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    Vyan reacted to SiskinEDGE in SD Media Player with FAT16   
    Here is a video of the music player in action:

    The code has the following functionality:
    Initilise the FAT16 filesystem from an SD card in a single command - ThinFAT_Init();
    Open Files on an SD card and allow you to test each filename with a callback
    Index Files by useing the same command as to open them with a callback
    returns data on if the filestream is active
    returns data on how far the file has been read through
    callback for when end of the file is reached
    Open Folders on an SD card - Untested

    and limitations:
    uses 54 bytes of ram approx
    dosen't support fragmented files
    reads file end to closest sector, not byte (for performance reasons)
    reads FAT16 filesystems, not FAT32
    has no support for long filenames (it would be silly on these chips)
    I dont know if this fits within a 2K flash

    when implementing this on your own chip keep in mind you change which wire is the Chip select in the MMC.h file

    it is based on the DIY Life Talking MSP430 Project.

    It has been designed for the MSP430G2352 but if you remove the CCR2 References it should work for other projects easily.

    P1.2 - TA0.1
    P1.3 - Input for Playing and Changing Music File
    P1.4 - TA0.2
    P1.5 - SMCLK out - SD Card Pin 5
    P1.6 - SDO - SD Card Pin 2 MOSI
    P1.7 - SDA - SD Card Pin 7 MISO
    P2.7 - CS - SD Card Pin 1 Card Select
    VCC - SD Card Pin 3,6
    Ground - SD Card Pin 4

    the pins on the SD card are counted from the first contact after the recessed contact across, the recessed one is 9. you can check on wikipedia when your unsure.
    SD Media Player.zip
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