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  1. You have a problem. Win10 Device Manager doesn't have a "Devices and Printers" node in the tree. If the LP drivers are properly installed, you should have an entry under the "Ports (COM & LPT)" node listed as "MSP430 Application UART (COMx)", where 'x' is the Windows' mapped COM: port. You might want to install CCS just to make sure you have the latest drivers.
  2. Thinking about things... G2553.... Two pins for power / ground. Two pins for watch crystal. One pin to sense the "start" switch signal; doubles as reset after a race is complete. One pin to control the "launch" gate solenoid. Given 4 lanes: One pin for each lane finish line detection... so 4 pins. May be photo diode or even reed switch. One pin for each lane "win" LED... 4 pins; doing double duty to control the start line tree. Two pins for I2C display, multiple I2C displays could share pins if they have separate addresses. 16 pins used out of 20 available. You could use the remaining pins
  3. 2231 only has 2KB for program / data storage. Serial takes up a lot of space in memory. If you can, try to shorten the printed messages to save memory. edit- @@chicken beat me to it.
  4. @@davisse Looking at the datasheet for the TSL235R, I don't see anywhere mentioning a need for pull up or down on the output and one is not shown on the sample schematic. So, maybe try setting the input pin on the 432 as simple "INPUT" and remove / comment out the digitalWrite setting the pin high. The sensor might pull the pin whichever way it needs to.
  5. Just an FYI... According to the relevant datasheets, TM4C123G GPIO are 5v tolerant when configured as digital inputs, and TM4C129, TM4C1294 are not 5v tolerant at all.
  6. @@Towhid http://energia.nu/download/ Just below 17.
  7. @@KR1 - try http://forum.43oh.com/topic/7136-solved-writing-and-reading-the-values-of-an-8-bit-port-with-energia/ *edit- never mind. You found it.
  8. On Windows, some things just don't like long directories, i.e. more than 255 characters in the path so Windows' built-in zip system might not work well for those. Haven't verified it though. NTFS doesn't have that limitation, but maybe Windows' zip does. However, I've not had any problems "opening" a zip in Explorer, then copy and paste the contents into a folder. Having said that, I like 7-zip. I like the shell integration, which works even on Win10 / 64bit.
  9. With a 10 bit ADC, you have 1024 possible values. Using 3.3V as a reference, you end up with 3.3 / 1024 = 0.003v resolution. So 3 thousandths of a volt is the difference between 0 and 1 from the ADC. With 12 and 14 bit ADC, the difference between 0 and 1 from the ADC are 0.0008 and 0.0002v, respectively. Your hand passing near a wire will likely induce more voltage than that. Also, a little ripple in the supply voltage can often cause a bigger variation than that when sampling. So take note of the datasheet for the chip in question as they'll often list ADC accuracy in some manner such a 2 LSB
  10. TI has a habit of changing things, apparently. The "original" default I2C should be on 14/15 [sCL(0)|SDA(0)]. Those are, as far as I can tell, consistent across the MSP430 LPs, including the "latest" FR6989. However, MSP432 and LM4/TM4 LPs seem to be different, and put I2C on 9/10.
  11. At least it's "rabbit" and not "rabid". /me runs and hides.
  12. Generally speaking, nothing in Energia stops you from fiddling with the hardware directly. You just have to be mindful about how and what you change and how it could affect the Energia framework.
  13. I admit initially, I did think there was some negative connotation to your comment but then I realized this is the Internet and text doesn't always convey the intent behind it. That's why I put the smiley at the end of the other post. I sincerely wish you good luck in your endeavors. Wish I were a Linux geek so I could help you on that front but I'm busy enough figuring out Windows.
  14. @@yyrkoon - Irrespective the costs, I only posted them for information's sake thinking maybe you could glean a bit of information about possible solutions. Overall, TI Designs does not publish non-working reference designs so you at least have a working "proof of concept" that maybe you can adapt to or work with towards your goal.
  15. @@Prakash73 - So the device shows in Device Manager but can't load the driver? Some devices, while they appear to be a single device, install more than one driver when being installed and issues can arise where one step in the process fails but overall, it succeeds. This can lead to the error you've experienced- "A service installation section in the INF is invalid." In essence, a "service" the driver requires didn't install properly. Occasionally, this can be caused by something being installed by a "Standard" user instead of an "Administrator". Maybe try right clicking on the affec
  16. @@yyrkoon - Have you seen this CAN to Ethernet converter design? There's also this CAN to WiFi gateway.
  17. "XDS110 Class Application/ User UART" is used by the serial monitor window in Energia. The other "XDS110" device is the debug probe. On my computer, Energia finds it automatically. Back to the SxS issue. Windows tries to maintain 'side by side' components that it can call based on what version of something a program needs. This could be related to a driver installation issue. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers?
  18. A: which version of Energia? B: Which board did you select under "Tools | Board"? Energia itself won't ask you for a COM: port... it's only the "Serial port" menu item that needs that. Everything is working fine here with Win10 64bit and Energia 16 (0101E0016). Side by side errors (SXS) shouldn't happen. They might happen, though, if things are symlink to somewhere else... folder redirection things... but even then Energia shouldn't throw an error like that since it is self-contained with its own Java VM... unless it's been extracted into a redirected folder, but even then should
  19. @@Rei Vilo might be interested in this, as might be @@energia.
  20. Have you set up CCS to see your Energia install folder? In the menu, under "Window > Preferences > Energia".
  21. Input and output impedance can also influence what you read and how fast you can do it.
  22. @@Kuroro - you're here so already as good as, if not better than me.
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