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    abecedarian got a reaction from L.R.A in Can somobody give an ideea how to rezolve this error ? I'm trying to use the pushbuttons to blink a led . Thx   
    So, why using StellarisWare instead of TivaWare?
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    abecedarian reacted to rebeltaz in just wanted to show off my latest clock :)   
    Ok... so compared to some of the projects I see on here, I feel like amateur hour at the Apollo, but.... Here goes:
    I love building clocks, but I have no use for time itself. So a long time ago, I thought of doing this project. It wasn't until I fell in love with the MSP430 that I dusted it off and got to it. I call this piece "Beyond Time & Space."  It is 12"x24" and every bit is custom built and hand painted.
    I would love to be able to post this to Etsy or something and sell a few, but with what I have in this, both in materials and time, I'd have to charge close to $600 for it and I doubt anyone would be willing to pay that
    I need to get better pictures of the actual finished product, but I enjoy it and I hope you guys do, too!

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    abecedarian reacted to greeeg in 43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2014   
    I got mine the other week, but still haven't had a chance to set aside some time.

    I hope having an amazon prime account made the shipping cheaper (or free), because this box is large.
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in 43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2014   
    That is crazy long. Wonder if they still got 'em from the same place. 
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    abecedarian got a reaction from bluehash in 43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2014   
    Thanks to @@adrianF

