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  1. @@B@tto @@spirilis But at the top of loop(): "static byte u=1;" So "u" is assigned the value of "1" at the start of each iteration, no?
  2. But then... what about "u=!u;" at the end of loop()? That's what's confusing me. Does "u" get "not" u or is it "1" each time loop() executes?
  3. void loop() { static byte u=1; for(int i=0;i<3;i++) { Wire.beginTransmission(8); // transmit to device #8 Wire.write(i); Wire.write(u); // sends one byte Wire.endTransmission(); // stop transmitting delay(1000); } u=!u; }That won't work.... Okay, maybe it will, but: You define and assign "u" a value of 1 at the top of "loop()", then negate its value at the bottom of the loop()... but it gets re-defined and assigned "1" at the start of the loop()... which repeats over and over. I.e. "u" will always have the value of "1" within loop().
  4. Post the current code showing that?
  5. I think the idea was to use G2553 hardware serial to communicate with the fingerprint scanner and use software serial to communicate back to the computer. This would require pulling the RXD/TXD jumpers off the launchpad programmer and use P1.1 & P1.2 to connect to the scanner, then connect the software serial pins to the appropriate RXD/TXD pins on the launchpad programmer side.
  6. If you change Serial.write("AT\r\n"); to Serial.println("AT\r\n"); do you still need the delay?
  7. MSPG2 Launchpad uses P1.1 and P1.2 for the UART / serial interface to the PC through the back-channel / programmer. Maybe consider moving the sensor's connections to other pins.
  8. Well, persnickity dumblefloss. ?It's working fine now and I haven't done anything substantial. Delete this topic.
  9. Don't reply.... I'm trying to trace this down since IE11 is having problems rendering pages now too.
  10. Using Win10 / Edge with insider preview 13432 and everything was fine Sunday, May 15, 2016 (Pacific Daylight Time), but today, May 16, only the main 43oh.com page loads fine- clicking on to any forum / topic link causes things to crash. Only now, using IE11 on Win10 (same build) has pages loading "properly".
  11. A few things- Bring Energia support to all Launchpad boards. More / better support for MSP430/432 and TM4C peripherals with regards to Launchpad boards supported by Energia. What I mean by that is that if a chip is on an LP which Energia supports, provide libraries that can support at least "basic" functionality of all the chip's peripherals in the Energia framework. Tutorials about how to utilize MSPWare and TivaWare from within Energia. Tutorials about how to transition from Energia to Code Composer Studio.
  12. System-wide Java isn't going to have any affect on Energia. Energia carries a pre-packaged, portable version of Java against which it is built. Try to extract the files in a way that makes the path to "energia.exe." as short as possible. You may also try setting permissions on the folder to allow users to read / write / execute or try setting permissions on "energia.exe" to "Run As Administrator".
  13. Maybe knowing more about what you're trying to accomplish could help us help you?
  14. LCD is going to consume whatever power it consumes, whether on or off board.
  15. If you bought a G2 Launchpad, you should have a 2553 chip... matter of fact, that should've been the chip installed on the LP with the 2452 packaged separately.
  16. Physically, I'd think that 'device present' signal would be the last to make contact when plugging it in and the first to break contact when removing it. All the 'data' pins would be held tri-state or similar so glitching on them wouldn't affect the MCU, but once the 'device present' signal is detected, everything else would fall into place. Perhaps, if the device / display were using SPI or IIC, something like a TXB/TXS level shifter could run interference, set with its output enable pin to disable output until the MCU explicitly enables it.
  17. A FRAM backed MSP432... or even TM4C would be sweet! I've never had an issue with an F5529LP "forgetting" its program. I have had issues where connecting it to the computer and flipping back and forth between CCS and Energia has required the FET section firmware be "updated" though, and have had this occur with other LP's too. FRAM is not going to consume any more power than FLASH; I suspect it'll consume less since it doesn't require the higher voltages FLASH needs to erase. All the FR parts, IIRC, have 2KB SRAM which can be set to be inactive in LPM3/4 so not consume any po
  18. From their FAQ: "How do I program my WISP5??To program your WISP5 you need a MSP-FET Flash Emulation Tool from TI...." Schematics (PDF) call "MSP430 Wolverine 48-pin"
  19. I think it's also 'safer' for the device if you happen to work on a metal table top- you won't short pins as easily.
  20. Available now in the store. $15.99 USD + shipping.
  21. @@Adnan If you want built-in LCD, you only have two choices: FR4133 and FR6989. Your 64KB limit narrows things down to FR6989.
  22. I think the issue @@wkoster was trying to raise is related to text highlighting in the editor.
  23. Maybe use the G2553 instead of the 2452. It won't change much, and doesn't cost any more... if the G2LP came with it, and removes some limitations.
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