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    abecedarian reacted to zeke in PCB design guide   
    I stumbled across a really cool resource from Ford Motor Company tonight.
    It's called EMC Online and it's located here: http://www.fordemc.com
    Here's a copy-paste of their introduction:
    The quality and reliability of today's automobiles are dependent in part on its electrical system to operate as designed within the vehicle
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    abecedarian reacted to EdoNork in CCS 7 is out   
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    abecedarian reacted to roadrunner84 in String conversion problem   
    Energia stores strings to be sent over serial in a buffer and sends them after running an iteration through loop().
    Best thing to do is stop using LPM4 (which kills off every clock domain) and see if things work.
    Then, if things work, try using LPM1, then LPM3, not LPM4.
    If you still have issues, the quickest solution is to delay a while after sending things over serial to make sure it's sent before going to low power mode.
    The problem with your reprogramming of the chip (I assume you're trying to update the programmer, not the msp430 itself) is you're using Windows 9, which has never been released for consumers. Try either upgrading to Windows 10 or downgrading to Windows 7. If that doesn't work, try to reinstall the drivers or using a different USB port.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from energia in Aurduino or Raspberry Pi for This Job   
    A little off topic for the forum you posted in, no?

    ?Anyhow, as far as running more than one program at a time, I suppose that would depend on what you define a program as. MSP430 can execute several tasks, simultaneously, if they are programmed accordingly.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from hungtran in watchdog   
    @@Joules120 The watchdog does things for Energia.
    Perhaps if you explained, in detail, what you need, someone can help you get what you need.
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    abecedarian reacted to enl in Reading data from 3.5mm audio jack   
    That is what I was describing. The upper section is your minimum (FSKIN side). This is, again, presuming that the MSP430 will do timing of state changes to get frequency. This is presented essentially as an analog connection, but, with a Schmidt trigger input pin, you get zero crossing detection.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from pokmo in Reading data from 3.5mm audio jack   
    That circuit is an emulation of a V.21 modem and its RX and TX would connect to a telephone line and UART on a PC or similar. 
    The MSP430 has no intrinsic ability to "hear" audio. What it does have are analog to digital converters. So what you'd need to do is connect the output from the PI to an ADC on the MSP, sample the ADC and apply some filtering such as a Fast Fourier Transform, so you can convert the audio signal to a digital one based on the frequencies of the audio. That is essentially what a modem does, on the demodulation side, which is what you're trying to accomplish since you said "unidirectional".
    You didn't mention what the MSP430 is going to do with the data, but if it's to offload data to a computer, that would need worked out separately.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from rord100 in MSP430G2553 LPM4 works by current doesn't go bellow ~ 75 ?A   
    I might be wrong but all those INPUT_PULLDOWN might consume some power, so consider only enabling the pins you are using, which here would be P1_0 and P1_3.
    After defining P1_0 as OUTPUT, you should give it a known state, like "digitalWrite(P1_0, LOW);".
    Also, you might consider moving LPM4 to the end of setup() and leave loop() empty, or insert "while(1) {};" after calling LPM4.
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    abecedarian reacted to NurseBob in Could I please have some help.   
    Sorry to say, but you've got multiple, steep, learning curves ahead.
    First, regarding your loop code (the while() statements). 
    ...while (Run_value = 1)...
    You are assigning the value of 1 to Run_value, not testing it. Same with the following statement intended to test for zero.
    To test for equality you need to use the "==" operator, not the "=" operator.  This can happen to experienced programmers too, as a typo.
    Some use the following syntax so the compiler will generate an error:  while(1== Run_value), if you inadvertently attempt to assign with while( 1 = Run_value), the compiler will stop and tell you that you can't assign to a constant.
    As to your bigger problem, a beginning micro class where the professor is either unaware of, or choosing to ignore your lack of prior programming skills, you really do need to sit down with him/her and sort out a plan. Further, in most institutions, the course catalog and syllabus are the "contract" regarding requirements for a course.  If your instructor is basically running a course that does not adhere to the "contract" you might have grounds to have a more assertive conversation - though that may have unwanted consequences. 
    Ultimately, you are at such a tremendous disadvantage if the course continues as you've described, your best bet may be to cut your losses and postpone the course.
    FWIW, in real life I'm an asst. professor of nursing in an accelerated program, so I see the "deer in the headlights" look with some frequency.  You have to decide how best to handle your situation, whether it's a quick exit, or planning to do a long stretch of 20-hr days.  If you decide to proceed, find the smartest, sympathetic classmate to buddy-up with.  My nursing students employ that technique on a regular basis, and it is a strategy with a high success rate.
