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    floridadrummer got a reaction from energia in Cap Touch Booster Pack + Launchpad   
    I have the cap touch working with the isPressed function, but I needed to adjust the thresholds in the library. It seems like the touch sensors jump around to much, but I think that could be fixed by playing with the code a little more.
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    floridadrummer reacted to RobG in General use triac boards   
    What you can do is cut one wire on the extension cord (preferably hot wire) and connect those cut wires to the board. If you want to use both channels, connect all neutral wires, the plug and both lights. Connect hot wire from the plug to X1-2 & X2-2 terminals. Connect hot wires from lamps to X1-1 and X2-1.
    The code in the video is nothing special, setup two pins as output and inside while loop, toggle each pin (P1OUT ^= BITx) then delay.
    Since you asked about dimmer code, I have written one that can control up to 8 channels (requires zero crossing detector.) I will post it once I test it.
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    floridadrummer reacted to RobG in General use triac boards   
    You can get heat sinks from eBay, this one for example.
    Keep in mind that if you want to dim your lights, you will need to detect zero crossing. You will need another opto for that, preferably AC opto.
    I don't have dimmer code right now, but you can use portions of my light controller code.
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    floridadrummer reacted to RobG in General use triac boards   
    The BOM will depend on what you want to use this board for and on the triacs.
    Here's my BOM (post #2,) for non-inductive loads, light bulbs for example:
    Triac - BTA16-600BW - you can use BTA06, BTA12, and 600, 800, but use BTA (insulated) and W (snubberless.)
    Opto - MOC3023 - this is a random phase opto-triac, good for for dimming/PWM applications. If you want to just switch on and off, you can use MOC3043/MOC3063 which has zero crossing detector built-in.
    R13, R14 - 180ohm ( 1/4W or 1/2W is the best, but 1/8W should be no problem.)
    R1, R3 - 180ohm SMD0805 (can be higher, up to 300ohm should work OK.)
    R2, R4 - 270ohm SMD0805 (depends on the LED)
    LED - SMD0805
    Terminal - DG300 or DG301
    All other parts are optional and depend on the application.
    Except for LEDs, all of those parts are available from Tayda (non W triacs like BTA16-600B are OK.)
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