a handful of Pepernoten.

    And for those of you who wonder; yes, there are parties who complain that Zwarte Piet is a racist symbol. It is suggested that there should be other Pieten as well, experiments have been done with Rainbow Pieten and Gingerbread Pieten. In my opinion these sensitive people should be sensitive enough not to ruin the story for small children.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from spirilis in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    ... to those of you who celebrate it this time of year
    And I mean nothing to detract from your celebrations if you give thanks some other time of the year.
    I offer my best hopes and wishes to everyone who has something to be thankful for.  
    My turkey:

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    abecedarian got a reaction from tripwire in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    ... to those of you who celebrate it this time of year
    And I mean nothing to detract from your celebrations if you give thanks some other time of the year.
    I offer my best hopes and wishes to everyone who has something to be thankful for.  
    My turkey:

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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    Looks great!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from pine in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    ... to those of you who celebrate it this time of year
    And I mean nothing to detract from your celebrations if you give thanks some other time of the year.
    I offer my best hopes and wishes to everyone who has something to be thankful for.  
    My turkey:

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    abecedarian reacted to enl in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    Just finished watching WKRP turkey drop episode.
    Happy Thanksgiving
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    abecedarian reacted to zeke in One Wire Controller booster   
    Hi Guys,
    Today, I put some serious effort into my One Wire Master board. Here's a screen grab of the results.
    I've designed the board so that it can operate by itself (it has an FR5969 on it) or it can operate as a booster board. 
    When operating as a booster board, it will appear as an I2C Slave to whatever LaunchPad you plug into it.
    When operating as a LaunchPad, it will just do its thing (whatever I program it to do).
    I have also started working on a development support board that will give this board a USB UART, 3V and 5V power, a Reset button and a LiPo battery backup (kind of like a UPS).
    That layout isn't done yet but this is what it looks like at the moment.

    It will stack underneath the OWM Booster board.
    I intend on plugging this device into a server running node.js, collecting the sensor data on a schedule, storing it into a database then displaying that data to a User in a pleasant manner.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    It was suppose to be 12/24hr switch (S1 change hours, S2 change minutes,) but then I decided to use S1 for function and S2 for value, so that header is unused at this time. 
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    abecedarian reacted to username in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    3 hr to build and looks great! Note, you can download instructions on RobG's Tindie page and they are quite nice!

    Thanks RobG
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    abecedarian reacted to rockets4kids in Anyone played with the Cypress PSoC's yet?   
    That was one of my intended purposes for them as well.  I would have been all over the PSOC4 if I could take that UDB configuration and do the rest of my software development under OS/X.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in Anyone played with the Cypress PSoC's yet?   
    I haven't yet but I have plans. PSoC's UDB is perfect for WS281x/APA10x controllers.
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    abecedarian reacted to rockets4kids in Anyone played with the Cypress PSoC's yet?   
    I played with them a little bit this past spring when they introduced the $4 PSOC4 developer board.  They are a nice bit of kit but the Windows-only development system is a deal-breaker for me.  Even if you are a Windows user, you are essentially forced to use their editor as external editor support sucks.
    I wouldn't mind doing my hardware configuration under windows if I could do software development elsewhere.  The hardware configuration tools generate C code so there is no reason for this not to be possible.  I actually had a hour-long conference call with some of the lead developers on this, and they agreed that this should not be a big deal since they use GCC under the hood.  The only catch is that Cypress does some magic hand-waving in the link stage, and this would need ported  away from Windows.  They did express some interest in implementing this, but it never went anywhere.  My interest in the PSOC never went anywhere as a result.
    But if you prefer Windows and don't mind using their IDE you might like them.  They are certainly worth checking out.  You can't beat the $4 development board, and even if you never use the PSOC it is still worth $4 just for the USB-Serial dongle.
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    abecedarian reacted to igor in How to implement Timer interruption in Energia?   
    Look in wiring.c (in energia - hardware\msp430\cores\msp430 ) to be sure you don't reprogram one of the timers that 
    Energia uses internally.  (Might also want to check Tone.cpp TimerSerial.cpp and Servo library - to be sure you don't use
    a timer that already used).
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    abecedarian reacted to Rei Vilo in Energia to BeagleBone's PRUs?   
    That's exactly the idea: combining main core for front-end and PRUs for real-time GPIOs and peripherals.
    I've found this at https://github.com/lucas-ti/PRdUino  
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    abecedarian reacted to Fred in New Launchpad just dropped   
    and now there's a 10% off deal.
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    abecedarian reacted to roadrunner84 in MSP430FR vs M0+ which is better for battery-less operation   
    I tend to agree with what is posted before; you do need to care about low power modes, since that's the whole point of using an msp430!
    A tiny teeny example: you need an ADC to measure...
    Then start the ADC S&H circuit, go to low power, get an interrupt from the ADC that it's done, wake up and copy the value.
    As you can see, even for such a simple task as reading the ADC (which may take only a few milliseconds, maybe even microseconds) it's worthwhile to consider implementing low power. If you choose not to, than you're burning precious energy.
    Same for RF transmission, let's assume your RF module accepts serial data (UART or SPI) and you need to send 4 bytes of data.
    You load the first byte in the USCI (or other serial peripheral), go to sleep, get an interrupt when the TX register is available again.
    Then you wake up and load the second byte.Same for third. Same for fourth.
    Then you get an interrupt, wake up, since you have nothing else to, you return to low power again, but now without any clocks, you don't need them anymore, but the RF module is not yet done with the last byte. This way you can drop your msp430 power consumption to a few hands full of nanoamps.
    If you ignore these scenarios and let your MCU just spin until it's allowed to do something (read a sampled ADC value, send a next byte, etc) then you're not giving the msp430 the fair chance it deserves.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    FYI, you can now backorder.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    This is how the display case option will look like.
    Standoffs will be white nylon, not brass. Screws will be silver.
    Faceplate can be used in 2 different ways, horizontal and vertical.

