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  1. Realized i did not do a full video overview of the semi-finished quad yet. So here it is : Edit: And the very first decent in flight video. Camera is still slightly too much to the front, resulting in a minor yaw offset. But will be fixed. Also: BEWARE, LOUD NOISE!!!
  2. Well i got my freebie today, i received a power distribution board, 8 esc's max designed for a crius flightcontroller (same dimensions and holes, for tower building) but useful for other porposes perhaps. Since im flying a crius it will be useful for me, when i crash my current improvised power board. Will happen some time probably
  3. Ah well, if it is a blank board, it might be big enough for one of the arm supports of my quad. Don't have any blue pcb on my frankenquad yet, the dremel will fix that
  4. Thats damn sexy, especially for that price.
  5. I would not be surprised if we really only got the board without the chips. Thats what we originally ordered. But if we indeed a populated board, that would be quite useful probably
  6. Just got a mail that there is SOMETHING on its way to me. No idea what i will be receiving though... If info is correct, it would arrive on my birthday and would be ,VERY heavy But doubt they can schedule that accurate so far in advance. p.s. added some XXX where personal or tracking info was
  7. Well might not be what you expected, but you get something for free now I got the same mail. Was to good to be true apparently, but for an stm controller board with gyro on board, it would still have been cheap. And yeah they are legit. Guys on the dutch forum have been ordering lots of stuff there without issues.
  8. Ok, i really dont know if the picture is accurate, and motors and props are included. Because the description only says "Flight Board with XXXX Sensors". http://www.goodluckbuy.com/miniature-fo ... 883l-.html Supposed to have an STM32 controller, but the picture shows an AVR. If its indeed an STM, those are pretty common and easy to program. Bit faster than the avr as well, and 32 bit. And seems on the picture that like most of the pins are broken out. This is apparently the STM version But for that price, and free shipping, im going for it. Just ordered an
  9. Thanks! always nice to inspire people I still got all kinds of plans for additions and changes. But enjoying the flying so much atm, i have not done that much yet Small warning though, the kk2.0 is atm still closed source. It can be flashed, but there is no code yet. And if you want to generate the ppm signal, i dont think it accepts ppmsum, so you would need to generate at least 4 channels. Also autolevel is not working for most people, but that should be fixed with next firmware. On the other hand, seems to be flying really well in acro mode. Good luck, and keep us updated! @blue
  10. Evalbot 50% off at Farnell: http://export.farnell.com/texas-instrum ... tt=1835852 No coupon needed
  11. For your entertainment: Going up, and down just as fast The phone was too far too the front, so it was heavily correcting for the imbalance, as wel as correcting for level. That does not work Next attempt soon with camera in the middle. And got my eye on a 35 dollar 28 gram HD camera, from the mentioned Chinese supplier (im not an ad service )
  12. MarkoeZ


    Thanks Blue, hope to contribute some stuff here in the future. And now my programming pal can join the fun as well, he just got a raspi
  13. Now 50% off at Farnell: http://export.farnell.com/texas-instruments/ekb-ucos3-evm/mod-eval-uc-os-iii-lm3s9b92/dp/1835852?ICID=I-TI-1001023-HPBLOF-EDE-0054&Ntt=1835852 No coupon needed
  14. MarkoeZ


    MarkoeZ here, 43oh Veteran, see my site below in the signature for my projects, most are also on 43oh.com. Been programming for, and porting games to the OpenPandora (Arm handheld, very similar to the beagleboard in hardware, www.openpandora.org). Used that to control my MSP430 serial car. Some Evalbot stuff as well, not much yet though. And i want a raspberry pi.... So yeah. Hi! MarkoeZ
  15. And fixed again. Nice yellow pc motherboard this time. Much sturdier than the protoboard. Looking more and more like a Frankencopter
  16. thanks i was having problems with the increased thrust, still need to adjust the settings better to the new situation. This was really the first flight, that's why it was a bit bouncy up and down. Should be more subtle in the low ranges of transmitter stick changes. Fortunately Multiwii has a GUI setting now so i should not have to change code for that. Also yaw should be a bit tighter, it behaves a bit weird in some circumstances (going down and recovering for instance). I lost my orientation when it was turned, that caused the treecrash... But to be honest, the fact that the crash go
  17. Better flight video: Tree crash video.....: Result: But only the arm damaged, and already got a better design. So should be a 30 minute fix
  18. Thanks! Im using these motors: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=5358 Only about 10 gram, dirt cheap, and working pretty well so far. Just make sure to re-tighten all screws before flying the first time.... In my 3d flight one of the motors came out of its mount costing me a prop. Right now im using a 850mAh 2s lipo, but i already have a 1500mAh 3s here to mount, only need proper connectors. The extra voltage from the 3s will give it an additional 75 gram lift per motor, for only 100 gram extra battery weight. And just within specs. The extra mAh is be
  19. Aaah ok. Thats why i like my frame as well. The frame breaks before anything else, and i can easily rebuild that And due to the propsavers probably, so far only one prop written off with a noticable white spot (being bent too far). Funny that the quad is better received here than in some dedicated multicopter forums. But most of those guys are using 300$ flight controllers, 30 amp motors, and big aluminium frames. Guess my mcguivercopter is not "conventional" enough for most Some pretty nice ppl there as well though.
  20. Ouch!!! And you advise me to go higher? You evil evil man.... Kidding ofc. A lot damaged in that crash?
  21. Thanks! I actually ordered propadapters with the last shipment, but they were too large for the tiny props. And was not going to wait with flying until new ones came, so used the propsavers supplied with the motors. Next order im going to place will have 16 props and adapters in it, believe me, im done witht those propsavers And flight will still greatly improve, this is only with the motion plus gyro installed, still need to add a nunchuck, i fried my last one, oops :roll: Oh, and i will be more confident once i have those propadapter. Last time i went over 3 meters a rubber
  22. Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd...... A flight video! I was trying to stay low because i was testing new rubber bands for the props, at one point you see one snapping. Also trying to stay low for the camera ofc. But it gives a nice impression of what it can already do. Cheers!
  23. Yep, up to about 320km/h straight down And thanks guys
  24. Well it's flying! Got a total flying time of about 14 minutes now, and my first crash Finally felt confident enough to fly it higher than 40 centimeters today. So it was at about 3 meters and easily hovering towards me when one of the cheap rubber bands that keep the propellers on popped off. Flight lesson number one: A quadcopter missing a motor/prop behaves like a brick. Flight lesson number two: Bricks dont fly well. result: So i was bummed, but then the urge to fly tomorrow came. So i dove into my drawer, found an old 10mbit network card, stripped and cut it, and vo
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