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  1. I still use Circutmaker 2000 sometimes direct from small pendrive... i need only two updates - polygon and shape based manual router. But i think that CAD without saving is the stupid idea - how to send pcb to manufacturing? Altium goes down , do not listen to engineers and doing something like microsoft Windows 8.1.
  2. Ok, solved -> http://humboldtmcu.blogspot.com/2014/08/unboxing-and-updating-texas-instruments.html all works fine.
  3. I got new version today morning, ... but have problem wiuth Energia afther updating programmer: MSP430_GetNumberOfUsbIfs MSP430_GetNameOfUsbIf Found FET: COM62 MSP430_Initialize: COM62 Firmware version is 30301004 MSP430_VCC: 3000 mV MSP430_OpenDevice tilib: MSP430_OpenDevice: Unknown device (error = 5) tilib: device initialization failed
  4. If anyone is interested I can send pcb to 43oh Store as a gift
  5. The first will not be the last ... I'm waiting for delivery of the new Launchpad version.
  6. Hello, I often use small controler 2230 but I'm very lazy guy, and I made small pcb to easy convert 14->8PIN for direct programming into launchpad board. Pcb have two part: - one for typical 1:1 SO8->DIP converter - second 1:1 but with SO8->DIP14 compatibility, ready for work directly in launchpad (like MSP430G2231). (Zip'ed *.pcb included in traxmaker/protel format) I have a few spare board (25pcs) .... Add 26.9.14 I split adapters into two files: MSP430G2230_DIP8.PCB for 1:1 adapter MSP430G2230_DIP14.PCB for SO->DIP14 adapter MSP430G2230.ZIP
  7. What about analog pins? I designed similar shield between arduino 5V and other compatibile board with 3.3V IO interface (eq. Psoc4, Freedom) and I added additional dividers for analog ports 5/3.3V. Its very usefull option.
  8. Thanks for good job. Is it possible to add support for 2230/2210 8pin uP with correct initialization unused pins? PS. Why don't upgrade repository with new rxtxSerial.dll? Old verions make a lot of problems when You use PC Bluetooth interface (long startup, crashes etc.) http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?PHPSESSID=adocda7ptvtdma9c0fnms2qgo3&topic=136173.msg1023542#msg1023542
  9. I can make a little quantity od pcb's for example 25pcs, but without soldering parts. bluehash sorry for unlike, but is too early and I press wrong key...
  10. I finished RFID boosterpack (RC522). http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5259-43oh-rfid-booster-pack-nfrc522/
  11. Hi, I would like introduce my last boosterpack - 43Oh_RFID. I use very popular chip -> NFRC522 (energia library was posted at: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4028-energia-library-nfc-card-reading-with-energia-mf-rc-522/). Schematic diagram Element placement: PCB files (zipped traxmaker/protel 2.0) 43Oh_RFID.zip and mounted boosterpack
  12. I prefer discrete Mosfet or BJT than ULN. Sometimes I had problem with latching output (on chip harmfull thyristor).
  13. Today I got RF522 module, works fine with Energia library - THANKS. What do You think about small pcb module RFID-Door Control (MSP430G2+Relay+Buzzer+LED) connected directly to RC522 board?
  14. spirilis-> I made FT23x board, but now I still have problems with chip availability... TheDirty -> QFN is no problem for me, bux MAX has better price in Poland, ADM is not easy to buy. But thanks for info, its good idea to my other equipment (ony one RX/TX drivers), its like old DS275 chip.
  15. Only IR Led + driver? Which type of part? I have not experience with LIN transmision and I need a litlle bit help.... MAX3488 full-duplex or MAX3491 with !DE/RE pin (it will be more flexible)?
  16. What do You think about? I would like make pack with: - RS232: MAX3232 - RS485: MAX3483 half-duplex transeiver, - HC05/6 Digi Bluetooth module, - Xbee/ZigBee Digi module, - ISO7221, dual isolator for external communication module, - small power supply a few LED's for live status. Any suggestions?
  17. Maybe You should use LTC1799 one-chip-oscilator (1kHz-33MHz three decades with resistor tunning) as additional free tunning oscilator? http://www.linear.com/product/LTC1799 I made this smal PCB for direct replacement fixed DIP8 oscilators:
  18. Hi, I would like introduce I2C boosterpack project. PCB contains: - DS1338 RTC (Real Time Clock) with battery backup, - FM24CL16 small FRAM memory for storage non-volatile data, - PCF8574 8BIT IO expander - I2C connector for external I2C board (Arduino like 4pin standard), traxman Zip'ped Traxmaker *.PCB MSP430LP_I2C.ZIP
  19. Try LM61, pinout is identical, but LM61 works with lower supply > 2,7V
  20. DRV8833 is powered from external source (ex. 4-6LR6 or 7,2/9.6V accu pack), VIN = Vmotor (max10V) because internal Launpchad 3,3V or 5VUSB had too small current for power DC motor. Auxaliary LDO chip U1 provides voltage for Launchpad, if would like to work "standalone" (small robotics or mobile platform). All DRV883x family are very usefull to drive smal DC motors i checked most of chips without any problems (excluding mistakes on TI *.pdf's -> !$#!$%$#@ a few pcb died). AD8834 - stepper driver with built-in indexer (check only newest pdf version wrong Fig.8 and Config pin description)
  21. Pack include TI DRV8833 chip for easy drive one stepper or two DC brushed motors (2 Amps max per winding, see datasheet for other info). Pack also contains small auxaliary 3,3V power supply for independent battery operation (without PC connection). MSP430LP_MotorPack.zip
  22. Appendix.A ... small bricks prototype board. Supported for 3/4 pin sensor and DIP8/SO8, SOT23, SOT23-6 mounted on prototype part. For easy use board included decoupling cap (0805) and two pairs Pull-Up, Pull-Down resistors (0805) (for ex. I2C terminating) and a few 0805 prototype components. Pcb's coming soon... Traxmaker documentation: BrickUNI.zip
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