    Best of luck!
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    abecedarian reacted to chicken in I like government surplus stores   
    Yeah, just let me rearrange the chairs to make some space on my patio.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from pine in I like government surplus stores   
    ... that might be fun.
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    abecedarian reacted to chicken in Why is UART BSL not RXD/TXD?   
    Only when consumed socially. Back in the day (.com bubble) my theory was, that ideas from the Friday night pub crawl which you still remembered on Monday morning must have merit.
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    abecedarian reacted to greeeg in GPS logger for a local Beagle club   
    The 5 units in the field have been working quite well. I've been learning alot, Typically my projects have been on the prototype scale. Even just stepping up to 5 or 10 makes you think about small optimizations in the design phase.
    The GPS modules were chosen because they had integrated antennas, and were cheap! (very cheap!) ($12 from Chinese sources) this helped keep the overall unit cost low. but obviously had some unforeseen issues. One of the 5 units is much less sensitive to GPS as the others, I'm scheduled to have the units back to look into this. The eratic / jerky motion of the dogs isn't what the units are designed for and ocassionally the track will "jump" by 50-100m in N/S/E/W direction for a solid 60 seconds before "jumping" back. This means the tracks recorded sometimes are not the true path the dog took.
    Lastly the compact design of the GPS module likely sacrifices antenna size for portability. This has also resulted in the units taking awhile to get an initial lock. Even for hot starts. (about 60 seconds)
    To address these issues I'm redesigning the device with some changes based on feedback from v1.0
    Here is a photo of the newly designed PCBs. I need 10 units, so I've made a panel of 2 so that I can leverage cheap 10x10cm prototype PCB fabs.

    Changes from v1.0
    Moved all components possible to backside of PCB. (These will be hand placed and re-flowed) Changed to 4 layer PCB, this means we can have a continuous ground plane behind the GPS antenna. Changed to a uBlox Max6/7/8 footprint (Plan to use the MAX8 fro GPS + GLONASS) Added solder pin GPS antenna and LNA + BPF Minor changes to passives Added inline resistors to data lines of GPS + SD to reduce noise Using split ground plane to isolate noise (not an ideal layout, but there isn't much room to play with) I have kept the same MSP430F5514 to enable cross compatible code between hardware v1.0 and v2.1
    PCB are at the fabs and parts have been ordered. The GPS antennas I'm using will be 25x25 which is a big step up from 12x12 on the old modules. Hopefully we see an improvement.
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    abecedarian reacted to NurseBob in F5529LP + GPS MT3339 + RockBlock7 9602 Iridium Sat-Comm DIY "spot me"   
    The ST has been, by far, the best bike I've owned. The first five bikes were Suzukis, this is my first Honda, and given its reliability, it may be my last.
    RE: the DIY spotme, I hope to have some energy consumption numbers by the end of next week. The RockBlock draws a ton of current (by '430 standards), but only when communicating with a satellite. Based on what I've seen with the system so far, the GPS is "on" for under a minute, and the 9602 for about 5-7 minutes per hour, and it only draws significant current (450mA for a about 10 milliseconds) when actually talking to a satellite.  It should be interesting to see what the actual power requirements are, and if I'll need to recharge the battery while on the hike.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from NurseBob in F5529LP + GPS MT3339 + RockBlock7 9602 Iridium Sat-Comm DIY "spot me"   
    ST1300 with 175K miles is impressive on its own.
    This thing you're doing here, with the MSP430 is icing on the cake.
    CX500TC owner here.
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    abecedarian reacted to NurseBob in F5529LP + GPS MT3339 + RockBlock7 9602 Iridium Sat-Comm DIY "spot me"   
    My wife wants to know that when I do my John Muir Trail trek starting on 7/26/2016 I've not fallen down and can't get up, or been eaten by a bear...
    So, I've been building my DIY "SpotMe" Iridium Network-based GPS-Satellite Comm device. 
    I've gotten to the basic level of communication; It reports my position on a regular basis (the following is from a morning conditioning hike). 
    To my surprise, when I set the deconstructed system up on my kitchen table, it managed to both get a GPS fix AND successfully transmit the data to an Iridium satellite.  Given that there is really no "sky" visible from my kitchen, a better than expected performance! 
    Why build it when I could buy similar? Well, why not???  Similar to Dave Jones' "take it apart" I'm a firm believer in DIY to figure out how something works, and can I make one...
    Future travel plans: I do "Iron Butt" rides on my 2005 ST1300 - now with 175,000+ miles (there's no typo there, I've really driven that far on my bike...), and I'm planning to do 300 mile sections of the Pacific Crest Trail for the next 10 years. So, again, keeping the wife happy and "in the know."  So, this will be something I plan to use on a regular basis over the next several years.
