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  1. Hi Gordon! Thank you for your help, but it did not work. I still receive that message. Wonder what could be...
  2. Hi Guys! I am using the IAR Assembler for MSP430 5.20.1 ( and I am using Olimex MSP430-449 STK2 Development Board on MSP430-JTAG-Tiny and I am receiving this message (attached see the error messages) once I try to download and debug: Fatal Error: Security Fuse Has Been Blown". But I believe there is no blown fuse once I can open the device through Olimex MSP Programmer and I can Read, Verify, Erase and Write the device. At the debugger section I selected FET Debugger and my connection Olimex USB. Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. Hi Guys. Sorry about the image, I did not know it would be so big on screen. I believe you solved my problem regarding compilation, I used the #pragma structure and I see no error messages anymore. Now that my codes seem to be okay, I have to let you know that I do not know how to put it into the MSP430. I have the Evaluation Board MSP430F449 from Olimex (sparkfun sku: DEV-00060) and I have their MSP430 programmer. Now that I have the codes, I wish I could make the .hex file to send via J-Tag to the Board. How do I proceed? Thank you for now!
  4. Hi Guys. I have a project in MSPGCC that does not support my J-TAG-Tiny from Sparkfun, so I had to change the compiler and I selected IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430. One error I fixed was the "io.h" problem, not recognized in IAR. Now I am having other difficulties and as I new to programming, I would like the help of experts. I found this forum and I loved it. Attached is a screen of my current problem. Thank you in advance for the help.
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