    On the right RM46 LaunchPad
    On the left TMS670LS12x LaunchPad
    Now, the really big question is where to get those stackable headers? Those pins are almost twice as long as anything TI has supplied previously. Almost makes me want to go out and buy some wire and a wire-wrap tool, they're that long.
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in 43oh Server Slow Responsiveness.   
    Fwiw I started using Atlantic.net's $0.99/mo tiny VPS option, they seem like a sharp shop, with SSD-backed cloud instances ... prices go up from there: https://www.atlantic.net/vps/vps-hosting/
    Not sure what size VPS this site requires but just wanted to toss their name in.
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    abecedarian reacted to milankarak in Powering Tiva-C launchpad via USB Charger   
    @@abecedarian thanks a lot for the offer. Unfortunately I am in Europe.. Anyway, I already have a new LaunchPad to play with :-)
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    abecedarian reacted to enl in Other holiday cheer.   
    very nice. Temp depends on the solder being used (lead/tin, lead free silver bearing, antimony or cadmium silver bearing, etc) and the type of joint (large pad, surf mount small pads, wires, etc).  I don't havea temp gauge. Just adjust it til it is right for the job: heat the joint in a few seconds to flow temp. Hotter is generally better if there is a question, as, if the solder or paste is there, as it melts, it will control joint temp. Once melted and flowed, iron is away. Too low a temp leads to overheating components before the solder flows.
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    abecedarian reacted to cubeberg in Other holiday cheer.   
    @@abecedarian - I like to keep mine right around 600 for most work.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from spirilis in Other holiday cheer.   
    My brother bought me...
    Yeah, it's Radio Shack stuff, but if it works, why complain?
    Oh, and if anyone has suggestions regarding what to set the temp to, I'd appreciate it.
    And also, I now have an RPI B+ and Edison/Arduino. Wife won't like it when I tell her I need a new monitor for the RPI.
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    Lower TA0CCR0 value (32767 default,) 32761 or 32762 should work for you.
    You could also change XCAP, but adjusting CCR0 should work for you (since the clock is slow.)
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    abecedarian reacted to RobG in MSP430 Nixie Clock   
    For those who want to customize.
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in Infrared (IR) BoosterPack Plug-in Module   
    Product link.
    Retails for $19.99, standalone.
    The BoosterPack with the MSP430FR4133 Launchpad retails for $27.99
    The BOOST-IR BoosterPack
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    abecedarian reacted to enl in Optimization Problem   
    Without volatile: The compiler recognises that the loop has no net effect and that the end result will be that b==0. Therefore, the loop is replaced with an assignment.
    With volatile: the compiler presumes that, even if it can't see it, something, somewhere, may be looking at the value of b other than the code in the loop. Therefore, it a.) compiles the code exactly as written, with b.) no optimizations, and c.) not using a register for the variable (it will always be in RAM, with the associated time penalty for access)
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    abecedarian got a reaction from tripwire in Insufficient ram on msp430g2553   
    @@psiddaveer Hard to say without seeing the code. If you have variables that don't change, maybe declare them as "CONST" so they get placed in flash. Try to avoid any floating point math.
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    abecedarian reacted to aseely in TI has two new Hercules LaunchPads   
    Full disclosure - I work on Hercules at TI and worked on the new launchpads - thrilled to see the first post not from a TI press release.
    On VIM - you can actually map the interrupt requests to channels arbitrarily through the CHANMAP fields.  This is even avaiable through HalCoGen.
    Doesn't give you automatic priority based masking of lower priority interrupts for nesting purposes, but it does let you group as you like and by doing this it should be easier to implement the nesting code as the bit masks can be straight-forward.     VIM is used instead of GIC because we try hard to keep compatibility all the way back to the TMS470 family which was introduced in the late 1990s although it was really not a catalog product.   
    Would love to hear about why Energia would be good for these launchpads....  The libraries available for it are starting to make me think it could be interesting as they provide a lot more than GIO and ADC capability. 
    The new launchpads introduce the XDS110 emulator.   There is actually a GDB Server available http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/XDS_GDB_Agent .
    And HalCoGen supports several toolchains, including GCC.    Not that I've had time to play with these myself but hope to get some time over the holiday.
    Anyway - Thanks for noticing the new launchpads! 
    Best Regards,
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    abecedarian reacted to greeeg in What am I going to do with ...   
    @@username 229 puffs of magic smoke?
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    abecedarian got a reaction from FeelGood in I need help MSP430g2553 Web Server with ENC28j60 at IAR Embedded Workbench   
    TI supports IAR with the G2553, and they have quite a few examples for code. What will be important is if the ENC28J60 has support in the IAR compiler. If it doesn't, you'll have to work out how to port code from whatever compiler does support it to IAR.
    You might consider using Energia to develop, then import the sketch into CCS6, and then modify that as needed for IAR.
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in 43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2014   
    Secret Santa drawings for 2014 is complete. Make sure you remember to send your gifts!
    Once you receive your gift , please post it here. 
    43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2012
    43oh-TI Secret Santa - 2013
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in TI has two new Hercules LaunchPads   
    Looks like they're using dual 40-pin BoosterPack pinouts, and substantially improved CPU specs - 180MHz for TMS570, 220MHz for RM46.  This is now the fastest LaunchPad out there, eclipsing the TM4C129 by far (Cortex-R4 is more efficient than Cortex-M4 anyhow) and it's R4F, not R4 like the older Hercules LP's.
    But still locked into the Hercules dev tools (HALCoGen + CCS) of course, so it's only worth it if you need that kind of horsepower for something specific where you're willing to use that HALCoGen+CCS toolchain.  i.e. Energia won't ever run on these :-P
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    abecedarian reacted to bluehash in HO! HO! HO! Get Your Stockings Ready - 2014 43oh Secret Santa   
    Pairings went out today!
    Good luck. Please ship by Dec 15th and thanks for participating.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from dongseop in [hc-sr04]3.3V may not triggger the 5.5V device well?   
    LM3S8962 is 5v0 tolerant on GPIO only if the processor pin is configured as an input, so the "ECHO" pulse is okay. A small current-limit resistor may be a good idea though.
    HC-SR04 logic levels are TTL, so any signal between GND and 0.8v is considered logic "LOW"; any signal above 2.2v to VCC is considered logic "HIGH". Therefore, driving the "TRIG" signal with 3v3 falls within the level requirements for the device.
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    abecedarian reacted to TI_Trey in Discrete Solid State Relay BP   
    Hi 43oh!
    It seemed like there was some interest in my solid state relay board, so I figured I'd post up the design files.  Because of liability reasons (being high voltage and what not) I can't produce this, but your welcome to get some boards made and solder them yourself.  Be warned, soldering the heat-sinks to the board is VERY DIFFICULT!  You'll need a board pre-heater, hot air, and some good flux.

    Design package (in EAGLE 6.5):
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    abecedarian reacted to zeke in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    abecedarian got a reaction from spirilis in Happy Thanksgiving,   
    ... to those of you who celebrate it this time of year
    And I mean nothing to detract from your celebrations if you give thanks some other time of the year.
    I offer my best hopes and wishes to everyone who has something to be thankful for.  
    My turkey:

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