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  1. So here is something screwy.


    When I try to use pins 4 or 5 as the input i see random outputs


    when I use 15 or 14 the temp read 0C or 32F...... I have no idea what is going on. I checked my lines and I dont have anything shorted.


    FYI I am using a MSP430G2452




    Alex J

  2. Hey all,


    I'm relatively new to all this and I have been trying to get a temperature sensor to work with the launchpad. As in my previous posts I was trying for the DS18b20. I have the port of the code project on the back burner because there is a hell of a lot I need to learn to be able to port that over.


    So just to get something off the ground I have been trying to use the LM35 to read some temps.


    Here is the code I'm running


    float tempC;

    float tempF;


    void setup()





    void loop()


    tempC = analogRead(6); //read the value from the sensor hooked up to pin 6

    tempC = (3.3 * tempC * 100.0)/1024.0; //convert the analog data to temperature (Assuming 10bit ADC and 3.3v ref voltage

    I suspect this is where I'm screwing up)

    tempF = ((9.0*tempC)/5.0)+32.0;








    The issue is that It is showing very high values. Like the order of 178 c?

    I also tried chaning the tempC calculation to


    tempC = (tempC*100.0)/1024.0


    It gets closer but still not quite.


    (I'm monitoring through the serial monitor and I have not made any changes to the jumper position to my 1.4 board)



    Any and all help is appreciated.





  3. Is there a potential to modify this library for the DS18b20? I am way new to the microcontroller scene. I'm not asking anyone to simply solve this for me, a point in the direction to start would be good enough. I plan on looking at the arduino library to get things moving, but my knowledge of programming is limted so I will be pestering yall for help.

  4. Hello there.


    I'm new to the whole programming bit and I was hoping to use this project to get started. I originally had an arduino in mind but saw the MSP430 and opted for it. I am attempting to get this boat off the shore by using the energia interface. I am on windows 7 and am running into this issue when I try to upload the blink sketch to the MSP430g2231

    "C:\Users\(MY NAME)\Desktop\Energia\Energi~1|Hardware\Tools\MSP430\Bin\MSP430-g++". CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.


    I checked that directory and the file is there. An help?



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