    Once finished with the project I will publish all code, hex and design files for those who have an interest.
    Finally, thanks to all who have helped me.  Especially Robert Woodruff, yyrkoon, and Spirilis.
    http://www.nursebobsblog.org - currently stale content, updates planned for after the hike and teaching again...
    On 7/14/2016 at 09:01:47 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.564295,-122.432641 -Aprx Elev.: 1676 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 09:14:44 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.572575,-122.428550 -Aprx Elev.: 1645 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 09:25:53 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.575296,-122.433725 -Aprx Elev.: 1644 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 09:36:38 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.580748,-122.431888 -Aprx Elev.: 1784 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 09:50:50 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.582575,-122.431873 -Aprx Elev.: 1743 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 10:05:25 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.574358,-122.427476 -Aprx Elev.: 1564 ft
    On 7/14/2016 at 10:16:14 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.569375,-122.423606 -Aprx Elev.: 1740 ft

    No visible sky, from inside my kitchen:
    On 7/14/2016 at 11:34:57 PDT Bob was here:  https://www.google.com/#q=%2B38.539415,-122.471001 -Aprx Elev.: 593 ft

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    abecedarian reacted to yyrkoon in MSP430G2 emulator.   
    We actually have 4 LP v1.5's from the days where they were still $4.30 free shipping. So I appreciate the offer, but would prefer you kept and used your hardware We could also order more for *cough* what is it now ? *cough* $11 plus shipping *cough* ?
    I also personally own 4 of the original LM4S launchpad form before they were rebranded as "Tiva" because some part of this worlds culture had a hard time pronouncing "Stellaris". I also bought a connected board which I've barely even opened to look at lol . . .one of these days I'll put all of these to use. GOt a KL25Z board around some where too . . .
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    abecedarian got a reaction from yyrkoon in MSP430G2 emulator.   
    If you get into it and pop your LP, I have an unmolested one here I can send to you. It's still sealed up in the anti-static bag; I just need to locate the USB cable if you need it. Just let me know.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from yyrkoon in MSP430G2 emulator.   
    It's a bit of a kludge but male DuPont jumpers will fit into a DIP socket. So maybe you could use your G2 LP like... female-female jumper from the appropriate BoosterPack pins on the LP connected to a male-male jumper connected to your board's MCU socket for each relevant pin. Since you have only 4-5 GPIO/ADC pins on the 2553 on your board used, the LP would be a surrogate for the reset circuit. 
    If it works, you know what the problem was.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from yyrkoon in MSP430G2 emulator.   
    If you back up to the "tools" TI provides, their evaluation kits, they provide a board that supports the chip, and the FET tool is separate.
    Anyhow, the reverse of what I said is likely true, too. Put the 2553 in the LP and run jumpers over to your board. Biggest difference is that with the clip as I mentioned, they'd be female>female jumpers, but to work your board you'd need female to connect to the BP pins on the LP and male to drop into the socket on your board.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from yyrkoon in MSP430G2 emulator.   
    On the chip program / debugging end, there are 20 pin DIP IC chip clips that can clip onto a chip and bring out male pins suitable for DuPont jumpers.
    Provided voltages and grounds do not provide any issues, this might be a solution. Put the 2553 chip in your board, clip on and run jumpers to a G2 LP which doesn't have the chip installed.
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    abecedarian got a reaction from tripwire in Wanted: DIY sensor waterproofing ideas   
    Should be able to find a NEMA 3 or 4 enclosure fairly easily, then have a small hole (1/2" or so) at the bottom covered with Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is breathable so shouldn't affect actual air pressure and humidity readings but also helps prevent sizeable moisture droplets from permeating the fabric; drips and splashed water shouldn't enter but forced spray from a hose might.
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    abecedarian reacted to Rickta59 in How accurate is Millis()?   
    TIMERA can take a variety of clock sources. Normally people use the internal  SMCLK or ACLK but you can also feed it an external clock. See the code below even though it is written for an msp430g2553 (TimerA are mostly the same on all chips) Take note how the clock source is set: TACTL = TASSEL_0;
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    abecedarian reacted to Rickta59 in How accurate is Millis()?   
    Why don't you just use the DS3232 as the TimerA clock source?
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    abecedarian reacted to spirilis in How accurate is Millis()?   
    IIRC, it does, but only under sleep() and sleepSeconds() mode.  Higher resolution is available via DCO which is why it uses it.  Just not necessarily the best accuracy I guess...
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