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  1. Hello and sorry if I post in the wrong cathegory. I'm new here. The question is: Can you easily and safely start the adventure with MSP430 by using a Launchpad but WITHOUT needing to install that huge CodeComposer stuff? Not only it has code size limit (although still fine for Launchpad), but I believe it will try to turn my system upside down while installing. I am not that big fan of this happening, since I mostly use AVR and only wanted to have a look at those great MSP430 chpis. I mean, Launchpad - at this price - is completely leaving all the other microcontroller families way behind. Would be a shame not to try it. I was thinking about something like ProgrammersNotepad + gcc + some other stuff I need (what?). I use Windows 7.
  2. Hi! (czesc!) (Why are Polish letters banned?)
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