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  1. First off, I love the boosterpack! That being said, it may be worth having longer headers on top and using bent headers for connecting to the battery itself. This may make it fit nicer whe stacked...
  2. I'm definitely still interested. I am in the U.S., no need to rush though, so just let me know when to order.
  3. I'd definitely be in for the group buy. This looks awesome!
  4. Has anyone written a library to control the cc3000 wifi em board on the FraunchPad or the cc3000 BoosterPack on the LaunchPad? I really want to add wireless funtionality via Energia. How hard would it be to make an energia wireless library? I may try to do it myself if one doesn't exist...
  5. Weird. They were not meant to be links at all and I can see them on my other computer and my ipad... Do you know what the problem could be? Also, thanks for the power relay boosterpack suggestion. That looks pretty awesome!
  6. I'm interested in some applications combining a microcontroller and wifi for home automation. My plan is to use an MSP430 with a cc3000 wifi module. I have started some high level functional block diagrams and am interested in any opinions on correctness and suggestions on specific 430 MCUs for the applications. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Alarm Panel Window Blinds Ceiling Fan Dog Door Garage Door Door Lock Pool Pump Water Heater
  7. I have the cap touch working with the isPressed function, but I needed to adjust the thresholds in the library. It seems like the touch sensors jump around to much, but I think that could be fixed by playing with the code a little more.
  8. Rob, 2 more questions. How did you hook up the actual lights? It is hard to see from the video. Also, can I get your code that was used in the video above? I would like to get on off functionality going before I attempt the dimming... Thanks again!
  9. I want to make a light dimmer, so this is perfect! Also, what heat sink did you use? Also, Do you happen to have a code example I could get started with? Thanks so much!
  10. Can you provide a bom for the dual triac board? Thanks!
  11. I'm getting a ton of unresolved symbol errors when building in CCS. Any ideas on what would cause that? Follow Up: Turned out the paths in CCS are only working for me if they are absolute. Success! Ran for 30 minutes with no overheating!
  12. Thanks for looking into this! So will the one you posted the other day work?
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