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  1. But I do have to say that I am having issues with Ajax / scripting hanging in the main PC computer browser (IE9) and not completing / refreshing. The panel appears at the top of the browser window with animation suggesting the process is "pending" or being computed, but then the panel disappears and I'm still on the page I was at, no refresh or redirect to an updated page.....
  2. Yeah, me late again..... Have to agree it looks fine on my LG Optimus M... not that I'll do much posting from the phone since it is Metro PCS.
  3. Let me be the first to say "hello". I will be interested in your posts.
  4. It's been years since I've done programming. I've played around with .NET dialects of VB and and was toying with Java a while back, but my most thorough programming experiences have been with Pascal, Applesoft Basic and TI Extended Basic on the TI-99/4A. So now that I've firmly dated myself as a product of the 1980's.... It seems a prerequisite will be C / C++ knowledge, unless someone knows of alternative IDE's, so I presume I'll need to delve into either (both?) of those. Any suggestions on good primer materials? Which leads back to the topic: which IDE would be most suitable for a b
  5. Thanks. I'm rather new to the microcontroller scene but I have hope.
  6. So, from home security to home efficiency to vehicles, this system will cover a lot of ground. To whomever receives the "prize", best wishes.
  7. You know how it goes- you look at one site, click to the next, click to the next... and so on and so forth. New member from California, USA.
  8. bytesize- it appears the license cost is $99 USD (shows at the bottom of the page). But I am curious about this too. What is meant by "7 components"? Are "components" analogous to "controls" such as "button", "text area" and such? For instance a display with a "frame" showing some text is one component, and "Back", "Select" and "Forward" buttons are each additional components?
  9. My proposed project: Create an easy to use interface with an engine control unit via CAN, permitting on-the-fly programming and adjustments to the ECU in addition to providing real-time feedback and display of engine operating parameters. My reasoning behind this: I am installing a Mega/Microsquirt system on my motorcycle and tuning the unit with a laptop isn't as easy as doing such in a car. The recent MS units have CAN support so this seems to be a natural way to extend it and interface with it. A unit such as I am planning would permit relatively easy adjustment to the ECU- a small(is
  10. New user from the US; California to be more precise. I'm just getting into the microcontroller scene and as such am very much true to my username. I look forward to perusing your forums and expanding my cranium.
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