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    calinp got a reaction from energia in CMD library ported from Arduino   
    I ported the CMD library from Freaklabs so it compiles and runs on MSP430g2553 using Energia.
    Documentation and original code are available at:
    Unzip in \energia-0101E0008\hardware\msp430\libraries and restart Energia IDE. There is also an example available.
    Reuploaded CmdEnergia.zip
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    calinp got a reaction from bluehash in Butterfly BASIC for the MSP430   
    Maybe web archive can help you : http://web.archive.o...sp430/basic.htm
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    calinp reacted to energia in LaunchPad on steroids, if you have a lot of spare time...   
    Thanks for the offer! If I remember correctly then you are on windows right? We are working on getting uploading to the StellarPad working cross platform (no OS left behind!). Until then it's we use LMFlasher thingy under windows to poke code into the StellarPad.
    Give us another week or so and if all goes well we can do a beta release..
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