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  1. I know it's not likely, but thought I'd ask.
  2. abecedarian

    I need a lot of help

    Knowing which MSP430 you have and what joystick you have could help. Some are just an arrangement of switches that close when you move the stick left/right or up/down. Others may be analog.
  3. @@spirilis - Better late than never though. I suspect that TI is doing something that lets people take advantage of the hardware, albeit in a less than most efficient manner, and the most efficient will be available at some cost. I.e. they will "unlock" all the resources your MCU has, but you get that with generic tooling, but if you want the optimum it will cost extra.
  4. abecedarian

    CCS 7.0 beta available

    Also, for the Nov 21 2016 release: Known Issues/Limitations No validation on mac OS Sierra for this release
  5. abecedarian

    CCS 7.0 beta available

    Looks to either be pulled or has a server error now. *edit- must've been a server issue as it's showing now, Nov. 24- my most recent check.
  6. abecedarian

    Aurduino or Raspberry Pi for This Job

    A little off topic for the forum you posted in, no? ?Anyhow, as far as running more than one program at a time, I suppose that would depend on what you define a program as. MSP430 can execute several tasks, simultaneously, if they are programmed accordingly.
  7. abecedarian

    Can SoftwareSerial library work with msp430g2553

    G2553 has two hardware serial, no? So why use software serial if the hardware supports it?
  8. abecedarian

    Low-power water level alarm

    There is also ultrasonic sensing as an option.
  9. abecedarian

    Reading data from 3.5mm audio jack

    That circuit is an emulation of a V.21 modem and its RX and TX would connect to a telephone line and UART on a PC or similar. The MSP430 has no intrinsic ability to "hear" audio. What it does have are analog to digital converters. So what you'd need to do is connect the output from the PI to an ADC on the MSP, sample the ADC and apply some filtering such as a Fast Fourier Transform, so you can convert the audio signal to a digital one based on the frequencies of the audio. That is essentially what a modem does, on the demodulation side, which is what you're trying to accomplish since you said "unidirectional". You didn't mention what the MSP430 is going to do with the data, but if it's to offload data to a computer, that would need worked out separately.
  10. abecedarian

    Reading data from 3.5mm audio jack

    One thing to consider is which MSP430 and its available RAM for buffering and processing.
  11. abecedarian

    Code for water heater monitor.

    I'm scratching my head over this too, but am not grasping the intent.
  12. I might be wrong but all those INPUT_PULLDOWN might consume some power, so consider only enabling the pins you are using, which here would be P1_0 and P1_3. After defining P1_0 as OUTPUT, you should give it a known state, like "digitalWrite(P1_0, LOW);". Also, you might consider moving LPM4 to the end of setup() and leave loop() empty, or insert "while(1) {};" after calling LPM4.
  13. abecedarian

    I like government surplus stores

    With that, you could make a new patio. They are about 8 times more fun to drive than they look.
  14. abecedarian

    I like government surplus stores

    ... that might be fun.
  15. abecedarian

    Configuring GPIO as an ADC at TM4C123GXL

    // stuff here like global variables and constants const int analogInputPin = 28; // PE2 on the chip, A1 in Energia, Pin 28 on the headers // defined here to make it easier to re-assign the pin if // needed later int a = 0; void setup() { // more stuff here } void loop() { // do things a = analogRead(analogInputPin); // do other things }
  16. abecedarian

    generate pulse with the help of timer

    A timer is a counter. It counts up or down based on its frequency and how it is configured. It might "roll over" or "overflow" if it exceeds its bit depth. You can configure the counter to reset when some event happens or do something when its value exceeds some other value. So, what it seems like is you want to wait for something to happen, then start counting and do something else if that first something is still happening and the counter has counted past 200. I think the answer is in your question. Maybe search for button debounce techniques.
  17. abecedarian

    Why is UART BSL not RXD/TXD?

    Alcohol helps creativity. Scientifically proven. Maybe you didn't give it enough of a chance to help? I'm just kidding... or am I?
  18. abecedarian

    MOSFET choice for relay switching

    Just tossing these out there: stp62ns04z People are using these to control high-impedance fuel injectors without external diodes, triggered by a 5V logic level signal but presumably can trigger with as little as 2V on the gate. ISL9V3040 might be an option. They're used to control ignition coils in automotive uses and do not require external diodes.
  19. ST1300 with 175K miles is impressive on its own. This thing you're doing here, with the MSP430 is icing on the cake. CX500TC owner here.
  20. abecedarian

    GPIO interrupts in both directions

    never mind
  21. abecedarian

    MOSFET choice for relay switching

    Is there a big difference between a MOSFET and IGBT for the purpose? On the other hand... a diode meant for flyback / snubber purposes would seem appropriate depending on the frequency you'd expect it to work at.
  22. abecedarian

    MSP430G2 emulator.

    @@yyrkoon If you get into it and pop your LP, I have an unmolested one here I can send to you. It's still sealed up in the anti-static bag; I just need to locate the USB cable if you need it. Just let me know.
  23. abecedarian

    MSP430G2 emulator.

    It's a bit of a kludge but male DuPont jumpers will fit into a DIP socket. So maybe you could use your G2 LP like... female-female jumper from the appropriate BoosterPack pins on the LP connected to a male-male jumper connected to your board's MCU socket for each relevant pin. Since you have only 4-5 GPIO/ADC pins on the 2553 on your board used, the LP would be a surrogate for the reset circuit. If it works, you know what the problem was.
  24. abecedarian

    sim800/900 issue with MSP430G2553

    @@tushar19 I just opened the serial monitor on my Energia install and all of those characters are missing... even the ones you posted. I tried it with a G2 LP, 3 different TM4C LP's, two Hercules LP's, an F6989 LP and an Arduino Uno. I must not have the same hardware and firmware as you. What are you using?
  25. abecedarian

    MSP430G2 emulator.

    If you back up to the "tools" TI provides, their evaluation kits, they provide a board that supports the chip, and the FET tool is separate. Anyhow, the reverse of what I said is likely true, too. Put the 2553 in the LP and run jumpers over to your board. Biggest difference is that with the clip as I mentioned, they'd be female>female jumpers, but to work your board you'd need female to connect to the BP pins on the LP and male to drop into the socket on your board.