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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    Little demo

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    abecedarian reacted to USWaterRockets in MSP430G2 (G2553) Noisy UART RX through SoftwareSerial   
    Depending on what you interface to, if you add a little time between characters sent to a Software Serial emulator, you can get more reliable communications at higher baud rates. Long bursts of continuous data can cause differences in the clock rates of the two devices (especially using RC oscillators) to get the software UART out of sync with the data. At low baud rates, the problem is not very significant, but at higher rates it comes into play. Simply using 2 stop bits in the communications setup instead of 1 stop bit can make a lot of difference.
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    abecedarian reacted to jpnorair in imp.guru Droplet and 915MHz Long Range Radio to WiFi   
    This is wrong.  I won't get started about HAM and ARRL, and how they destroy innovation in the modern era.  But at least you can figure out my opinion.
    Lower wavelengths represent smaller particles via the wave-particle duality, more smaller particles can be produced with a given energy level, and therefore lower wavelengths propagate better through any medium.
    What I assume this question and answer refer-to is practice rather than theory.  In a concrete bunker, VHF will propagate through the bunker much better than UHF.  In a building with windows and doorways, there are situations where the diffractive losses of a longer wave signal will result in greater attenuation than the bouncing of shorter wave signals.  This can be very experimental and it depends a lot on physical geometry, construction materials, etc.
    UHF is basically 300-1000 MHz.  Planet Earth and humans are scaled geometrically such than UHF often propagates well in "real-world" environments.  But does it really propagate better than a 30 MHz signal?  That's a stretch.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in halloween 2014   
    My 2014 Halloween project, Enderman. 
    It's still not finished, at least not the way I wanted. My wife told me this morning that we are going to Halloween parade, so I had to scramble and finish it by 6pm today. Meaning lots of duct tape. When finished properly, the entire head will be covered.
    Each eye has 12 WS2812 LEDs, MSP430G2553 control, powered from 4 x AA.
    At full brightness, eyes were perfect in the evening, but once it got dark, they were little too bright (on the bright side, they could see what candy is in the basket )
    I think I will have to add light sensor or at least brightness switch/pot.
    Light boxes should also be taller. I added extra 0.25" on top and bottom so that LEDs are not visible, but they still are, especially when head is tilted.

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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in Wishlist Items   
    #1 and #2 would be pretty sweet.  Screw QFN though, 48-LQFP please
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